Sunday, August 28, 2016

Pete's gig

11:30am - Pete has a gig at a restaurant in the Town of Idyllwild. He picked me up, and we both drove together to that town.

I'd never visited Idyllwild, best as I recall. 

1pm - Arrive Idyllwild 
This is a busy place. And a happening town! The Pacific Crest Trail crosses a road close to Idyllwild. Hikers take a rest here. Lot of tourists here too. The place is jumping!  

Pete moved his equipment [amplifier, speaker, guitar] into the restaurant. I found that lots of people know Pete here. He's a popular guy. 

Then, Pete began to entertain.

Pete Olson entertaining in the Town of Idyllwild
August 28, 2016

Note: This was supposed to be a video recording experience for me. It turned out to be an iPhone learning experience. 

What happened was, my iPhone's storage was pretty much maxed out. I'd never paid attention to that. So, I did not have the opportunity to record hardly any of Pete's songs. When the storage in the iPhone went to zero, the camera just stopped recording. 

The song above, cut-out before the finish. Turns out that iPhones do not behave when an owner does not know how to do it right!

7pm - Pics around sunset
The sun goes down this evening at 7:15pm. iPhone wanted outside, so of course George went with him.

First iPhone captured a pic of the long-term RV storage area.

Long-term RV storage lot

Then we sat together at the fence line of the park, waiting for the moment of Sunset. Here is what we captured. Not great. Sky at horizon hazy. May be better next time.

Moment of Sunset - August 28, 2016

PS: Here's a pic of the front entrance sign at Jojoba Hills RV Resort.



  1. Hey Mr. G
    Please don't think I'm trying to rain on your parade
    It looks like a pretty good deal and you seem to be enthusiastic about it that's fantastic

    Something you posted yesterday caught me by surprise
    I took a really quick look at the the six-month. Maximum stay by law
    It's almost like an HOA type set up
    So I was playing the,,,, what if card
    What would happen if they got a hard nose new escape leaders
    What would happen if the city or county went to enforce that rule
    If you're there six months how long do you have to be away before you can return
    It only takes one person to make a complaint to stir up the pot of stew
    The first six months will be great but I'd be looking over my shoulder after that
    From reading your post it sounds like there's a lot of people live there on a year-round basis which could also affect them as well

    your comment

    I do not know the rationale behind the six month regulation. But government doesn't have to make sense. It's the government!

    Bye for now,
    Tioga George

    PS: Escapee leaders here at Jojoba Hills, don't enforce the six month rule. That's what I was told.

    I wonder what was the reason, or the purpose, of this regulation?


    1. Hi Mister Ed,

      After six months staying at an RV park [as I understand the regulation] it is necessary to be gone from the park for two weeks.

      This is not a big deal for me. However, for some at Jojoba Hills RV Park, it may be a BIG deal.

      Tioga George


  2. Mr. G please don't shoot the messenger
    However there are situations where RV park can grant residential rental site There also spelled out in the California statute

    California state statute
    If the local code enforcement officer wants to be a real snicker this is the statue that he would reviews

    17.50.060 Length of occupancy.
    Length of occupancy of each recreational vehicle space shall be regulated as follows:

    A. Persons occupying vehicles with total hook-up capacity, including sewer, water and electricity, shall not occupy any space in a recreational vehicle park for a period exceeding 150 days in any 12-month period, nor shall the cumulative occupancy by such persons of different spaces within the same recreational vehicle park exceed a total of 150 days in any 12-month period.

    B. Persons occupying vehicles with less than total hook-up capacity shall not occupy any recreational vehicle space in a recreational vehicle park for a period exceeding 90 days in any 12-month period, nor shall the cumulative occupancy of such persons of different spaces within the same recreational vehicle park exceed a total of 90 days in any 12-month period.

    C. The recreational vehicle park manager shall maintain a log of the names of persons and dates of occupancy of spaces. The log shall be made available to a code enforcement officer of a question arises as to compliance with these occupancy limitations. (Ord. 441 § 1, 2000).

    1. Mister Ed,

      I really do not grasp all the regulation quotes that you are writing into your comments.

      In other words, I do not sweat the small sh*t. Why should you?

      Tioga George


    2. My apologies then I'll keep my fingers off the keyboard

    3. Mr. Ed, there are certain ways to get around those regulations, but it may take putting out a little money by George each year. Those same regulations exist in Florida. What happens is there is cooperation between George and the RV park to tow the camper (for a charge, of course) to the RV park's storage area for the two-week duration, and George may for two weeks visit with family and friends. Afterwards, the RV park reinstalls the camper back on its lot. That is better than having a surprise visit by state regulators, examination of the park's books, and a hefty fiber being paid by the park or George. George can "technically" get around the regulations. In addition, if the regulations stipulate that only George has to leave his RV for two weeks, that is an even better alternative, because the RV stays where it is, empty with disconnected utilities.

      Dee Tillotson
      Summerville, SC

    4. I'm sorry; I meant "fine" not "fiber." By the way, Disney World in its Fort Wilderness Campground does this for its year round "campers." Of course, it is not advertised; you have to ask. I met a lady there in her 70s doing this; she just loves Mickey Mouse.


    5. Hi again, Mister Ed,

      Apology not necessary. I would like you to keep your comments coming.

      Tioga George

    6. Thanks Dee I totally understand what you're saying and I am well aware of that type of set up
      Some rv parks do their 14 days after six month others wait till the end of 11 1/2 months
      As long as the owners off their books for 14 days
      It all boils down to you cannot become a resident
      But your welcome to become a tenant

  3. I've driven from Palm Springs over the mountain to Idyllwild. A beautiful drive and some delicious hamburgers...juicy and flavorful. We continued south to a firestation in the middle of nowhere and stopped to used their facility and they gave us a tour of the station. I've worked, as an auditor, in the area i.e. Julian, Los Coyotes...stopped to fill several water jugs of natural spring water in mountains. Can't wait to see you move into your new home!!! So excited!

    1. Hi Rita,

      I'm sooooo excited too! Looks like next Spring when I'll actually make the move. Have to get to the top of the waiting list!

      Tioga George


  4. P/S I hike a little of the PCT but warnings of a mountain lion attacking hikers kept me off the trail. I was hiking after work.

    1. Gotta be careful when wild kitties are about! 😫

  5. Hey George, your buddy Pete is very good!!!