Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Packing boxes

8am - It's pretty easy packing up the small stuff. An Office Depot packing box is assembled. Then the small stuff is placed in the box.

I bought a package of 10 of these boxes at Office Depot. I thought to myself at the time, surely 10 will be enough. Wrong! Perhaps 14 would be enough!

My room at the 10 box point
[Eventually there were 15 boxes]

Instant set-up tent
Yesterday, Amazon delivered the tent that I Blogged to you that I am planning to camp with. It's a great tent! Sooooo easy to setup.

Getting it down into the smallest package. That's another story!

I got all sweated up. Nearly fell down several times. Worked for over an hour. Didn't get even close!

That's when I figured out, that it is NOT necessary to make this tent fold up completely. A partial fold down is good enough. And I did that partial in about a minute!

FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Pop Up Tent


2pm - Shake down for Miss Twayler
I'm down at Bobby Combs RV Center in El Cajon. About 10 minutes from Guava Gardens. This is the dealer where I bought Twayler. Bobby Combs is the best RV dealer that I have ever encountered in my over 20 years of doing stuff around RVs.

I called the people at Bobby Combs where Twayler has been stored since I bought her about two weeks ago. They pulled Twayler out where I could get at her. They hooked her up to electric power.

I remained at Bobby Combs messing around with every single thing of Twayler's until the dealership closed at 5pm. I turned on the refrigerator/freezer. It was hooked to electric power, so Mr. Dometic was running on electricity. When I disconnected Twayler's electric cable, Mr. Dometic automatically switched to propane. So far, so good!

Going all around Twayler's outside, I went into every cabinet,  every plumbing fixture, every electrical thingy. The whole outside. The object was for me to become completely familiar with it all. I found and turned on every light. Found every switch. Checked that I had a key for every outside lock.

Then I went inside. The first thing that I tried to use was the kitchen sink. A tiny bit of water came out. And then gurgled to a stop! Checking the water tank, I found that the fresh water tank was pretty much empty. Out in the mechanic's shop, there was a water hose and I used that to fill Twayler's fresh water tank. After filling, water pump worked fine!

I wanted to operate Twayler's hot water heater with electricity.  One of the mechanics showed me where the water heater's electric switch was located. Down in the bottom of the cabinet containing the water heater. After that switch was on for only 5-minutes, hot water came out of the kitchen faucet. Twayler and I loved that!

Then I disconnected Twayler's electric power cable again, to see if the water heater switched over to propane operation automatically. It did!

I made Twayler's slide out go in and out. No problem's there.

Checked the air conditioner. It's good. A little noisy when on max-cool.

Tried the kitchen range and oven. Worked great. Range burners light propane by using an electric spark knob. Rotate that knob "click-click-click" and the burners light!

Tested every light. Inside and outside. All worked. Many lights have switches located in a panel near Twayler's front door. Very convenient. Lots of strings of LED decorative lights. Blue. Pretty cool. Miss Twayler told me that she loves those blue decorative lights!

Checked out the entertainment center. TV works great. Stereo & DVD player work great too. There are speakers, inside and outside. Good for parties. There is an electric awning! That Twayler has everything.!! Wow! everybody on The Team is sooooo happy for our sweet Miss Twayler! 😀

[L-R] Little Honda FIT, Tioga George and Miss Twayler
At Bobby Combs RV Center

Dear Sweet Son David,

If you had lived, today would be your 52nd birthday. In my heart, I believe that you are reading this as I am typing. There you are behind me. Just beyond the veil of life. I feel the light touch of your hand on my shoulder. I feel the love that you send to me.

God, David. I miss you sooooo much.

I love you,



  1. Hi George!
    I'm very new to your blog and found you by others mentioning your adventures. You are still an inspiration and guide to others by following your dream and sharing it with others. I look forward to your new camping posts. I though about your fold-up tent yesterday as I was battling with my windshield cover for my car. I hope no one was taking photos of me attempting that daily task.On the other hand, it would have given them a good laugh!

    1. Hi Susan,

      Welcome to our Blog, Susan! So very happy to have you comment! 😀

      Thank you sooooo much for your "inspiration and guide" compliment!!

