Friday, September 30, 2016


24 Hour Fitness Gym

8am - This morning I have an appointment with Andrea at 24 Hour Fitness, an extremely well equipped exercise gym in Apple Valley. 24 Hour Fitness costs $45/month, $10/mo more than the YMCA in La Mesa.

Andrea escorted me around, pointing out the machines, swimming pool, hot spa and cardio section [ie; treadmills].

9am - Country Breakfast
After signing up at 24 Hour Fitness, I went next door to a place that had a sign over the door, "Country Breakfast." The waffle that I ordered had something special in it. I asked what that something was, and the owner told me, "It's our secret recipe." Hmmmm?

That waffle was sooooo good!

My breakfast

12 Noon - Being upset
There is something that we would like to share with Readers. During a day's time, you may interact with many people. Fortunately, very few should cause you to become upset.

However, for those times when you do get upset, we offer:
  • Stop talking and listen closely
  • Insure that you positively understand what is going on
  • Ask the person upsetting you what happened
If it comes to pass, that this person really is upsetting you. For any reason. For example, if the person is:
  1. Very ignorant
  2. Stupid
  3. Hostile
  4. Angry [Etc, etc]
Just excuse yourself and go away or hang up the phone, whatever. Clear your mind and remind yourself:

"I will put this person out of my mind. I will not be angry because of this person. I will not consider retribution, in any way."

Tioga George offers, it is important to keep your self respect, rather than:
  • Complete an errand 
  • Complete a purchase [Car, home, a hamburger]
  • Stay at a meeting [Of friends, business associates, President of the United States of America]
  • Remain at a party when others there are drunk, high, insulting you
  • Keep up a phone conversation where the person on the other end will not let you get a word in edgewise

3pm - PS additions to 12 Noon post
While doing shopping errands, some other stuff crossed my mind that I would like to share with you.

Musts Do:
Only do a must do, if it is in your best interest. And, always go thru a conscious decision process before acting on a MUST DO.

Example: You drop something. Instead of automatically picking it up because it's a MUST DO, do not act on that MUST DO. Wait. Consider.

Must Do List:
You make a list of things-to-do. Try very hard never to put a time limit for completion on any item on a list of to-dos. Such a time limit easily becomes a compulsion. Fooey on those compulsions!

4pm - Shopping
Would you like to guess where we are right now? Here's an image hint! Do you know now? Hmmmm?

We thought that we would have to shop all over Apple Valley for what we needed. Found everything right here! Never been to this store before. But, there's a merchandise map at the store's entrance. Five minutes with that map and I am K-Mart expert!

8:30pm - The Bear
Although we subscribe to NetFlix, watching movie videos from NetFlix at this time is out of our league. Because the data to watch only one movie video online is too costly.

The least expensive data sold now is by Verizon. That low cost data is only available when using the Verizon JetPack Personal HotSpot. Data cost of $27 for one movie? Too much for us!

So, tonite we are watching one of our DVD movies. "The Bear" is the movie of this evening!


Thursday, September 29, 2016


Giant CraigList Scam!

Do you remember my writing to you about leaving Guava Gardens? That plan began to take shape during my 10-day invitation to stay in my friend Pete Olson's RV at Jojoba Hills.

Only 5-days into that 10-day stay, I was jarred into the realization that I was about to become a FullTiming RVer again! My head was turned around at Jojoba's "Last Friday Supper" held on August 26th!

It is almost incomprehensible to me, that sooooo much has happened since that date! Only Friday, August 26th. Only 33 days ago. My God! Man-O-Man!

My plan was to: 
  • Join the Escapees RV Club 
  • Buy a trailer 
  • Get on the waiting list to become a member of the Jojoba Hills RV Resort
  • Sell or give away all my Guava Gardens apartment furniture and stuff
  • Move into my new trailer 
  • Find an RV park where I may remain while waiting to get to the top of the Jojoba waiting list [Jojoba is pronounced: "hoe-hoe-bah"]
There were just a few things to get out of the way in order to move into my new trailer. BTW, my new trailer, Miss Twayler, is getting famous real fast!

In order to move out of Guava Gardens, I had to do something with all of the furniture in my apartment. Sooooo, I put listings for everything in San Diego's CraigsList.

In only one day, I received an offer to buy the 50" Samsung TV for $400. Since I paid $525 for that TV over two years ago, in April, 2014, I accepted that $400 offer and was extremely happy to get that much.

The buyer conducted all his communication with me by texting. The buyer informed that a "Cashier's Check" would be on the way via US Mail. And sure enough, I received that cashier's check only two days later.

Only thing was, that the cashier's check that arrived in my mail box was NOT for the agreed $400. It was for $1,980!!!!!!

That was when I received texts informing that the buyer of my TV had also purchased other stuff locally. And mover's were coming here to pickup the sold TV. Then the movers would go and pickup the other stuff.

Then, the buyer informed me, that when the movers arrived to get my TV which he had bought, I was to give them the money for all the other stuff. too And where would the money for the movers come from? I would deposit the $1,980 cashier's check into my bank account. Then withdraw $800 dollars cash, and give that cash to the movers.

My TV buyer informed, just hang on to the balance [$1,980 - my $400 for the TV - $800 for the movers] balance left = $780. Like I said, I was to hang on to that $780 balance and my TV buyer would tell me later what to do with it.

Right then, that was when things began to go very, very bad for my TV buyer. Because during the preceding evening, I had decided not to sell the Samsung TV to him! I wanted to gift all of my Guava Gardens furnishings to my dear Cousin Paul! Including the Samsung 50" TV.

