Friday, September 23, 2016

What's the buzz!

What's the buzz! Tell me what's ah-happenin!

7am - So, do you wanta know?
Nearly all of the stuff in Office Depot packing boxes, is now stored in Twayler's numerous shelves. But that's not the BIG thing!

The BIG thing is that Tioga George came to the realization that Miss Twayler will sometimes be moving. You know? Like down the road.

That means that most of the things that are small in those shelves needs to be contained. And......that means a trip to the Container Store! Yippee! 😀

All of The Team's shopping zealots love browsing the Container Store!
That's the BIG thing!

11am - I don't hardly do politics here!
I am at Denny's for breakfast and there was a newspaper left at my table. So I read it. Back in the middle of the business section, where unimportant stories are, I found the one that I'm writing about here.

This story is about rich people buying citizenship in other countries. Only because they are able to spend the money. But this story is more like an OP-ED, because it referenced another source  [a different newspaper] for the story.
Click [here] to read that story. But come back here afterwards, to finish reading what I wrote below.

I hardly ever wax political here. But I could not help myself this morning. This story is mostly about other countries. Not, the United States of America. But I am focusing only on the USA, because this, my own country, has so screwed up everything. Our government has squashed the chicken that laid the Golden Egg.

Here is what I believe what happened:
Back after World War 2, Americans were at the top of the heap. Unionized truckers, were like the upper middle class [where they should be-those hardworking guys!]. Up, up, up the truckers went in wages. Air traffic controllers not far behind.

This went on until that Ronald Reagan became president. Reagan busted up the air traffic controller's union. Truckers and air traffic unions were unable to put up a struggle that worked against a combination of industry + government! Who could?

What Reagan and the USA government could NOT comprehend, was that labor was the Golden Egg of the USA. They believed that the rich, powerful, corporations and government was the Golden Egg. Incredibly, these groups still believe that nonesense. [Proof that just because you have tons of dollars, usually has absolutely NO connection for having sense. An entity may have brains beyond belief, and have the common sense of a wood log!

Well, here is what happened [I could write "what I believed happened." But that would not be accurate. Because I "know" what I write actually happened. As Johnny Cash wrote, "I was there, and I guess I oughta know." Too bad there are others who were ALSO there, BUT do not have a clue!

It is absolutely essential to the welfare of ANY state, that the people are at the very tippy top of the heap. The reason for this is that the people do what is in THEIR best interests!! If some other entity [ie; wealthy, government] comes to the top,  we the people are then on a slippery slope. And, as the farther we the people descend that slippery slope, the more the jerks at the top take. This always been the same. Since the beginning of humankind.

You see, when we the people are on top, we share. The rich, powerful, the government, they just want more! Always more! The end result of all this more for the few is, nobody is left to profit from all work to be done. We the people go down, down, down under these circumstances. Paying less and less taxes. Renting cheaper and cheaper homes, apartments. Buying on the cheap at Wal*Mart.

About China, and other low wage countries doing the labor that used to be done in the USA, by We The People."

I have nothing against low wage countries competing against We The People! But what actually happened was NOT competition. It was legislation and mindless greed and ignorance that gutted labor in our country. Shipping our invaluable resource, the labor of We The People's jobs out of country!

Do you understand what is going to be the result of all of this stuff? The United States of America, and all that was built up since our Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776, will be absolutely decimated as an economic entity. It is IMPOSSIBLE now, to stop this from being our destiny. It's too, too late.

We had a good chance back, until the greed of big banks caused them to fail after the gigantic mortgage loan crises. Even that crises did not do our entire country in. But that crises together with the purchase by those same banks of unfunded credit default swaps [perhaps 100 trillion $dollars$ of these swaps] that sent the entire country on a one-way street to bankruptcy!

But even then, We The People could have come out OK. Might have taken a hundred years. But still possible.

