Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Chilis & YMCA

7pm Yesterday - I'm typing this Blog post at you from Chilis in La Mesa, and right now it is yesterday. Does it seem strange to be preparing tomorrow's Blog post today? Well.......there aren't really any rules for blogging. I kind of make it up as I go along. 😎

When I go to Chilis, the bar area is where I eat.  There is no hostess seating in the bar. Just go in and find a nice place to sit. Soon, a waiter finds you.

Of course the bar area has a bar! Otherwise?!? There are also tables and booths here. I usually sit at the bar. However, because I want to use my Mac computer, I have taken a table which is large enough to eat and type comfortably. There is a great view of the five TVs behind the bar. All TVs are tuned into sporting events.

View from my table

What I am doing
I spent all day in my apartment. I did not go out until I left for Chilis. Mostly, I messed around on the internet and did gardening maintenance out on the balcony.

However, my main thing to do today is thinking. This stuff that is happening to me requires a lot of time for me to get into perspective. My brain analyzes things mostly by comparing. I compare a zillion things with other things to come out with something acceptable.

Today's thinking was about how I should behave while all of this physical and medical stuff is going on. In other words, what's my attitude?

After I leave Chilis, I'm heading over to the "Y". Recently I've tweaked my exercise routine.

I spend five minutes on each exercise machine. I keep track of the time elapsed with my iPhone. The Pandora music that I listen to stops playing when the five minutes are up! Pretty neat, huh? I use Logitech wireless head phones for private listening.

My workouts last for a little over one hour. I do mild aerobic exercise on  the treadmill and also a kind of bicycle machine. My heart rate gets up to about 105.

I guess that I am in pretty good shape. But, since this health thing that I have been going thru got started, my stamina is sometimes completely gone. Today for example, I was going along on one cylinder. And then, in the late afternoon, my energy returned.

A miracle! Thanks God! 😛

Feet in the pool
I asked Larry the apartment manager what the pool hours are?

Larry: "Why are you asking, George?"
George: "I want to put my feet in the water after dark."
Larry: "George, if you want to put your feet in the pool, you have permission to do it 24 hours a day!"

As you may understand, Larry is a really nice guy

Right now it's 10pm. In the pic below, is Guava Gardens pool at night. Do you see the spa in the pic. I don't know what the temp is, but I just dipped my feet in the spa. It's nice and warm! 😀

Guava Gardens spa and pool



  1. After catching up the last couple of posts I suggest making an appointment with a good physical therapist who can give you exercises to help with is amazing what they can do for you as you get older.

    1. Hi Sheryl,
      I got your name from your blog site. Cute trailers! Is one of them yours?

      In a little while, I am likely to go with your physical therapist comment.


  2. You are an amazing man, George. I have been impressed with you since the day I found your blog... Keep on keepin on!!!

    1. Hi Monica and Kent!
      Wow! Your comment is a fantastic compliment to me.

      Thank you sooooo much. 😎