When I texted my TV buyer that I was reneging on the TV sale, he sent a reply text stating, "Why did you not tell me that BEFORE I mailed you the $1,980 cashier's check? I texted a reply, "I only made that no-sell TV decision last nite!"

Several hours later, my ex-TV buyer texted, "The movers will be coming by your apartment tomorrow. I found another TV local to you, and for the same $400 price.

My movers will be picking up this other TV and then picking up the "other stuff" that I bought. Give the buyers $400 + $780 [total $1,180] from the $1,980 cashier's check that you already deposited into your bank account.

However, at that point things really went south BIG time for my ex-TV buyer. I informed him, I will NOT be here at Guava Gardens tomorrow. I moved out this afternoon. I am now living in my newly purchase trailer. Oh my! My ex-TV buyer became sooooo upset with me. He texted, "Why are you playing games with me??"

From that point on, I sent several texts asking for his US Post Office address. He never texted back his address. I figured eventually, he would send that address. It never even crossed my mind, that this dude would just walk away from his $1,980! But that is exactly what happened. He walked away! And his US Postal address that I asked him to text me, that address never arrived!

Sooooo, what happened?
This afternoon, I received a text message from my bank informing that there was a large with withdrawal from my account. Exactly $1,980 would you believe?!

Seems that the cashier's check had been returned  by the bank named on that check. The reason for the return? That Cashier's Check had been altered, or in some other way was fraudulent!

Boy-O-Boy. I cracked up when my bank rep on the phone with me, informed about why the returned cashier's check was NO GOOD!!

Wow! Just too much! Gotta love it! 😍

Winner, and still Tioga George!


Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Pass Thru Cargo Slide

7am - We need a heavy duty cargo slide. Full extension. Miss Twayler's full pass thru storage is terrific. Hard to use though without the cargo slide.

We are searching for something like in the pic below. Only the side rails though. Not the baseboard or the front and back metal rails.

We have an inquiry out. Could be that we buy the whole assembly, and then dismantle it in order to get the R & L rails.

8am - Six Bakersfield County Sheriffs!
We almost forget to tell about what happened yesterday afternoon! Little Honda, Little iPhone and George had just returned from a shopping trip to downtown Apple Valley.

Suddenly, the office lady from Lone Wolf accompanied by six Bakersfield County Sheriffs descended on a confused Miss Twayler! Oh my God!

It seems that somebody from around here had reported Little Honda weaving wildly along Bear Valley Road. Can you imagine that?

Nothing came of this Sheriff invasion. But after all of these sheriffs and the Lone Wolf lady had gone away, Little iPhone asked, "Hey George! Why didn't you use me to capture a pic of all those sheriffs?"

I missed it! Darn!

9am - Entertainment center
Yesterday, George went to view a DVD movie. "Cool Hand Luke" starring Paul Newman. The sound portion of the video played nicely. The video portion did not play on the TV at all!

Miss Twayler's entertainment center contains a TV which hinges away from the wall and is adjustable to any viewing angle. Also a stereo system with a DVD player and sound controls which allow sound to be heard inside, outside or both.

This morning Mac Air went online and contacted Coachmen, the manufacturer of Miss Twayler's RV. Mac Air sent an email to Coachmen describing what was going on.

We expect a reply very soon.

11:30am - Denny's
Mac Air, Little iPhone and George are at Denny's for breakfast. George is getting coffee, 2-scrambled eggs, 2-Denny's new buttermilk pancakes.
Those pancakes! Yummmmm!! 😎

Learned something that's gonna 
save $MONEY$
The Tioga Team's phone bills, have been out of sight HIGH. It's all data costs.

Yesterday evening, I was over at a Verizon store talking to a sales person. When I mentioned about my out of sight data costs, he offered:

"Sometimes when your Mac is online, and you are not using it, the Mac is communicating with software updates. Apple, could be anything."

He suggested, "Turn off your WiFI when you are not using your Mac."

Wow! That is sooooo simple! 😊

A private poem to an old dear friend

The image below is the handwritten poem for my dear friend. Below this handwritten image, is the same poem typed:

She said......
It is understanding
And truth you want to know.

Let me take you by the hand,
To a place inside your soul.

I died and went to Heaven,
When I arrived upon the scene.

An Angel sat down beside me,
Said her name was Irene....  😍

Mas vale tarde que nunca. Y si?

Important announcement about tomorrow's Blog post:
The first Blog post tomorrow, will expose the story of a fiendish arch criminal villain. This criminal:
  • Contacted Tioga George our fearless Team Leader
  • Went about hoodwinking none other than our Tioga George
  • Used a devilish and twisted plot to get Tioga George's $dough$.
Did this terrible criminal mind succeed? Tune in early tomorrow to find out!


Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Dealing With Impolite Companies

5am - Companies that treat me badly, are not tolerated much. Yesterday, I had occasion to buy a tiny device that Verizon named Jetpack. This Jetpack is a type of WiFi HotSpot. Jetpack works really well.

When I went online to Verizon to register Jetpack, I found that this is a company that does not have even a tiny clue how customers are to be treated. There are some things that a company may do that just stops me completely.

Phoning a company and finding myself listening to mechanical voices, dealing out ads, asking  questions that a human should ask [not a machine], stops me cold. If such rudeness continues for more than a couple minutes, that company has struck out. Forever! With me, one strike your out.

In such a case, I simply hang up. Now, I only will deal with Verizon in the future by US Mail. When Verizon mails me a bill, I mail them a check. No phone calls from Verizon will ever be accepted.

Whatta you think? I'm pretty tough, huh?

