Sunday, October 23, 2016

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Blogging On The Run

12 Midnite - When Scampy and George are out camping in the wilds, they will not have any internet connection. But, they both want to make Blog posts! How will they do that?

The plan is, to use Apple Notes to prepare and write the Blog text. Little iPhone will continue to take pics.

We will only be out in the wilds camping for two days. When we return home to Miss Twayler, we will copy/paste from Notes to our Blog posts using the actual date we were out camping.

This Blog post that we are posting right now was written using Notes at 12 Midnite, October 23rd. As a test, we are publishing this post at 2am, and back-dating it for 12 Midnite.

Let's see now.  How did that Test Blog post turned out?

NOTE: The Test Blog post turned out fine! Dated OK too. We deleted Test Blog right after checking it out.

9:45am - Using AT&T to publish our Blog
We just remembered! We may also use data from our AT&T account to publish our Blog when we are camping in the wilds!

We do not have very much data with AT&T. But, if we write our Blog text offline using Apple Notes, then copy/paste into Blogger, we likely will not use hardly any of that AT&T data!

11am - Jensen stereo and Little iPhone
Yesterday afternoon, we were messing around Jensen Stereo in our Entertainment Center [It's called "Entertainment Center" at the Bobby Combs RV Center where we found Miss Twayler. That name sounds sooooo large!].

That's when we noticed a "Bluetooth" button on Jensen. Would it be possible to send the music on Little iPhone thru Jenson's sound system? When we turned on iPhone's Bluetooth, out it came. Beautiful songs from the movie, "Boyhood". 

We especially like the song, "Hero" from the Boyhood movie. 

Click [here] to see and hear this music video.

Note: Since then, we have played "Hero" a zillion times!

5:30pm - First rain of the season
Several things worthy of mention happened today. First, Baby Boid and George spent time in the bathroom together. This together in the bathroom thing is becoming an everyday happening for Boid and George. It's necessary to do this until Boid becomes understanding of what is expected of him.

Boid is not afraid at all in going in and out of his cage. He does need to get more familiar with the process. Because at this point, Boid really does not grasp how to exit and enter his cage. All in good time!

We worked a bit on the assembly of the wood supports for the steel full extension slides. The plan was for iPhone to take pics to show you what is going on. However, a sudden rain shower had us hurriedly putting all our stuff away and going inside Twayler where it is dry and warm.

7:30pm - In the rain
It has always been a joy for me to camp out in the rain. I first became aware of that joy when I reached about 30 years. My family had a heavy canvas tent. The four of us went camping in that tent. To Sequoia National Park. And other forest places in Southern California.

I recall clearly, the sound of raindrops on my tent. I just lay there in my sleeping bag. Listening to those rain drops. That sound brought to me a feeling of comfort. And safety.

It is the same this evening. Inside Miss Twayler. The raindrops on the roof. The warmth and safety of being inside. Oh my!



  1. Good song but kind of a sad video. Glad to see you are getting your camping and rving all in order.

    1. Hi LBM,

      I have not viewed the "Boyhood" movie. Ordered a DVD from Target. Should arrive in a week. Bought the DVD because of the music.

      Tomorrow is "pickup day" for Scampy! Really looking forward to that! 😍

      Tioga George


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