Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Pass Thru Cargo Slide

7am - We need a heavy duty cargo slide. Full extension. Miss Twayler's full pass thru storage is terrific. Hard to use though without the cargo slide.

We are searching for something like in the pic below. Only the side rails though. Not the baseboard or the front and back metal rails.

We have an inquiry out. Could be that we buy the whole assembly, and then dismantle it in order to get the R & L rails.

8am - Six Bakersfield County Sheriffs!
We almost forget to tell about what happened yesterday afternoon! Little Honda, Little iPhone and George had just returned from a shopping trip to downtown Apple Valley.

Suddenly, the office lady from Lone Wolf accompanied by six Bakersfield County Sheriffs descended on a confused Miss Twayler! Oh my God!

It seems that somebody from around here had reported Little Honda weaving wildly along Bear Valley Road. Can you imagine that?

Nothing came of this Sheriff invasion. But after all of these sheriffs and the Lone Wolf lady had gone away, Little iPhone asked, "Hey George! Why didn't you use me to capture a pic of all those sheriffs?"

I missed it! Darn!

9am - Entertainment center
Yesterday, George went to view a DVD movie. "Cool Hand Luke" starring Paul Newman. The sound portion of the video played nicely. The video portion did not play on the TV at all!

Miss Twayler's entertainment center contains a TV which hinges away from the wall and is adjustable to any viewing angle. Also a stereo system with a DVD player and sound controls which allow sound to be heard inside, outside or both.

This morning Mac Air went online and contacted Coachmen, the manufacturer of Miss Twayler's RV. Mac Air sent an email to Coachmen describing what was going on.

We expect a reply very soon.

11:30am - Denny's
Mac Air, Little iPhone and George are at Denny's for breakfast. George is getting coffee, 2-scrambled eggs, 2-Denny's new buttermilk pancakes.
Those pancakes! Yummmmm!! 😎

Learned something that's gonna 
save $MONEY$
The Tioga Team's phone bills, have been out of sight HIGH. It's all data costs.

Yesterday evening, I was over at a Verizon store talking to a sales person. When I mentioned about my out of sight data costs, he offered:

"Sometimes when your Mac is online, and you are not using it, the Mac is communicating with software updates. Apple, could be anything."

He suggested, "Turn off your WiFI when you are not using your Mac."

Wow! That is sooooo simple! 😊

A private poem to an old dear friend

The image below is the handwritten poem for my dear friend. Below this handwritten image, is the same poem typed:

She said......
It is understanding
And truth you want to know.

Let me take you by the hand,
To a place inside your soul.

I died and went to Heaven,
When I arrived upon the scene.

An Angel sat down beside me,
Said her name was Irene....  😍

Mas vale tarde que nunca. Y si?

Important announcement about tomorrow's Blog post:
The first Blog post tomorrow, will expose the story of a fiendish arch criminal villain. This criminal:
  • Contacted Tioga George our fearless Team Leader
  • Went about hoodwinking none other than our Tioga George
  • Used a devilish and twisted plot to get Tioga George's $dough$.
Did this terrible criminal mind succeed? Tune in early tomorrow to find out!



  1. Good luck with the cargo slide. And nothing like having the sheriff chase you down to add a little excitement.

    1. Hi OAT,

      Why your comment: "Good luck with the cargo slide." ??

      If Little iPhone would have captured a pic of all those sheriffs,
      that would have been hilarious!! 😀

      Tioga George

  2. George, With our travel trailer our storage didn't have a pass through, the storage had to access it from the street side. I used 1/8" cord strung through the handles of well fitting totes. I could pull the totes to the storage door using the cord. To load the compartment I would put in a tote and push it back with the next tote, and so on. The totes were stackable making it convenient when removing the totes.

    Let me know if you want more details, I can make a drawing if you would like.

    1. Hi David,

      Thank you for sharing your solution. A whole lot less costly too!

      Tioga George


    2. David's idea sounds great. But if I had that much outside storage room in my RV, I would want the platforms on heavy duty rollers so that I would not have to tug so much to get the containers on the slide in and out. If you think about what car mechanics use, for example, rollered platforms, to roll in and out from underneath a car, two or three of those secured together might work. Then, of course, you have the good old Camping World catalog with all sorts of ideas. Do you have a Camping World within a reasonable distance from your new home? The key here I believe is "ease of removal" by having heavy duty rollers on whatever you decide to buy.


    3. Hi Dee,

      I agree with you 1000%!

      During my first year RVing with MsTioga, one day we were out boondocking in a forest. Maybe in Oregon.

      A week before that boondock, I bought a set of heavy duty 3/4 extension slides at an Ace Hardware Store.

      I mounted a plywood box on the slides after the slides were installed in MsTioga's large storage area. Worked great!

      That box contained all of my work tools up until MsTioga perished in that March 2014 accident.

      Tioga George


  3. I would look for double extension drawer rails, used for kitchen drawers. They come in different sizes and weights, and can be mounted horizontally as well as vertical. Be sure and get ones with built-in ball or roller bearings.

    1. Phil, I like that idea, especially with the built-in ball or roller bearings. That approach is used for the drawers and pantries of kitchens in very high-end recreational vehicles. However, for outside use, the gauge of the metal and bearings would have to be more heavy duty. Where there is a will, there is a way.


  4. For you wifi - now days no matter what web site you go to there always seems to be a video running in the background. be sure to shut them OFF.

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    1. Mister Ed, I do enjoy reading your posts here:)

  6. Oh my. I have no idea about the above post. My son just laid a strip of canvas in the pass through, with about a foot of extra canvas at each end. He loaded his containers and just pulls them out using the canvas.

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  8. Try It's an app that will control your data usage on your Mac. Highly recommend!

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