But, when the government [Uncontrolled Federal Reserve] saved those failed banks, that did the trick! They sold the "TOO BIG TO FAIL" lie. Same like the "Domino Theory" lie of Korean War times.

There is just no way back now. It would take a real intervention of the Lord God Almighty appearing here on Earth and walking among His people. Maybe that may happen? How could I ever know that?

Could us all praying, do it? Hmmmmm?

Please forgive my rant. It just came out. It was there inside me, much too  long.

7pm - Photo outtakes
During today, we had a Team Meeting. Everybody was there!
  • Miss Twayler
  • Mr. Dometic
  • Little iPhone
  • 5 Joy [Our newest team member. Instant pop up 4-person tent]
  • La-Z-Boy our fabulous recliner [electric powered!!]
I might have forgotten somebody. I hope I didn't hurt their feelings if I did. Oh, I almost forgot. Tioga George [That's me 😎].

If you feel that these photo outtakes are difficult to understand. Never fear. They are difficult. That's a good reason to comment your concerns and questions in our Blog Comments!

PS: We all still include MsTioga on The Team. She has departed. But that's OK. MsTioga will be forever in our hearts. Even in the hearts of those newest team members who were not around when MsTioga was here.

Of course, even those newest team members had heard the stories. Almost mystical though they are now. So long ago. One story in particular. This happened during our first year, on-the-road. Actually, the very first month. The very first week, come to remember!

Of how the mighty MsTioga, youngster, unafraid, braved the wilds of the Sierra Nevada. Carrying the entire Team to the Town of Arnold! Terrible Mr. Delorme knew that he was bringing danger and possible death to The Team. But did he care! No!

Well, that Mr. Delorme GPS is a story that may read about yourself!  Just click [here] to be whisked back into the yesteryear. Thru space as if by magic. Read about what happened for yourself. When MsTioga ruled the entire known RV world. Those were, such special times......





10pm - Late contest note!
There are only two members of The Team, still not asleep.
Tioga G and La-Z-Boy. Those two may not be completely mortal because they both need hardly any sleep. Anyway, there's talk around wondering?!

It was La-Z-Boy who dreamed up the contest. Tioga G heard the idea and thought it was a great idea! So, by themselves, the two of them declared a quorum. And, now we have a contest. Man!

Here is what it is. Underneath each Outtake pic above, is a letter [ie; A, B, C, etc. If you want to enter this contest, just guess what the pic with a letter is about. Easy, huh?

Example: Make a comment and write, "I think Pic 'A' on February 7th is George Washington kissing Martha [This is just an example]. If you are correct, you may win something valuable. Like a one hour snooze at the time of your choice in the most comfortable recliner the World has ever seen! Our very own, La-Z-Boy.

Disclaimer: Don't they always have one of these? Hmmmm? Ours is, you must be over 2-years old and less than 120 years + 7 months + 9.44 days.

PS: If your guess today is about Pic 'G', you must name the city in question!
[Sorry, La-Z-Boy makes the rules here. After all, he made up this madness!]



  1. Secure you stuff for moving down the road, a good thing.
    Enjoy the container store.

    1. Hi OAT,

      I'll be taking you with! So, we will BOTH enjoy!

      Tioga George


    2. George, don't forget the bungee cords (to prevent cabinet doors and drawers from swinging open in transit) and styrofoam "swim noodles" from Wal-Mart to wedge inside cabinets to keep your stuff in place while in transit.


    3. Ohhhh! Dee!

      I did forget! Thank you sooooo much!

      Tioga George


  2. When you have wheels under your house you can roll anytime you have the inclination.

    1. Hi Sheila,

      That is sooooo true!

      Except for me, that is. Because I have little talent as a Motor Home driver. And even less as a trailer towing driver.

      I can do it though. Hire a tow driver with a truck.