Pics of hills near Apple Valley

12 Noon - Miss Twayler is cleaned up!
We arrived here at The Lone Wolf Colony RV Park in Apple Valley, last Saturday. All of our stuff was contained in 20-Office Depot packing boxes and a couple of giant cloth bags.

Since Saturday, Twayler's inside have been a horrid mess. For a few days, the stuff to cook and eat with [plates, forks, fry pans, etc] had not been found. Only yesterday were we able to prepare a breakfast. A scrambled egg and toasted bagel. Made the breakfast using our cast iron skillet and a plate just found before.

This morning was a break-thru event! The entire kitchen/slide-out area was in condition to have the floor swept and the carpet vacuumed!! 😎

6pm - Back from trip to Victorville
This afternoon Little Honda, Little iPhone and George went tootling around for a look-see. They found themselves in Victorville.

It seems that Apple Valley and Victorville are like one big town. Used to be separate, we suppose. But population growth, eliminated that separation!

Little iPhone captured more hill pics.

10pm - Researching RV parks
We had a Team Meeting, and it was moved and seconded, that a search for other RV parks now, would be timely.

All of us like it here at Lone Wolf at the eastern end of Apple Valley. Likely stay here until the cold weather arrives. Then phone Jonah, our tow guy, and move Miss Twayler to a warmer RV Park.


Monday, September 26, 2016

Blog post

A Blog Post Back In Time

Yesterday, Barb, a long time Reader of mine, wrote a comment. Her comment touched me deeply. After replying to Barb, I placed my own comment to Barb. While writing that comment to Barb, I was thinking of a moment that happened to me, a long time ago.

I would like to share with you, a Blog post that I published on Thursday, February 25th,  2010. That was the 7th anniversary of Tioga and George.

That Blog is reproduced below:

7th Anniversary - Tioga George
I was thinking about how I got to my 7th anniversary with Tioga, and wondering if you would like to read about the beginning of our journey?

Tioga and George's first camp
On the morning of February 25, 2003, I was scheduled for an appointment with my cancer doctor. I suspected that my doctor was going to give me the word that I was in cancer remission, and I was right! My doctor laid out a five year plan for my after cancer treatment. I told my doctor, "Right after I leave your office this morning, I am driving to pick up my new RV home. When the time comes for my first appointment for the five year plan, I might be camping up in Montana. Thousands of miles away."

My doctor smiled at me and said, "Good for you, George".

A few weeks before that appointment, I drove to Manteca Trailer & Camper in the Town of Manteca, California to put down a $1,000 deposit to buy a 1991 Fleetwood Tioga Class-C RV. I liked the floor plan of this Tioga, with two single beds in the rear. I planned to convert one of these beds to a computer workstation.

After leaving the doctor's office that morning, I returned to Manteca Trailer and paid the $17,000 cash balance for Tioga. Then I drove back to my apartment in the City of Concord. I moved clothes, food and other stuff from my apartment into Tioga. I planned to be an RVing fulltimer from that day on.

I needed some screws and hardware stuff for Tioga. So, I drove to the Ace Hardware Store to buy these things. Out in the Ace Hardware parking lot, I did whatever repairs were needed. Then I wondered where I should go now? That was the first time that an astounding concept popped into my brain. "I was already home!" What an amazing thing to come to understand! No matter where I would go from that day on, as long as Tioga was with me, I would always be home. Man-O-Man!

Tioga and I spent the nite right there in the Ace Hardware parking lot. Our first dry-camp. In the morning, I saw Ace's assistant manager walking toward Tioga. I thought that I was in for a scolding for camping in the lot over nite. However, the manager only wanted to know about Tioga. He wanted to buy an RV himself, and wished to look inside!

Searching for adventure!
On June 7th, 2003, Tioga and I headed north. We were finally on our BIG adventure! During the past three months, we had been busy installing stuff. Mr. Datastorm got installed, so did a couple of Mr. Dometic refrigerators [one failed]. Mr. Levelers is now onboard.

There were a ton of other things that we did too! We went on some shake down trips to learn what Tioga was all about. We drove all the way to Southern California for the Datastorm installation. What a challenge that installation was for us because the Datastorm did not work at all for about two weeks!

Although I was having the time of my life going to new places in MsTioga, I had hard times too. I was completely inexperienced camping with Tioga. On July 1st, 2003, I drove Tioga down a forest road where I should not have been and came to a dead-end! I could not turn around. My blog post for that day did not disclose how upset I was by the challenge of that day's trip. But a note to myself shows how fear affected me. That note is still taped to the wall of Tioga today.

My creed
I don't run away from my dreams
Because of my fear of what "might" happen
I have faith that no matter what
Fate brings me, I shall overcome.
1 July 2003

Our transmission nightmare
During these first months on the road, we gradually had Tioga checked over. There were no records of maintenance for Tioga. We figured on checking everything little by little in order to begin to collect our own maintenance records. That was why when we got to Portland, Oregon, Tioga went to have her transmission fluid changed.

The tranny shop manager showed us a small mound of sludge in the transmission's pan. He said that this was a sure sign that our tranny was about to fail. We now know that this "about to fail" prediction was likely false. $3,200 was paid to rebuild our tranny. Two months later that rebuilt tranny did actually fail. The spline shaft on the tranny's torque converter stripped out. When the tranny shop refused to honor the warranty, a rebuilt tranny was installed at a Ford dealer. Another $2,700!

Not enough $dough$
Even though our cash reserve was now terribly low, we continued our journey. We had to believe that somehow, someway, we could make it financially and stay on-the-road. However, it was not until several months later that it became clear what the cost to keep Tioga on-the-road would be. And that cost was more than our income!

