Saturday, September 03, 2016

Going to view the trailer

11am - Everybody on The Team is sooooo excited about visiting with our new trailer. Especially iP5 who is just crazy to take some pics.

We called the Bobby Combs RV salesman that we contacted last week on iP5, and made a date to meet. In only1-hour!


3pm - We are sooooo excited!
iP5, MacAir and our new Team Member,  iPad,  are sooooo excited. Almost too much for all of us to take! Poor Tioga George. He is beside himself with joy. Let's tell you what happened!

The Team is down at Bobby Combs RV in The City of El Cajon. We came down here to take a look at Stock #1770. That is the trailer that we Blogged about to you when we at Jojoba Hills RV Resort.

When we arrived here at Bob Combs,  Daryl, our sales person,  looked on his inventory sheet. There was no Stock #1770!! However, there is a #1777 on the list. So, we took a look-see.

Oh man! All of us were bowled over! This #1777 is sooooo much better for us than #1770! Too much to tell you about at this 3am post. But very soon!

Daryl & George, after the sale!

4pm - Trailer alterations
My experience at Bobby Combs RV:

  • Salesman Daryl is a teriffic guy.
  • He operated to let me know everything about my new trailer.  
  • Daryl informed me about many things, not connected to the sale. These things are of great value to me.
  • He gave me a list of local RV parks where I might stay.
  • Daryl hooked me up with a company person at Bobby Combs. This man, Carlos, is experienced with alterations. He will remove the dinette to make a space for my Lazy Boy recliner. Carlos will also remove the queen bed in trailer's front and install a built-in desk for me.
I am completely delighted with my Bobby Combs RV experience today! ğŸ˜Ž



  1. Can't wait to see your pictures, T.G.! So happy to see your excitement with future plans. There's always something to look forward to, isn't there?!

  2. Very happy for you George!

  3. I went to the Bobby Combs link that you gave us last week. Put in model "1777". Wow! That is a really nice trailer. I like it MUCH better than the other one. So it is 29 ft. I think you will be happier with this one. Now, if you just say it is so! That you bought this one?

  4. Wanna see, wanna see , soon we hope, sounds exciting.

  5. Much nicer! I was really concerned about the other trailer. There was just too much remodeling that needed to be done for you to be comfortable.

  6. Glad to see you'll be back in an RV!

  7. #1777 looks great! I like your idea of the smaller bed and adding work space. Won't you miss a dinette? You used the one in Miss Tioga a lot and you'll be having lots of visitors in Jojoba RV park. You can make your famous meatloaf!

  8. Congratulations, George - I'm going to check out the link, but it sounds like a good choice. I love the idea of a built-in desk! I use my dinette as my desk, and you could certainly use your desk as a dinette, right? Looking forward to photos! :)