Friday, September 30, 2016


24 Hour Fitness Gym

8am - This morning I have an appointment with Andrea at 24 Hour Fitness, an extremely well equipped exercise gym in Apple Valley. 24 Hour Fitness costs $45/month, $10/mo more than the YMCA in La Mesa.

Andrea escorted me around, pointing out the machines, swimming pool, hot spa and cardio section [ie; treadmills].

9am - Country Breakfast
After signing up at 24 Hour Fitness, I went next door to a place that had a sign over the door, "Country Breakfast." The waffle that I ordered had something special in it. I asked what that something was, and the owner told me, "It's our secret recipe." Hmmmm?

That waffle was sooooo good!

My breakfast

12 Noon - Being upset
There is something that we would like to share with Readers. During a day's time, you may interact with many people. Fortunately, very few should cause you to become upset.

However, for those times when you do get upset, we offer:
  • Stop talking and listen closely
  • Insure that you positively understand what is going on
  • Ask the person upsetting you what happened
If it comes to pass, that this person really is upsetting you. For any reason. For example, if the person is:
  1. Very ignorant
  2. Stupid
  3. Hostile
  4. Angry [Etc, etc]
Just excuse yourself and go away or hang up the phone, whatever. Clear your mind and remind yourself:

"I will put this person out of my mind. I will not be angry because of this person. I will not consider retribution, in any way."

Tioga George offers, it is important to keep your self respect, rather than:
  • Complete an errand 
  • Complete a purchase [Car, home, a hamburger]
  • Stay at a meeting [Of friends, business associates, President of the United States of America]
  • Remain at a party when others there are drunk, high, insulting you
  • Keep up a phone conversation where the person on the other end will not let you get a word in edgewise

3pm - PS additions to 12 Noon post
While doing shopping errands, some other stuff crossed my mind that I would like to share with you.

Musts Do:
Only do a must do, if it is in your best interest. And, always go thru a conscious decision process before acting on a MUST DO.

Example: You drop something. Instead of automatically picking it up because it's a MUST DO, do not act on that MUST DO. Wait. Consider.

Must Do List:
You make a list of things-to-do. Try very hard never to put a time limit for completion on any item on a list of to-dos. Such a time limit easily becomes a compulsion. Fooey on those compulsions!

4pm - Shopping
Would you like to guess where we are right now? Here's an image hint! Do you know now? Hmmmm?

We thought that we would have to shop all over Apple Valley for what we needed. Found everything right here! Never been to this store before. But, there's a merchandise map at the store's entrance. Five minutes with that map and I am K-Mart expert!

8:30pm - The Bear
Although we subscribe to NetFlix, watching movie videos from NetFlix at this time is out of our league. Because the data to watch only one movie video online is too costly.

The least expensive data sold now is by Verizon. That low cost data is only available when using the Verizon JetPack Personal HotSpot. Data cost of $27 for one movie? Too much for us!

So, tonite we are watching one of our DVD movies. "The Bear" is the movie of this evening!



  1. George, you were supposed to workout and not eat waffles.

    1. Hi Rick,

      😎 You crack me up!

      Tioga George


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    1. Mister Ed,

      I get a kick from your comments 👻. How do you know all this stuff that you comment about? Hmmmmm?

      Tioga George


  3. Check into for a local internet provider. Friends are happy with their service. Local. Hard to find nowadays!

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