      Tioga George


  3. Re: Rant
    I believe in the most basic form it is the personal greed of each one of us.

    For example, many say that Wal-Mart has ruined our small businesses and shops, but Wal-Mart can't make anyone shop at their stores. 'We' shop at Wal-Mart for the lower prices, although most of the time it is also lower quality. If it is something 'we' really care about we'll go to the Apple store, a local bicycle store, or camera store. Even then most likely the phone, bicycle, cameras, etc are not made in the USA.

    But in the end it is 'us' that control the stores we have (not Wal-Mart, Costco, or K-mart, etc). As we control what jobs we have, if we bought American made products there would be American jobs that go with them.

    Pardon my rant please.

    1. Well if you go to an Apple store for higher quality you are easily fooled.

    2. Well if you go to an Apple store for higher quality you are easily fooled.

  4. David h hit it on the head. Retirees need to remember that their investments in mutual funds come from things like Walmart, big oil, minimum wage earners. So like David said, we are the ones who in the end make the decision when we eat at a fast food restaurant, buy foreign products, and shop at big box stores. Although I have to say, that if congress would just allow a cost of living increase based on inflation every year, minimum wage would be way above $15 an hour. Think about it next time you want cheap and go to Walmart, Costco and MacDonald's.

  5. This is why Television shows like Mr.Robot are gaining such popularity with the Millennials and younger generation. Basically doing a reset on all banks and financial institutions on all the debt they hold. Hackers destroying all financial records. For those of us that have some assets we are living on, not a good scenario, but for the majority of the population having a negative net worth, it's a good deal.
    There is a revolution coming folks, the working poor and minorities will eventually revolt, and it won't be pretty.
    Sorry for the doom & gloom.

  6. Of course people go to the store seeking the best prices that isn't the issue. Those lower prices are the result of slave wages in very poor countries and no wages paid here in the US. But there are still enormous profits gained by Walmart and others. Trouble is those profits only go to one family. The Walton children are worth 30 billion dollars each for doing nothing while millions of other Americans struggle to feed their families. Sam Wlatons children would do just fine with maybe just one billion dollars each for doing nothing.

  7. I worked for the inspector generals office and we knew about the mortgage faud i.e. strawbuyers, collusions between bank, appraisers, real estate all the way down....we reported time and time again to congress but would they listen...NO!!! They ignored our recommendations a pleas...& we just shook our heads when they started the bail outs i.e. banks, auto industries, mortgage lenders...what a scam!!! Look what's happening now in N. Dakoda, Illinois and other states protesting the standing rock oil pipeline...big oil industries muscling their way to pipe that oil right under the rivers, lakes and other bodies of clean water. The government will do nothing to keep our environment clean & lets industries pollute it until it's so toxic people are dying from it...what a sham!!! You are right George, we will go down in flames just like the Romans...especially if we elect someone like Trump...he is a scoundrel, cheat, liar.

    1. Oops! I thought you were talking about Bill Clinton there for a minute, but he's not running for President...just his lovely wife Hillary. My bad. Sorry but I don't politicians...any of them.

    2. Correction: I don't trust politicians. None of them.

  8. Truer words could have never been written... "people do what is in THEIR best interests"

    Safe travels down the road...

  9. Didn't take long for that sleeping bag to go on the toilet

  10. Everybody wants to know....what's in it for me?

  11. I dont blame Ronald Reagan, either of the Bushs', Bill Clinton or anyone else except the American people. The one thing that both major political parties have in common is that they support having millions of people in the USA living in or near poverty, so the rest of us can live a comfortable life. The parties do that by supporting virtually unlimited immigration. This is not a knock of the people who come here illegally, but simply that the number of people who do it have created such an oversupply of unskilled and low skilled labor, that the laws of supply and demand dictate that the price of labor will decline, and it has. One of the examples I use is the packing house industry, in that, had wages in that industry had kept up with inflation since the mid to late 60s, packing house workers would be making about $25.00 per hour instead of about half that amount. As I said earlier, since both parties support this illegal immigration, nothing is likely to change anytime soon.