Reader Bob to the rescue
On March 31, 2004, I wrote to you in a blog post that I'd have to stop searching for adventure and go get a job. The maintenance for Tioga was so much more than anticipated. I figured that I'd get a job at WalMart or something.

Many emails arrived from Readers encouraging me to stay on the road. But one email from Reader Bob had a solution. Bob suggested that income could be earned with Google's AdSense program. I knew nothing about AdSense, but Bob seemed to be an expert. Back in those days, AdSense was different. There were no easy ways to understand AdSense as there are now. But Bob kept after me thru email communication, coaching and urging me on.

I was putting in several hours a day with AdSense and only earning pennies per hour! My first month I earned $108.09 from AdSense. I wanted to quit this AdSense. I thought that it was not worth it. All that work for so little money. Bob keep after me. He would not let me quit!

I have no clue what I would be doing today if it were not for the dogged determination of Reader Bob. He saved me. In December, 2004, my AdSense cracked thru the $500 barrier. I was now earning more than my expenses!

How the blog began
During May, 2003, I was still going to weekly meetings of my cancer support group at the Wellness Center in Pleasant Hill, California. It was clear that sometime soon I would be heading out with my RV. There would be no more meetings!

Betty Phillips was one of the members of Group. Betty wondered how they would know what became of me when I was off wandering around in my RV? She suggested that I begin a blog, so that my Group members could follow me on the internet.

That's how this all began!
George and MsTioga
Camped in Benicia, California
April, 2003

Note: The Nite Camp Location link below, is where I was actually camped
on February 25, 2010. When you click that link, back off the Google map by
tapping on the "-" on the bottom right map corner. If you back off far enough,
you may get a perspective where Tioga and I were on that date!

Nite Camp Location

Sunday, September 25, 2016

A new Team Member

9am - We are delighted to introduce a
New Tioga George team member. His name is "Boid!"


11:30am - Breakfast!!
For most, breakfast is just another thing. For us on The Team, it is oh sooooo special! Because the inside of Twayler has been a huge mixed up mess! Until about an hour, something being looked for could have been inches away. Yet, pretty much impossible to see.

In only one single hour, a little order was restored. Man-O-Man! We found a fry pan, a dish for eating. So we prepared a scrambled egg and 1/2 toasted bagel. 

Then, ate our first breakfast inside Miss Twayler 😎.

12:30pm - Herding flies
Yesterday, Twayler's screen door was not closed for a few hours. Result. Flies! Strangely, Raid did kill those critters? 

This morning, a whole herd of flies was observed on the inside of the screen door. The door was opened for a few seconds. Every one of those critters escaped to the outside!

We love to herd those flies! We have never herded any critter before. But, we are extremely good at herding flies. Must be one of our talents!

7pm - Guava Gardens and Miss Twayler
For about the last two hours, I puzzled about the differences between living in Guava Gardens vs living in Miss Twayler??

There are lots of differences. But I was looking to find the major one. The ultimate one. I just could not put my finger on it!

I went outside and took the cage with Baby Boid  too. It was getting toward sunset. And everything looked sooooo beautiful. Boid seemed to like the outside. He tweeted. Then proceeded to preen his tail.

Then, like magic, the answer flashed into my brain! With Guava Gardens I know what's coming. I know what is coming all the way to my final minute here on Earth.

How different with Miss Twayler!

With Miss Twayler, everything is a mystery! Everything is possible. There are no limits with Miss Twayler. A second, a minute, an hour. They all have completely unlimited possibilities!

And....with Miss Twayler, unlimited possibilities have me sooooo excited! Sooooo happy! Feeling sooooo good!

Who would voluntarily, and willingly, and knowingly, choose Guava Gardens over Miss Twayler? 

The answer: Nobody, that's who!


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Heading out!

7am - Packing up
All of our Impatien flowers and other growing things from Guava Gardens balcony, now must go into Twayler for the ride north to Lone Wolf Colony RV Park. This was not a hard nor difficult job for Tioga George when he and Little Mavicita [camera] produced the video: 
"Mr. Sunny Tilts His panels."

The year that video was produced, Tioga George was able to stand on MsTioga's roof without any trouble at all. He was not concerned about the danger from being up high. That was then. Now is now.

Tioga George, now at this time of his life, is in real danger just walking around on flat pavement. Close attention must be paid, all the time. This is NO joke! Just yesterday afternoon, Tioga fell down while attempting to move some Impatien flowers. Two of Bobby Combs mechanics came rushing over to help Tioga. The two were very worried. "Maybe this old guy is having a heart attack", they may have been wondering.

But no. Tioga just fell down. Was not hurt a bit. One of the helping mechanics offered a hand to Tioga in order for him to get on his feet again. But Tioga knows from experience, that he must get up from the ground by rolling over in a hands-and-legs on the ground position. Then rise up. Only way. 

8am - Everything properly stowed
Finished stowing everything inside Twayler, or inside her gigantic pass thru cabinet. One whole hour before Joshua our towing man arrives with his truck.

George, Twayler & Honda just after stowing everything

We bought 20 Office Depot packing boxes for the giant move 
This is  all that's left after unpacking

What Twayler's front room was like just before the trip

9am - This morning The Tioga RV Team is
heading out. First time since the fateful day of March 15, 2014 that we all RVeed together!

Our towing driver is Joshua who was recommended by our Bobby Combs RV Center sales person, Darryl. Joshua phoned us yesterday to confirm that he would arrive at Bobby Combs at 9am. He will hook up Twayler to his truck. Then, we all will be on our way north to Lone Wolf Colony Health Ranch.

