Saturday, October 22, 2016


Convert Closet To Storage Space

7am - When we first moved into Twayler. the two bedroom closets were where we hung clothes. Since those closets were sooooo small, most of the clothes were in piles on the bed.

We bought a round piece of wood that is perfect for hanging clothes. That round wood is now installed near the ceiling in the bedroom. All of our clothes are hanging there now.

When the two closets were emptied of clothing, the depth of those closets surprised us. 32" deep!

We are planning to convert these two closets to a storage space with perhaps three shelves in each closet.

12 Noon - Boid and George
Guess who is outside with his cage suspended from a pine tree limb? Why it's Baby Boid!

Reader Nancy1340 commented that Boid would like it there! When Boid read that comment, he wanted to go up in the pine tree sooooo bad! How could we refuse?

Who loves Baby Boid?

2pm - Thinking about absolutes
On Friday, October 14th, my 11:30am Blog post stirred up a hornet's nest of controversy.

I prefaced that post with this statement:
"Dear Reader:
The things listed below, are NOT rules that MUST be followed."

However, despite this "Dear Reader" disclaimer, several comments latched on to one of my examples, and may have interpreted that example about "breaking promises" as the point of that post.


What that post is about, is my desire to share my life with you. And in that post, my point is:
To get absolutes out of my thinking and out of my life.
What are absolutes?
Absolutes may be things that are taught to us by, Mothers, Fathers, teachers, religious leaders. They are stuff that influences and directs our life. They become toxic, when the absolute MUST be followed despite anything. Despite all reason.

How do I get absolutes out of my life?
Before I do anything, I examine that thing by asking myself:
  • Is this what I really want to do?
  • Do I really know why I want to do this?
An example which I followed all of my life. But stopped recently:
****I was taught that I must finish all of the food in my plate.****

I was able to turn away from the food in my plate by asking myself one question!
George, "Are you hungry?"

Since I began asking myself that question, my body weight has gone from around 190 lbs to 165 lbs. That was only within the last year!

NOTE: I am not bragging by sharing this example. I am sharing.

10pm - My best time!
This afternoon I dropped into Lone Wolf's office to get my mail. Sissy, the office manager, was sorting mail that had been delivered for tenants, into a case.

I mentioned, "I used to do that for a living. 1959 to 1963. I was a Los
Angeles city postal clerk, and distributed mail just as you are doing now. In a case similar to your case. But I worked a whole lot faster!"

Sissy looked a bit perturbed, and asked me, "Are you complaining?" "No!", I answered. "I didn't say that right. I worked faster because there was a supervisor walking up and down the aisles."

I added, "I have nothing to complain about. Anyway, this the best time of my life! Right now!"

Sissy gave me a big smile. "That's wonderful, George. I hardly hear anything but complaints about how bad things are."

It is my best time!
As I drove away from that office, what just happened was rolling around in my brain. Was that true, what I explained to Sissy? Is this my best time?

Sorting thru the times of my life, and comparing them to now, I knew that it was true! I just never did the math before.

This is the best time of my whole life! Good to know. Amazing miracle for me! That little chat with Sissy.

This guy's best time!



  1. Replies
    1. Hi OAT,

      I love to do woodworking projects! In 1966, I got a job as an apprentice cabinetmaker. I had 60 years then. Couldn't get enough of woodworking. Still that way 😍.

      Tioga George


  2. That looks like a great idea, and gives you a lot more storage. :)

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Thank you sooooo much for your very good compliment!

      Tioga George


  3. Replies
    1. My, my, my Andrew.

      You make big joke? Huh, Tovarish?

      Tioga George


    2. Huh? No Im serious, when my wife and I lived in a camper we found that rolling our clothes seemed to be a better way of storing them. I ALWAYS roll them when packing for a trip. Fold a T-shirt in half, then a pair of jeans and roll them tight like a sleeping bag and be amazed how little space is taken up..they can even be put together as an outfit and rolled as one

    3. I beg your forgiveness, Andrew. I am sorry for jumping to a conclusion about your comment. I concluded that your comment was a kind of humor.

      So you like to roll your clothes? I enjoy seeing my clothes hanging. Yes, the T-shirts on hangers as well.

      Tioga George


  4. Hi, George. We had the same situation re closets on two class c's and a trailer. In all three instances, I found sets of stacking plastic drawers that just fit inside the "closets". For us, those drawers were much better than shelves because they pulled out to give easier access. Worked great for clothes that didn't hang, Since we can no longer travel, I have found good use for all those drawers here.

    1. Hi RnR,

      Thank you sooooo much for sharing!

      Tioga George


  5. Glad Boid liked my suggestion. ;-)

    1. Nancy, wouldn't you like to tell Boid how you feel?

      Here's Little Boid's email address:

      Tioga George