Friday, October 21, 2016

Dish Network

50GB Dish Net Data 2am to 8am

5am - It's amazing how much data we use doing ordinary things. For example, often doing nothing uses data like crazy! That's because, if MacAir or iPhone are connected to Dish Network, there are background services that may use data. An update, for example.

So, we have taken on this challenge by simply turning off the Dish Network connection to MacAir and iPhone.

However, as the title to this 5:30am Blog post indicates, we have 50GB of data per month for use only during the time period of 2am to 8am. That's how we are connected to the net right now.

5:30am - Little Boid predicts
We don't really believe that Baby Boid actually has an IQ of 177 as was stated in yesterday's 9pm Blog post. But he is a really smart boid!

Boid predicted that the TiogaRV Team would be squared away by the end of today. That seems to be a very good call.

There are only two items to be done to get to squared away condition:
  1. Complete installation of the 2nd full extension drawer
  2. Install shelves into the two bedroom closets
1st Full Extension Drawer
A close examination of the slide hardware yesterday evening, turned up that we may have installed those slides incorrectly in the first drawer. This will require disassembly of that drawer.

However, this will not be a big job. Because in all this drawer work that we have been up to lately, we've figured out how to do this stuff easily.

5:15pm - Did Boid's prediction come true?
Did George complete the 2nd drawer? Did he? Did he?  And is the TiogaRV Team squared away?

Not even close!


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