Lone Wolf is an RV park on the eastern side  of the Town of Apple Valley, California [link]. We found this Lone Wolf RV Park with the help of the Escapee California RV Park directory. A lot of good help in that book too!

Miss Twayler - On the road!

2pm - Arrived at Lone Wolf
Joshua towing Miss Twayler and myself driving Little Honda FIT drove non-stop to Lone Wolf. This 5-hour trip is a record for me.

Maybe you are aware, that I've had a bad sleeping problem since I was about 13-years old. Lack of sleep has plagued me all of my life. Stopped my college plans. How does a student go to classes and be successful being asleep?

I have fallen asleep leaning against a wall standing up. I fell asleep while driving a very small Harley-Davideson, 125cc motor cycle. Yes! I did! Just before the entrance to Death Valley. That was 1953. I was 16 years old.

Now, here's the thing. Somehow, the challenges that I faced turned into a miracle for me. The sleep problems. My getting along with people problems [Do you know about my people problems?]. I would write about those. But only if Readers seem interested. The Team does not a bunch bored Readers!

I'm labeling these challenges as miracles for me, because I was forced to address them in a unique method of self-therapy. A psychiatrist who I was seeing during the late 1990s told me:

"I've read about successful self-psychiatric therapy. But it is extremely rare. Nobody in my profession that I know, has ever met one."

Pretty cool, huh?

Setting up our garden. Tiny waterfall too! 

Little iPhone captured this mountain view from Apple Valley town


Friday, September 23, 2016

What's the buzz!

What's the buzz! Tell me what's ah-happenin!

7am - So, do you wanta know?
Nearly all of the stuff in Office Depot packing boxes, is now stored in Twayler's numerous shelves. But that's not the BIG thing!

The BIG thing is that Tioga George came to the realization that Miss Twayler will sometimes be moving. You know? Like down the road.

That means that most of the things that are small in those shelves needs to be contained. And......that means a trip to the Container Store! Yippee! 😀

All of The Team's shopping zealots love browsing the Container Store!
That's the BIG thing!

11am - I don't hardly do politics here!
I am at Denny's for breakfast and there was a newspaper left at my table. So I read it. Back in the middle of the business section, where unimportant stories are, I found the one that I'm writing about here.

This story is about rich people buying citizenship in other countries. Only because they are able to spend the money. But this story is more like an OP-ED, because it referenced another source  [a different newspaper] for the story.
Click [here] to read that story. But come back here afterwards, to finish reading what I wrote below.

I hardly ever wax political here. But I could not help myself this morning. This story is mostly about other countries. Not, the United States of America. But I am focusing only on the USA, because this, my own country, has so screwed up everything. Our government has squashed the chicken that laid the Golden Egg.

Here is what I believe what happened:
Back after World War 2, Americans were at the top of the heap. Unionized truckers, were like the upper middle class [where they should be-those hardworking guys!]. Up, up, up the truckers went in wages. Air traffic controllers not far behind.

This went on until that Ronald Reagan became president. Reagan busted up the air traffic controller's union. Truckers and air traffic unions were unable to put up a struggle that worked against a combination of industry + government! Who could?

What Reagan and the USA government could NOT comprehend, was that labor was the Golden Egg of the USA. They believed that the rich, powerful, corporations and government was the Golden Egg. Incredibly, these groups still believe that nonesense. [Proof that just because you have tons of dollars, usually has absolutely NO connection for having sense. An entity may have brains beyond belief, and have the common sense of a wood log!

Well, here is what happened [I could write "what I believed happened." But that would not be accurate. Because I "know" what I write actually happened. As Johnny Cash wrote, "I was there, and I guess I oughta know." Too bad there are others who were ALSO there, BUT do not have a clue!

It is absolutely essential to the welfare of ANY state, that the people are at the very tippy top of the heap. The reason for this is that the people do what is in THEIR best interests!! If some other entity [ie; wealthy, government] comes to the top,  we the people are then on a slippery slope. And, as the farther we the people descend that slippery slope, the more the jerks at the top take. This always been the same. Since the beginning of humankind.

You see, when we the people are on top, we share. The rich, powerful, the government, they just want more! Always more! The end result of all this more for the few is, nobody is left to profit from all work to be done. We the people go down, down, down under these circumstances. Paying less and less taxes. Renting cheaper and cheaper homes, apartments. Buying on the cheap at Wal*Mart.

About China, and other low wage countries doing the labor that used to be done in the USA, by We The People."

I have nothing against low wage countries competing against We The People! But what actually happened was NOT competition. It was legislation and mindless greed and ignorance that gutted labor in our country. Shipping our invaluable resource, the labor of We The People's jobs out of country!

Do you understand what is going to be the result of all of this stuff? The United States of America, and all that was built up since our Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776, will be absolutely decimated as an economic entity. It is IMPOSSIBLE now, to stop this from being our destiny. It's too, too late.

We had a good chance back, until the greed of big banks caused them to fail after the gigantic mortgage loan crises. Even that crises did not do our entire country in. But that crises together with the purchase by those same banks of unfunded credit default swaps [perhaps 100 trillion $dollars$ of these swaps] that sent the entire country on a one-way street to bankruptcy!

But even then, We The People could have come out OK. Might have taken a hundred years. But still possible.

But, when the government [Uncontrolled Federal Reserve] saved those failed banks, that did the trick! They sold the "TOO BIG TO FAIL" lie. Same like the "Domino Theory" lie of Korean War times.

There is just no way back now. It would take a real intervention of the Lord God Almighty appearing here on Earth and walking among His people. Maybe that may happen? How could I ever know that?

