Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Jojoba SKP Park - Aguaga California

2pm - My very good friend, Pete Olson, drove to Guava Gardens to pick me up to take me to where he lives. Pete and his wife Frederika, have lived in the JoJoba Escapee Park in the Town of Aguanga for over a year. Pete has told me a zillion times, "We love it there. It's sooooo beautiful.

Pete and Frederika live in a lovely 5th Wheel. I am staying in their 31 foot Lazy Daze. We likely will not arrive at the SKP Park until after dark.

4pm - Sizzler
Pete and I stopped at my favorite Sizzler off Hwy I-15 at the Aero Drive exit. We ate at such a leisurely pace, that it took nearly 3-hours to eat our dinner, and get on the road again!

Man-O-Man! In my opinion, the food at that Sizzler is fantastic. There is a gorgeous salad bar. A soup bar. Mexican food bar. Dessert bar. Ooops! I almost forgot to tell that Sizzler's steak is really, really good!

Customers do not leave hungry from a Sizzler Restaurant.

7pm - Groceries at Trader Joe's
I need to shop for groceries for my stay at the SKP Park. The plan is for me to remain ten days at the Park. Maybe longer?

I bought about $50 bucks worth of food. Good food too! Not the junk I have eaten all my life. I am on a healthy food kick now. I am hoping that my healthy food kick becomes a real permanent thing in my life. Sometimes the heart is willing and the soul is weak. A guy never really knows what will happen when beginning an adventure like this one. However, I truly believe I will make it over the top!

8pm - Escapee Park
When we arrived at SKPs, Pete took me on a tour of the whole place.
  • Wood shop
  • Metal shop
  • Huge kitchen
  • Big swimming pool
  • Hot tub/spa
  • Recreation room with a lot of tables for eating, meetings and even poker!
  • Sewing room
  • Hobby room
  • Post office

Click on  this [link] to see a nice map of Jojoba Hills Escapee Park.



  1. It'll be like Deja vu! what fun!!!

    1. Hi Cyndi & Stumpy,

      Please write back and let me in on why it like Déjà vu?



  2. Sounds like you are going to really enjoy yourself there George. Say hi to Pete and Fredericka for us!