Friday, September 16, 2016


6:08am - My Amtrak is scheduled to pull out of San Diego at 6:07am. But the train actually pulled out of the Ketner Boulevard SAN Station
at 6:08am!

Horrid! Only one single minute on this trip and already we are behind
schedule! 😩

Sunrise view - Amtrak

10am - Two things that I NEVER do!
  1.  I never, ever, ever- talk to an Answering Machine. Otherwise known as a phone answering device. Nearly all companies use them. BofA, AT&T, etc. We humans should all band together & refuse to talk to machines. Don't press any buttons when a machine asks you to do so. If something happens that causes the company to question why you did not phone them, just respond that you did call, but nobody answered! This is true. A device is NOT a somebody.
  2. I never, ever use a Self Checkout Machine. We humans should band together against this nonsense as well. Firms who use Self Checkout, fire clerks who become surplus. Replaced by an infernal machine!! Do the remaining clerks get increased salary because of cost reduction? They do NOT!  Do NOT use a Self Checkout!
My belief about this "human replaced by machine" concept is:
That companies have been using all kinds automation [ie: Answering Machines, Self Checkout Machines, all computer controlled mechanisms] in order to reduce their costs. But! Do companies who do this menace benefit humans who are being replaced by machines?

No! There is not a human benefit that is even remotely close to what humans lose.

If we humans just sit on our butts and do nothing, all of us, you and I, will eventually be without a job. Have no home. Be walking the streets indigent. Proof is all around you!
  • The huge increase in the homeless. 
  • The mass of people who, no longer able to afford a house or apartment, now live with their family in an RV.
  • The enormous population who now find themselves working 2 or more jobs. Etc, etc.....
All of the above is almost all due to machine encroachment!

Of course there is another menace:
The offshoring of our jobs to persons in 3rd world countries! This menace has been around and ruining our lives for decades. We are terribly impacted. But most of us do not even think about it.

If you wish, I'll do a Blog post on this controversy too.  Let me know?

11am - Farm fields near Ventura
Little iPhone captured this pic showing one of hundreds of farm fields that Amtrak passed this morning.

We feel that there is something mysteriously lovely in the pic. But we do not comprehend why?

Pic near City of Ventura of a farm field
[by Little iPhone]




  1. Enjoy your trip.
    Here's hoping you have better luck than Charlie on the MTA.

    1. Hi Ed,

      We may all be like Charlie on the MTA. He was ignorant of the effects of what went down about him. And that ignorance did Charlie in!

      But we humans, all together, are an OVERWHELMING force! But we have got to wake up!

      Tioga George


  2. Well let's see robot assemble 65 percent of that car that you bought an is put together by automation
    90% of the parts coming from a foreign country 80% of those parts are put together by CNC robotic automation
    If you have Geico insurance it remembers your telephone number your credit card in the amount that you owe or paid all automated
    The iPhone was made in China
    95% of that. Phone is put together through automation 5% is And assemble by 15,000 Chinese workers
    And the same goes for that Cute iPad mini 2 that you just bought
    The Medication that you took this morning was put together by automation
    The Amtrak train locomotive and car that you took at 608 was
    Manufactured by and automated machine and assemble partly by hand the schedule you rely upon was made by a computer with human import
    The rv that you just purchased every part inside that unit was cut with a robotic machine and assembled by hand
    I know you're not at McDonald's hamburger fan but 85% of all drive through McDonald's in California are answered by a call center in another state
    Majority are prison inmates
    Also McDonald's is experimenting with automation ordering and delivering your meal

    Now you mentioned going in to Walmart and not wanting to go through and automated checker too bad we don't get a discount for doing that
    The next time you go to Walmart check and see how many automated cashiers they have open and then count the amount of live cashiers That ARE working
    Something you might want to consider the next time you have a conversation with a person thats over here from Japan ask them about the automated systems in Japan you will be surprised
    A lot of grocery stores over there now have special transponders when you walk out the door it adds up the transponders the debited from your bank card
    Check out counters are only for cash or A different type of transaction
    When was the last time you got a call from an automated voice telling you do you eligible to receive $250,000 with no credit check for your business and just press 1
    Or the last time you got 150 spam emails in your inbox
    And how easy is it to carry and use your debit card credit card or bank plastic card opposed to spending the 10 or $15 in your pocket (and where did you get that 10 or $15 out of )
    So Mr. G the question is did it start with the caveman that made the Wheel
    And made some to sell to his friends
    Or was it Henry Ford they had a better idea with the car and every driveway
    Or was it the Teamsters that brought you a better lifestyle with more pay
    Or was it the folks on the Pacific rim to try to make a better widget and cheaper
    You're totally right most everything you do today revolves around the $$$$$
    So whatever he,s selling he wants to maximize the profit ( a proven government fact cost of living has gone up and the wage has gone down )and whatever you're buying you want to minimize your spending
    So with the frustration that you have even if you get 5% of the people to agree
    2.5 of that will probably just give your lip service
    I just re read your blog how many migrant workers do not have a job because of farming automation
    I think you're lucky to the fact that you can jump on an Amtrak train and go somewhere
    Just think of all the stops you get off at and meander around that city or town
    Sorry for the long post hope you enjoy your day

    Hey Mr.G. Charlie wasn't ignorant he just didn't have the money to get off the MTA

    Sent from my iPad

    1. Hi Mister Ed,

      Sorry! Hard to know how to respond to your comment? That's all for me.