Could us all praying, do it? Hmmmmm?

Please forgive my rant. It just came out. It was there inside me, much too  long.

7pm - Photo outtakes
During today, we had a Team Meeting. Everybody was there!
  • Miss Twayler
  • Mr. Dometic
  • Little iPhone
  • 5 Joy [Our newest team member. Instant pop up 4-person tent]
  • La-Z-Boy our fabulous recliner [electric powered!!]
I might have forgotten somebody. I hope I didn't hurt their feelings if I did. Oh, I almost forgot. Tioga George [That's me 😎].

If you feel that these photo outtakes are difficult to understand. Never fear. They are difficult. That's a good reason to comment your concerns and questions in our Blog Comments!

PS: We all still include MsTioga on The Team. She has departed. But that's OK. MsTioga will be forever in our hearts. Even in the hearts of those newest team members who were not around when MsTioga was here.

Of course, even those newest team members had heard the stories. Almost mystical though they are now. So long ago. One story in particular. This happened during our first year, on-the-road. Actually, the very first month. The very first week, come to remember!

Of how the mighty MsTioga, youngster, unafraid, braved the wilds of the Sierra Nevada. Carrying the entire Team to the Town of Arnold! Terrible Mr. Delorme knew that he was bringing danger and possible death to The Team. But did he care! No!

Well, that Mr. Delorme GPS is a story that may read about yourself!  Just click [here] to be whisked back into the yesteryear. Thru space as if by magic. Read about what happened for yourself. When MsTioga ruled the entire known RV world. Those were, such special times......





10pm - Late contest note!
There are only two members of The Team, still not asleep.
Tioga G and La-Z-Boy. Those two may not be completely mortal because they both need hardly any sleep. Anyway, there's talk around wondering?!

It was La-Z-Boy who dreamed up the contest. Tioga G heard the idea and thought it was a great idea! So, by themselves, the two of them declared a quorum. And, now we have a contest. Man!

Here is what it is. Underneath each Outtake pic above, is a letter [ie; A, B, C, etc. If you want to enter this contest, just guess what the pic with a letter is about. Easy, huh?

Example: Make a comment and write, "I think Pic 'A' on February 7th is George Washington kissing Martha [This is just an example]. If you are correct, you may win something valuable. Like a one hour snooze at the time of your choice in the most comfortable recliner the World has ever seen! Our very own, La-Z-Boy.

Disclaimer: Don't they always have one of these? Hmmmm? Ours is, you must be over 2-years old and less than 120 years + 7 months + 9.44 days.

PS: If your guess today is about Pic 'G', you must name the city in question!
[Sorry, La-Z-Boy makes the rules here. After all, he made up this madness!]


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fulltiming with Miss Twayler

5:30pm - The Tioga RV Team is fulltiming again. At long last too!

One of the first things done, was to hook up the La-Z-Boy recliner to electric power. As you may see in the pic below, George is really tired! Look at his face!

Long, long day. We packed up all of the Guava Gardens apartment. Then Yolanda and her husband, Peter, picked up all 20 boxes of stuff with their big pick-up. The entire flower garden too! All that stuff, flowers and all, is now inside Miss Twayler. The flowers are in Twayler's pass thru compartment.

George takes a rest on the La-Z-Boy


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Packing boxes

8am - It's pretty easy packing up the small stuff. An Office Depot packing box is assembled. Then the small stuff is placed in the box.

I bought a package of 10 of these boxes at Office Depot. I thought to myself at the time, surely 10 will be enough. Wrong! Perhaps 14 would be enough!

My room at the 10 box point
[Eventually there were 15 boxes]

Instant set-up tent
Yesterday, Amazon delivered the tent that I Blogged to you that I am planning to camp with. It's a great tent! Sooooo easy to setup.

Getting it down into the smallest package. That's another story!

I got all sweated up. Nearly fell down several times. Worked for over an hour. Didn't get even close!

That's when I figured out, that it is NOT necessary to make this tent fold up completely. A partial fold down is good enough. And I did that partial in about a minute!

FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Pop Up Tent


2pm - Shake down for Miss Twayler
I'm down at Bobby Combs RV Center in El Cajon. About 10 minutes from Guava Gardens. This is the dealer where I bought Twayler. Bobby Combs is the best RV dealer that I have ever encountered in my over 20 years of doing stuff around RVs.

I called the people at Bobby Combs where Twayler has been stored since I bought her about two weeks ago. They pulled Twayler out where I could get at her. They hooked her up to electric power.

I remained at Bobby Combs messing around with every single thing of Twayler's until the dealership closed at 5pm. I turned on the refrigerator/freezer. It was hooked to electric power, so Mr. Dometic was running on electricity. When I disconnected Twayler's electric cable, Mr. Dometic automatically switched to propane. So far, so good!

Going all around Twayler's outside, I went into every cabinet,  every plumbing fixture, every electrical thingy. The whole outside. The object was for me to become completely familiar with it all. I found and turned on every light. Found every switch. Checked that I had a key for every outside lock.

Then I went inside. The first thing that I tried to use was the kitchen sink. A tiny bit of water came out. And then gurgled to a stop! Checking the water tank, I found that the fresh water tank was pretty much empty. Out in the mechanic's shop, there was a water hose and I used that to fill Twayler's fresh water tank. After filling, water pump worked fine!

I wanted to operate Twayler's hot water heater with electricity.  One of the mechanics showed me where the water heater's electric switch was located. Down in the bottom of the cabinet containing the water heater. After that switch was on for only 5-minutes, hot water came out of the kitchen faucet. Twayler and I loved that!