      Coincidentally, I am using the same kind of windshield cover as you. Took me about two months, before I got the thing to fold small ! It's really hard to do!

      Did I mention that the instant pop-up tent is a snap to put down? All that needs to be done, is to fold the tent up only half way.

      It's not as small as possible with going only half way. But it only takes one minute. And at that size, the tent fits into the back of Little Honda FIT !!

      Tioga George


  2. On U tube they have videos that show you the best way to fold up your tent. What kind of mattress are you planning to use in your tent. Gotta have a GOOD mattress.

    1. Hi Andy,

      Yes, and I watched that YouTube tent video too. Same tent as mine.

      To set up, the tent opens in one single second. Sooooo easy to set up.

      I tried for over an hour to collapse the tent to the original size. I worked and worked and worked!! I got all sweaty working. A couple of times, the tent nearly took me off of my feet! I fell down to the carpet a few times.

      I was sooooo tired after an hour, that I collapsed exhausted into my LazyBoy recliner. I was just looking at that half collapsed tent. Suddenly, it occurred to me that the half collapsed tent might go nicely into Little Honda FIT's rear storage area.

      I took the half collapsed tent downstairs and put into Little Honda FIT. That's where the tent is right now. No problem with the half collapsed tent fitting into Little Honda 😀.

      And it only take one minute to collapse the tent half way!!!

      Tioga George


  3. Don't forget to buy the self inflating mat to put under your bedding. I bought one from REI but you can get them also at Big Five. The mats partially fill as you unroll it then blow a few puffs of air into it and close it tight. It's so comfortable. I got the extra wide because I tend to turn a lot at night. I also zip two sleeping bags together to give me room so I don't feel all bundled up and tight...I like the freedom of movement. You can also buy sheets and zip fleece sleeping bag liners...again you can zip two together to make it roomy. Happy camping.

    1. Hi Rita,

      Very good advice about buying a self inflating mat to go under the tent and protect the tent's bottom.

      I have a nice Coleman camping cot that fits nicely into this 5-Joy Instant Setup Tent. Comfortable too, because it gets me sleeping off of the ground.

      Thank you sooooo much for sharing how you go about sleeping when you are camping.

      Happy camping to you, too! 😀

      Tioga George


  4. PS REI sleeping bag comes with a big light need to roll your bedding...just shove them all into the bag and it can compress into a small size bag. I can shove the bag into small spaces in truck or car.

    1. Hi again Rita,

      Thank you for your informative PS! More good advice.

      Tioga George


  5. Mister Ed,

    Remember the Nancy and Joe controversy? Joe later commented the following:

    "Settle down George, you're getting excited!
    No I'm sorry you did take it the wrong way George.
    I started to put lol at the end of it and didn't maybe I should have. My wife says I some times say things that people take the wrong way.
    I guess this was one of those times.
    Hope you have a great day."

    Mister Ed: It may be that instead of:
    "Settle down George, you're getting excited!."

    Maybe Joe meant to comment:
    "You seem very excited about this new part of your life, George. Perhaps you may enjoy it even more, if you settled down and relaxed?"

    Whatta you think, Mister Ed?

    Tioga George

    PS: Also, now in reflection about that incident, I believe that Joe may be writing challenged. He may be writing and saying insulting things. But meaning to write or say complimentary things.


  6. Sounds like you are going to have a busy few weeks. Getting moved in and putting things away. And maybe trying out your new tent. Enjoy - Glad everything works in your new home.

  7. George, when my husband and I first got our new RV, we also had a high noise level when we ramped up the air conditioner on maximum. At first, we thought it would not bother us, but we camp in high humidity areas and it did bother us when we tried to sleep. Probably our noise was worse than yours because we have an aluminum roof. So my husband made his way onto the RV roof and found that some screws that tightened down the AC shroud or housing to the roof was a little loose and, therefore, made the AC vibrant when running on high. Our dealer cautioned us not to tighten the screws too much in order not to pinch the grommets when pressure was applied when tightening. I'm just guessing, but if they were pinched, a small amount of water may leak in when it rained. But, anyway, that solved the noise problem, and we finally got some sleep.

    Summerville, SC

    1. Sorry, I meant "vibrate" not "vibrant."


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