      Tioga George


  3. Sorry Mr. G I had to redo this because I got to thinking about something Charlies wife couldn't get him a sandwich through the window
    Any MBTA train going through a tunnel in Boston did not have windows that opened up only the trolley cars did
    But it lyrics window sounds better then the door now after you made me sing the song enough times here's all lyrics
    Go Ahead now try and take a nap

    Let me tell you the story
    Of a man named Charlie
    On a tragic and fateful day
    He put ten cents in his pocket,
    Kissed his wife and family
    Went to ride on the MTA

    Charlie handed in his dime
    At the Kendall Square Station
    And he changed for Jamaica Plain
    When he got there the conductor told him,
    "One more nickel."
    Charlie could not get off that train.

    Did he ever return,
    No he never returned
    And his fate is still unlearn'd
    He may ride forever
    'neath the streets of Boston
    He's the man who never returned.

    Now all night long
    Charlie rides through the tunnels
    the station
    Saying, "What will become of me?
    How can I afford to see
    My sister in Chelsea
    Or my cousin in Roxbury?"

    Charlie's wife goes down
    To the Scollay Square station
    Every day at quarter past two
    And through the open window
    She hands Charlie a sandwich
    As the train comes rumblin' through.

    As his train rolled on
    underneath Greater Boston
    Charlie looked around and sighed:
    "Well, I'm sore and disgusted
    And I'm absolutely busted;
    I guess this is my last long ride."
    {this entire verse was replaced by a banjo solo}

    Now you citizens of Boston,
    Don't you think it's a scandal
    That the people have to pay and pay
    Vote for Walter A. O'Brien
    Fight the fare increase!
    And fight the fare increase
    Vote for George O'Brien!
    Get poor Charlie off the MTA.

    Or else he'll never return,
    No he'll never return
    And his fate will be unlearned
    He may ride forever
    'neath the streets of Boston
    He's the man (Who's the man)
    He's the man who never returned.
    He's the man (Oh, the man)
    He's the man who never returned.
    He's the man who never returned

    1. Holy Mackerel, Mister Ed !!

      Tioga George


  4. Hi, George. I hate to see jobs lost to automation, BUT, when I shop, I choose stores that have self-checkouts. I have better things to do with my time than standing in line to pay for purchases. There are always long lines at the people checkouts; short or no lines at self checkouts.

    1. Hi RunNRose,

      I understand your point of view completely.

      The thing is, that Human Beings are the losers in this battle between the welfare of the upper class vs all "other classes."

      We "other class" people are losing BIG time! Our destiny is clear [to me]. Our destiny is to become persons of marginal existence. Not enough affordable food or shelter.

      As automation takes almost everything of value from us, we shall surely die. Or, at the very best, we shall live miserably. Most of our "other class" population will shrink astoundingly. Lack of nearly all medical care, likely the main reason.

      I will be gone by then. Thank God!

      Tioga George


  5. The homeless fill the City Centre of every major city in Canada. Some uneducated say, "it's their fault and as a result they should suffer."
    I say our society in general has developed a sociopathic approach to the needy. Those with the means to help pass by their homeless neighbour as if he/she is invisible and make no effort to help. The facts are: homeless people are our brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents. Many are veterans who fought for our country and returned with an injury, others are suffering from mental illness and some from addiction. There is a saying "steal a little and they throw you jail, steal a lot and they make you king." Billions were stolen, for example, by the Banks during the bail outs. Tax payers, also payed for the large bonuses bank CEO's stole from us. Not one of them went to jail for this to this day. We need to not only focus on automation. We need to boycott many large corporations for their greed which is at the expense of the common working person.

    1. Hi Sheila,

      Sorry! I disagree almost completely wth your comment.

      The vast majority of our population [the lower
      97±%], does not have the power or means to do or accomplish anything regarding helping the homeless, the jobless, the hungry, the lame, the sick, etc, etc.

      The "other class" people lost our government decades ago. Write a letter to your Member of Congress to see what I mean is true. Get a reply, and that reply is composed by some aid. YOU, have no voice whatsoever in the direction of government.

      Most citizens born after the 1970s, do not even know our basic law, The Constitution. "Other class" people just lay down when the entire government [President, Congress, Supreme Court, Police, etc] violate The Constitution. Do they protest? Do they march in the streets?

      Thomas Jefferson stated, "God forbid we should ever be 20 years without a rebellion." Wow! Our "other class" people do not have a clue what to rebel about. Schooled to be ignorant, they are lost!!

      Tioga George


  6. Or is it possible that automation will leave mankind free of the mundane chores so that we may focus on the betterment of the species? Who knows.

    1. Hi Don,

      Theoretically possible? It is. But humans being the grasping things that they are, it is not possible at all.

      Look what the rich and powerful did to "we the people" after the 1970s. We had the remarkable period after WW2 where more wealth was held by working class of the USA than at any other time and for any other country in World history.

      Then, from the 1970s to the present, the working class went into an economic toilet! Look what happened to the truckers.

      Also, aircraft controllers were crushed by President Reagan. He crushed their union so very completely, the controllers will never, ever recover to the economic level that they had reached.

      Tioga George


  7. I hear you George I don't use the self checkouts. I go into the store as a customer and walk out as a customer. I'm not a cashier and surely not a bagger that does there work without pay. I like you can remember going into stores where they appreciated the customer.

  8. Glad you are back to daily posting. I really missed you when you stopped. Love your writing style!

  9. Back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, we were the envy of the world. Most every country liked our culture, music, and the high standard of living we enjoyed.
    Today's world economy is the result of this desire to be like us. People who used to be lucky to eat 1 meal a day now eat at least 2 or more a day. They are driving cars, using smart phones and other modern conveniences.
    This of course has resulted in the loss of our manufacturing base and our jobs. Your observations about machines is also relevant.
    The first I remember of this is when self-service gas stations started appearing. Also, vending machines that sold us candy, cigarettes, soda etc. We all thought how convenient these things were and were glad to use them. Think about it, every thing in our life is touched by machines. Your iphone, think about the fact vyou are glad to use it, but won't leave a message on a machine.