Then I disconnected Twayler's electric power cable again, to see if the water heater switched over to propane operation automatically. It did!

I made Twayler's slide out go in and out. No problem's there.

Checked the air conditioner. It's good. A little noisy when on max-cool.

Tried the kitchen range and oven. Worked great. Range burners light propane by using an electric spark knob. Rotate that knob "click-click-click" and the burners light!

Tested every light. Inside and outside. All worked. Many lights have switches located in a panel near Twayler's front door. Very convenient. Lots of strings of LED decorative lights. Blue. Pretty cool. Miss Twayler told me that she loves those blue decorative lights!

Checked out the entertainment center. TV works great. Stereo & DVD player work great too. There are speakers, inside and outside. Good for parties. There is an electric awning! That Twayler has everything.!! Wow! everybody on The Team is sooooo happy for our sweet Miss Twayler! 😀

[L-R] Little Honda FIT, Tioga George and Miss Twayler
At Bobby Combs RV Center

Dear Sweet Son David,

If you had lived, today would be your 52nd birthday. In my heart, I believe that you are reading this as I am typing. There you are behind me. Just beyond the veil of life. I feel the light touch of your hand on my shoulder. I feel the love that you send to me.

God, David. I miss you sooooo much.

I love you,


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Packing up!

Two days and a wakeup to being a Fulltimer!

2am - After sleeping 3-hours, I got out of bed and began packing up all the stuff that will be moved into Twayler. I'm beginning at one corner of the apartment. Then continue packing until the opposite corner is all packed.

I've a ton of successful experiences transitioning from one life to another life. This one is a snap! Because it is a transition back to Fulltime RVing. I've already done that [2003 to 2014].

I've begun two lists. One for the services to be closed [Effective Sept. 23rd]. The other list for changing mailing addresses.

I've selected a mail box and mail forwarding company in the
City of Encinitas [link].

7am - Finished packing!
Yes! All finished packing the stuff that is going inside Twayler.

7pm - Note:
I never, ever, ever talk to a phone machine. 
They are not human.

If we the people accept and continue to use computerized voice technology,
what will happen is that we will become inundated by such nonsense.

All of us should NOT respond to such machine voice statements as:
"If you want sales, Press 1."

Instead, the only number that we should press is "0", for a human being.

8pm - Marios de la Mesa
This Mexican restaurant is the best around. I come to eat here very often.

This time, is likely the very last time for me. I've ordered their Chili Relleno. It is sooooo good!


Monday, September 19, 2016

Amtrak to San Diego

Four days and a wakeup to being a Fulltimer

6am- We have an electronic ticket for Amtrak's 774 Pacific Surfliner, leaving Santa Barbara at 9:27am. Did we let you know what happened to this same train yesterday?

Uncle Seymour drove us to the Amtrak station in Santa Barbara. Only 12 minutes before scheduled departure, came a sign on the station's board:

#774 9:27am Annulled 
Hummmm? Annulled?

Using Little iPhone and its Google, we learned that:
Annulled means "Declare invalid." 

We went to the station agent and learned that Amtrak mechanics had been working thru the nite to repair 774's mighty diesel engine. Repairs could not be finished by 9:27am. So the train was annulled!

We had our departure changed from September 18th to 19th, same 
774 @ 9:27am.

Let's hope!

9:27am - Amtrak #774 right on time!
We are delighted to inform you that our Amtrak just left Santa Barbara. Right on time!

2pm - Goals
I am not being prideful or boasting when I state that, "I've almost achieved all of my goals from the 1990s."

Note: If you wish to read those goals, and the values that preceded them:
Click this [link]." [Including a preface to those values & goals.]

My experience during the past week has made me aware that although I've achieved much, I am not where I wish to be in those achievements!

As Benjamin Franklin wrote in his autobiography, it is "perfection" that I seek. And I add for myself, "I am not there yet."

7pm - Not: Four days and a wakeup to being a Fulltimer
We learned this afternoon that it actually is:

Two days and a wakeup to being a Fulltimer


Sunday, September 18, 2016

My destiny in view

Five days and a wakeup to being a Fulltimer

While visiting with Uncle Seymour and Aunt Shirley, it came to me that I have a great deal in common with the two of them.

Aunt Shirley is, seven years senior to me. Uncle Seymour, ten years senior. All of my life, I have been close emotionally and psychologically to Uncle Seymour. The same with Aunt Shirley, after she married Seymour in 1949.

After their marriage, I was close in location to Seymour and Shirley's home. They rented an apartment from my Grandmother [Seymour's Mother]. When I was a baby, until I was 12 years old, Uncle Seymour lived right there in the same place where he would first live with his new Wife, my Aunt Shirley. Right across the street. In my Grandmother's home.

Now you are aware of how much in common Seymour and Shirley have to myself!

Seeing my self in others
During this visit with Seymour and Shirley, for the first time in my lifetime, I perceived a remarkable thing. I saw myself in the two of them.
  • In their faces, I saw my future appearance. The aging look.
  • In their walking and moving, I saw my future self. My slow walk to come.
  • In their speaking, I perceived the hint of  doubt. No longer sure as before.
  • In their plans, no longer living on their own. A retirement place coming.
  • In their listening to others, difficulty hearing.  
  • In their sight, diminishment of of vision. Eye glasses no longer help.
  • In senses [ie smell] a diminishment here as well.

With this visit, my destiny is visible. Not mysterious and unknown as before. But right out now before me. In view. A bit too close for comfort.

Saturday, September 17, 2016


11am -  I am staying at my Uncle and Aunts home in Montecito. Right now, all three of us are at the YMCA.

