Thursday, September 08, 2016

Miraculous journey!

Were you following Tioga and myself during our many journeys thru the Western United States and Canada? And our years in Mexico going from the US border all over Baja California to the tip of the peninsula to Cabo San Lucas?

We spent about seven years adventuring in Mainland Mexico. All the way to Guatemala.

This was from 2003 to 2014. And during those times, those travels, Tioga and I went to the same places others had gone. However, our travels were mysteriously different! Because Tioga and I found wonderful things to see. Things that other RVers and adventurers did not find!

Tioga and I believed that we were guided. We did not know how we were guided! What Tioga and I would do when we came to a decision place [right or left] [Stay or leave], we would go inside ourselves and listen only to the force.
Then, we would go to a calm place inside, and follow where the force led us!

That is what we did. Over and over and over again!

Do you remember the first time we arrived at the City of Santa Rosalia. We had parked at the entrance to the City. Before us, the rotting, rusty and decaying ruins of the old copper ore mill. Ugly! Uninviting!

Tioga and I then went into our private, inside place. We felt the pull of the force, the gravity of that force. Pulling us sooooo gently to an almost unseen side road. And to that road we went. Remember where we were when we exited that road?

Right at Santa Rosalia's historic center. Only feet from the famous Eiffel Church. We road camped right there without moving, for several days. And returned to Santa Rosalia for three years running.

Side Blog to Santa Rosalia?
How would you feel about taking a side Blog to the very first time that Tioga and The Team visited the City of Santa Rosalia?

Are you ready? Click [here] to travel thru time and space....

George looks at one of two center
 streets in downtown Santa Rosalia
December 30, 2004

1pm - Guava Gardens spa 
The current situation with the spa's temperature has been resolved by myself. Guava Gardens owner and the assistant manager appeared to be unable to grasp the relationship between heater control setting and the actual temperature of the spa's water.

I was beating a dead horse attempting to explain this thing to the two of them. Seemed pretty elementary to me. But, maybe not?

So, I'm just not soaking in a spa every evening as I wish to do. The spa will wait until I move to Jojoba Hills.

Or, perhaps those Guava Gardens persons named above may put their thinking caps on, figure out what is going on, and change their minds. 

All they have to do is, take the spa water temperature and raise the heater control until the spa water reaches the desired temperature!


  1. Yep I have been there too many times. You have made the right choice again.

    1. Hi Barney,

      I hope that I did make the right choice!

      Toga George

      PS: Would you please remind me what me what my choices were?


  2. George, I remember the first time we went to Santa Rosalia. I say we, because I was looking over the shoulder of the "team" and enjoying every minute of it. Thanks for the memories. Steve

  3. Hi George!
    Maybe there is a reason the spa is not kept at the higher temp. (ie. nobody uses the spa). Is is a high electric expense. Also...look at your post on the Sept 1st comments. You have admitted to a past history of "unbalanced and uncentered" (sp) yourself..How many items on your list are you still working on? Everyone likes you the way you are. I think you are a great "work in progress" just don't stop "working". Like we all are! barb

  4. Love reading about your past experiences... We began our full-timing adventure in 2001 but I didn't start blogging until maybe 5 or so years ago, so it's fun to catch up on other folks past. So many places we've been but are seeing through someone else's eyes. Loving it!