Friday, July 01, 2016


Over at the County Library, there was a box of books for sale for 10 cents each! In the box I spied the book, "Seabiscuit".

I just love the movie about Seabiscuit. I believe that I blogged to you about how I feel about Seabiscuit the movie. Also, just a couple of days after beginning my great adventure with MsTioga in June, 2003, I visited the ranch where Seabiscuit had lived in Willits, California!

Book better than the movie!
As soon as I began to read the Seabiscuit book, I found that I could not put it down! The book covers Charles Howard, Seabiscuit and the others so much better.

The book



  1. You might enjoy the PBS documentary, Seabiscuit - American Experience. I did.

  2. The book was soooo much better than the of my favorites! Her other book Unbroken was a completely different subject but another book I could not put down...