Thursday, August 04, 2016

A good day

This morning I've got an appointment with Dr. Daniel, my primary care doctor at Kaiser. My reasons for making this appointment are:
  • Update Dr. Daniel about what is going on with me physically.
  • Have Dr. Daniel review all of the medications, vitamins and supplements that I am taking to see if any of these pills could have side effects like the things that I've been experiencing.
  • Clue him in on what is happening to me as a result of getting adequate sleep [see below for more about sleep].
Very good day
First thing that happened that was really good, was that when I completely disassembled the little garden waterfall, I found out what was shutting the water flow almost completely.

Back at the Alpine Company's factory where the waterfalls are produced, a kind of cellulose sponge like piece was stuffed into the water orifice at the top of the fall. I pried out that sponge thing. Now, the water comes tumbling down the fall like crazy. Perhaps this sponge thing was put there to keep insects from crawling in and making a home inside the fall?

I made a video to show you what the waterfall looks like now.

Invited for pizza
My buddy John worked in a pizza joint while he was in college. He learned to make pizza there, and he never forgot how to do it. John loves to make a pizza, and makes one every week. Today I was invited over to enjoy John's pizza.

When I arrived there, I mentioned to John and his wife Mimi, that I had bought a small BBQ. "You are invited to BBQ in the park!", I told them.

When I returned back to my apartment, I assembled the little BBQ right on my kitchen counter. The BBQ came out great. It is against City of La Mesa fire regulations to light up a BBQ in an apartment. So I am going to take the BBQ out to a nearby park and give it a test.

John advised me to get the BBQ hot and keep it running for awhile in order to break it in properly. I am very excited about making this BBQ party!

Just after finishing the BBQ assembly

Sleeping good now!
Just a couple of days ago I began using a new sleep medication prescribed by Dr. Daniel, my Kaiser primary doctor. I have been sleeping much better ever since.

In fact, I can state positively, that I have NOT gotten adequate sleep for most of my life. Not until I began that medication [Trazodone], few days ago.

I've been challenged with sleep deprivation since I was a teenager! I first learned about my sleep problem when I was only 15 years old. I drove my Dad's 1948 Harley-Davidson 125cc motorcycle to explore Death Valley. I fell asleep just passed the entrance to Death Valley while driving the Harley.

This is NOT a made up story. I actually fell asleep on that Harley!

Somehow, I did not hit anything. A trailer tanker truck went to pass me and the sound of the truck's engine as it went by, woke me up. When I became aware of what was happening, the Harley was driving in the sand of the road's shoulder. In case you do not know, driving in loose sand on a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous.

I managed to get the Harley stopped without falling over. That was just plain luck. Then I pulled into a closed gas station inside Death Valley and went to sleep on the asphalt of the station.

Long term sleep deprivation
I am NOT aware how not getting enough sleep over the past 63 years has affected me. Could all of this lack of sleep be partly what is causing my recent physical problems? Maybe so?!

All that I am able to tell you is that with the Trazodone, I seem to be getting enough sleep now. And I feel so good. My hand and arm have almost completely stopped twitching. 😛

Appointment with Dr. Daniel
Dr. Daniel is a great family practice physician. He is an excellent listener. Very attentive. And very smart!

Dr. Daniel says that my sleep problems could cause neurological problems. I am seeing a neurologist now. She is Dr. Gretchen, a neurologist recommended by Dr. Daniel. Dr. Gretchen's neurological investigation into my condition is on going. It may not be complete until a month from now. There are some unusual blood tests ordered by Dr. Gretchen that I will go to the lab for tomorrow.



  1. My doctor prescribes 100mg Trazodone to help with getting to sleep with my CPAP machine. I usually only take 1/2 a pill but sometimes I take a full pill. Sleep is a wonderful thing.

  2. Enjoy your thoughts on aging and the things you are going through. My Mom will turn 80 in September. She has been fighting to keep her mobility and independence. I understand her plight a little better after reading of your experiences. Take care and for a bit of advice. Film in horizontal. Vertical is a Youtube no no.