As I  began to exercise, I realized that I had not posted to my blog. All that I had with me was little iPhone. Never before had I made a blog post only with my iPhone. But I have learned a great deal about using iPhones and  iPads on this trip. 

 So, how am I doing? 

12 noon - Family history
My Uncle Seymour is the most senior member of the family still living. I did not have the grasp when I was younger, to learn all that was possible to learn from my now departed family. I will not make that error again!

What happens now is, I ask Uncle Seymour a question, and out comes his gems of memories! Like a gift to me from God!!

3pm - Cousin Ellen
Uncle Seymour and Aunt Shirley have two children. Both Daughters. Karen, the oldest. Ellen, the youngest.

Uncle Seymour has been in business for himself since he was 25 years old. He and his partner, Del, founded Commercial Tool & Die Company in 1953. When daughter Ellen was old enough to have a job, Ellen worked in the shop's office doing job costing and bookkeeping.

Seymour's business evolved over the years into industrial real estate. Daughter Ellen and Mother [My Aunt Shirley] continued to do all the office work. In recent years, Aunt Shirley, now in her upper 80s, slowly did less and less of that work. And lovely Cousin Ellen, took up the slack!

Nowadays, Cousin Ellen arrives each and every Saturday and does all that is necessary to bring the books up to date.

Uncle Seymour, Aunt Shirley, Cousin Ellen
[In the home office]

6pm - Clementine's Steak House
Let me begin at the start of this evening. Then later, perhaps tomorrow during my train ride back to Guava Gardens, I'll get to the story I've titled:
"My destiny in view"

For supper, Uncle Seymour, Aunt Shirley and myself decided on:
Clementine's Steak House in Carpinteria. Clementine's turned out to be for me, one of the best restaurants ever!

My selection was a perfectly prepared Prime Rib. Sooooo good 😀.

8pm - Our family history
Uncle Seymour conceived of gathering our family's history about 2 decades ago. This decision of Seymour's, is of monumental importance to members of our family, past, present and future.

Almost every single person in our family whose life's activity contributed to that history, has departed. A few of our family had the foresight to record what happened. They too have departed. However, these family members with foresight, preserved for our posterity, what happened a long, long time ago.

There were times, I am sure, when that written history hung by the slenderest of of threads. One single family member, many years ago, came home from his work. He was bone tired. But did not rest, as he so much wanted to do! Instead, this tired man, sat his desk writing what he remembered about what went on recently in the family. He recorded events of Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, etc, etc.

After a few hours, too exhausted to do more, he gathered the documents he had written this evening, and carefully placed them into a carved wood box, for safe keeping. In that same wood box, were papers telling about births, deaths, marriages, careers. Far, far back in place and time.

Some years later, perhaps 50 years later, this same man who arrived home bone tired, talked with his Grandson who was then 18 years old. He told his Grandson of his hope that the family's history would be retained. He impressed on his Grandson that the history of the family is for us, a sacred duty. A most important thing!

And his Grandson took up that duty. Never failing. And many, many years later, my Uncle Seymour took up that duty. And today, I, George Sheldon Lehrer have taken up that duty. I may be, for our family, like "The Last of the Mohicans" by James Fenimore Cooper. I may turn out to be, at long last, the most critical link in the long line of our family history keepers.

Only time will tell . . . . .   .    .    .      .


Friday, September 16, 2016


6:08am - My Amtrak is scheduled to pull out of San Diego at 6:07am. But the train actually pulled out of the Ketner Boulevard SAN Station
at 6:08am!

Horrid! Only one single minute on this trip and already we are behind
schedule! 😩

Sunrise view - Amtrak

10am - Two things that I NEVER do!
  1.  I never, ever, ever- talk to an Answering Machine. Otherwise known as a phone answering device. Nearly all companies use them. BofA, AT&T, etc. We humans should all band together & refuse to talk to machines. Don't press any buttons when a machine asks you to do so. If something happens that causes the company to question why you did not phone them, just respond that you did call, but nobody answered! This is true. A device is NOT a somebody.
  2. I never, ever use a Self Checkout Machine. We humans should band together against this nonsense as well. Firms who use Self Checkout, fire clerks who become surplus. Replaced by an infernal machine!! Do the remaining clerks get increased salary because of cost reduction? They do NOT!  Do NOT use a Self Checkout!
My belief about this "human replaced by machine" concept is:
That companies have been using all kinds automation [ie: Answering Machines, Self Checkout Machines, all computer controlled mechanisms] in order to reduce their costs. But! Do companies who do this menace benefit humans who are being replaced by machines?

No! There is not a human benefit that is even remotely close to what humans lose.

If we humans just sit on our butts and do nothing, all of us, you and I, will eventually be without a job. Have no home. Be walking the streets indigent. Proof is all around you!
  • The huge increase in the homeless. 
  • The mass of people who, no longer able to afford a house or apartment, now live with their family in an RV.
  • The enormous population who now find themselves working 2 or more jobs. Etc, etc.....
All of the above is almost all due to machine encroachment!

Of course there is another menace:
The offshoring of our jobs to persons in 3rd world countries! This menace has been around and ruining our lives for decades. We are terribly impacted. But most of us do not even think about it.

If you wish, I'll do a Blog post on this controversy too.  Let me know?

11am - Farm fields near Ventura
Little iPhone captured this pic showing one of hundreds of farm fields that Amtrak passed this morning.

We feel that there is something mysteriously lovely in the pic. But we do not comprehend why?

Pic near City of Ventura of a farm field
[by Little iPhone]