Thursday, September 01, 2016

iP5 Down!!!

9am - Fragile little iP5 [iPhone 5s] got hurt bad! Both of us have no clue what happened?

All of a sudden little iP5 went into activation mode. It was all downhill after that!

We have an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar on September 3rd. Until then, iP5 has asked to be in Off Mode, so she won't be suffering so much.  Poor little iP5! 😩

10am - MacAir very sad!
When iP5 went down, MacAir went off line! That's because MacAir is using iP5's Hot Spot. Everybody on The Team is going nuts with all these troubles.

Isn't this such a terrible thing! 😵

However, a technically excellent Jojobian living here at the RV Park came to MacAir's rescue! This very nice Jojobian told us of a Park WiFi network. Right here in Jojoba Hills RV Resort.

MacAir signed up with this WiFi for about $15 bucks for two weeks. This morning, MacAir is back on the net! Doesn't work at out Site 224 though. No signal there.

With iP5 down, we figured there was no Team Camera! Then we remembered that MacAir had a camera.

MacAir took the pic below!

Tioga George, in all his glory!

11am - Getting along with others
Every where a person goes, they will meet mostly, centered and balanced people. However, there are those who have mental/emotional problems. Likely these persons, will NOT be centered and balanced.

Characteristics of the unbalanced and uncentered:
  • Argumentative
  • Interrupts others speaking
  • Over talks others
  • Negative
  • Demanding
  • Critical
  • Opinionated [Does not gracefully accept others ideas]
  • Etc.....
Fortunately, here at Jojoba Hills RV Resort, nearly all of the Jojobians that I've met, are very pleasant, outgoing and centered and balanced persons 😎.

11:30am - Exercising again!
I've used Jojoba's Exercise Room two times during this 10-day visit to Jojoba Hills. Yesterday and today. This is a well equipped exercise room. There may not be enough equipment to serve though, when all the Jojobians out for the summer return this month. The room is pretty small.

However, this may be easily resolved by finding out the low usage times. And go then.

1:30pm - The pool room
The pic below, I believe, is self-explanatory! The pool room is part of the Friendship Hall complex.

Isn't Jojoba Hills RV Resort a fantastic place?!

Friendship Hall's Pool Room



  1. Nice that the Apple is working fine again.
    Good luck with ip5

    1. Hi OAT,

      Yes! How would I Blog without Mr. MacAir?

      I'm turning over the busted Miss iP5 to Apple support's Genius Bar this coming Saturday.

      Tioga George

  2. Curious as to why you decided to leave Guava Gardens and area? You seemed happy there, had some friends, medical facilities and lots of shops and restaurants. Itchy feet?

    1. Hi Sue,

      Those are very good questions! I never expanded my Blogging to cover these questions. Happy to now! 😎

      * Guava Gardens is a great place for me. I loved it there. Jojoba Hills RV Resort is for me, even better.

      * I have two close friends. John & Pete. John is an RVer and has camped at JoJoba Hills RV Resort before. And will again. Especially when I become a JoJobian.

      Pete is living at Jojoba now. And is my host for this visit

      * Kaiser Permanente, my present medical provider, has facilities in the nearby City of Temecula!

      * Shops & restaurants are in the City of Temecula. I won't be biking to the City ofTemecula to go shopping & eating out as I did in The City of La Mesa. I'll use the Honda in order to travel to the City of Temecula.

      BTW: But very soon, I plan to replace Mariner 7 with a golf cart. I am no longer safe on a bike.

      * Itchy feet? Not really. I did not have a thought in my mind about becoming a Jojobian until I was here for 4-days! Then, Shirley, one of the founders of Jojoba was telling me about the Park. All of a sudden, it just popped into my brain!


      Bye for now,
      Tioga George


  3. On the ip5 ... hold the home button and the on/off button at the same time and the phone will reboot itself.

    1. Hi Steve,

      iP5 is now in an Apple initiated "Clear sign-on info mode." I started that process after iP5 would not log on to anything anymore.

      I am unable to complete this Apple routine, because Apple's server, won't accept my User Name and PassWord.

      As I understand it, there is no way around this "User Name & Password obstacle."

      That's why I concluded that this obstacle thing is likely an Apple bug. I'm going to an Apple Genius Bar in San Diego this coming Saturday in order resolve this thing.

      PS: Pete and I drove to the Apple Store in the City of Temecula yesterday [Thursday]. For some reason that I do not understand, iP5 went thru the "Sign-on routine with no problems!" Apple's server accepted my User Name and PassWord inside the Apple Store but not in Jojoba Hills?

      Tioga George


  4. It seems that Apple has a software upgrade to install often. I have run into problems when installing their upgrades so now I no longer down load them. One of my friends has refused to download Apple's upgrades for two years now and never has a problem with her IP5. I don't want to sound too cautious but who profits from the upgrade and does it bring current customers back into the store? Be careful not to be pressured to buy a new phone -- unless that's what you want anyway.

    1. Hi Sheila,

      You are the first one to know. Sssshhh, don't tell.

      I bought an iPad Mini this afternoon! It features a much larger keyboard than iP5. I love it sooooo much! 😍

      Tioga George


  5. George I was wondering how many are on the waiting list at Jojoba?

    1. Hi TK,

      It will be 31 when I go on the list next week.

      Tioga George


  6. George I promise I won't tell but possibly you have proven my theory. Enjoy your new iPad Mini.

    1. Quiet, Sheila!

      Mum's the word.....

      Tioga George