Thursday, October 20, 2016

Getting square

Slowly Getting Squared Away!

1am - It's taking a lot longer to get everything squared away with Miss Twayler, than was anticipated. The main reason that it is taking sooooo long, is George does not actually get his engine going until around noon time!

Even George himself doesn't understand what this "noon" thing is all about! But it's there, nevertheless.

Take what happened today, for example. A project for closing Twayler's screen door that was begun on October 9th was finally completed yesterday, October 19th.

Screen Door Closing Project
First this project had to be designed. We planned to use an ordinary pneumatic screen door closer.  That closer did not have enough movement. So we upgraded to a more expensive pneumatic closer. We did not like the way that one moved the screen door either, because the screen door did not open complelely. So, two days later we installed a regular ordinary cheap screen door spring.

That spring worked good! But at that point came an engineering change. We wanted to have the screen door closer, also close the main outside door. In order to do that, we decided on a magnetic door catch.

On October 13th we found a perfect magnetic door catch on Amazon. This magnetic catch had a 40 lb pull! We ordered it. However, before that magnetic catch arrived, another engineering change required a 2nd magnetic catch which was ordered from Amazon on October 16th.

This first catch, held the entrance door to the screen door. And when these two were magnetically attached, the screen door spring closed both of them. But the door spring did not close the doors completely. They were slightly ajar, allowing flies to enter. That's the reason that a second magnetic catch was ordered from Amazon. To close the door(s) completely.

The first magnetic catch was easily installed. But the 2nd magnetic catch required some figuring, in order to install. Just yesterday, George figured how to install that 2nd catch. That installation required the purchase of a hand saw and a piece of wood. [See pic below]

The "Screen Door Closing Project" was fially completed yesterday afternoon. October 19th. Nine days after this project began!

See what I mean? All George's projects go like this. They take longer than we believe that they should take to complete!

Things take longer as we age
Yes, it is my personal experience that, I slowed down as I got older. I don't know why? But, I am positive that this is true. At least for me it is.

Perhaps this slowing down comes about because the urgency to get stuff done seems to greatly diminish the older I got.

Misplaced Stuff
Another thing that causes things to go slower, is misplaced stuff. I do not know the "why" of Misplaced Stuff? All I know is, that for some reason, where I place many things is not recorded in my memory. When this happens, I either just forget that thing until it just shows up. Or, I go around trying to locate it. Which of course, takes time!

This 2nd catch, keeps the door(s) from being ajar

9:30am - Today's project
To make a "To Buy" list of the wood needed to make the engineering change for the second full extension slide out drawer.

You may recall, that a change is necessary because the slide hardware is too long to fit in the pass thru storage area, back to back. This change will allow the slide hardware for the 2nd drawer, to go "above" the hardware for the 1st drawer.

Sounds complicated? I hope to take pics showing what is going on so that you may understand. 

5pm - Assembling 2nd slide out drawer
This afternoon at Home Depot, we came across a Black & Decker jig saw priced at $26!! ¿How could we resist that price?

Because of now owning that jig saw, we were able to cut down the re-engineered 2nd drawer that we Blogged to you about this morning right here in Twayler's front yard. Wow! We love that 😍!

Baby Boid watches as George assembles the 2nd slide out drawer

9pm - Little Boid predicts!
We know that you will find this impossible to believe. But, Little Boid turns out to have a super genius IQ! 177 is Little Boid's actual IQ.

And, Little Boid has come out with this prediction:
The TiogaRV Team will be squared away by tomorrow afternoon!

Could Little Boid be wrong? Tioga George says:
"I am with Little Boid's prediction. Boid is a super genius!"

George says, "Little Boid is 100% right."



  1. "All I know is, that for some reason, where I place many things is not recorded in my memory."
    Ditto. Simply a part of the normal aging process. Long term memories are firmly fixed. Not so with short term ones.
    It annoys me to no end when I'm working on a project to set a tool down for a minute, or so, then can't find the tool when I need it again.

    Such is life.

    1. Hi Ed,

      Nice to learn that I'm not alone in this thing! 😎

      After I decided NOT to be upset by misplaced stuff anymore, I became a much calmer me!

      Tioga George


    2. I was gonna comment but I forgot what I was going to say... :-)

  2. My father has started to take pictures with his smartphone camera of things to help his memory..... Parking your car at a mall, take a picture of the location.... Putting something away, take a picture ... Need to buy things to fit something, take a picture with a measuring tape of the dimensions.

    Then, after the picture pays off, you simply delete it.

    I have started doing this, as well and it has paid off many times....

    Also, we use "WhatsApp" messenger to record things like this for memory retention, as well. I like this app because you can put text and pictures in the same "note" and it even syncs across devices. My wife and I use it for all sorts of things.....

    Use technology to help with your memory. I think that just writing stuff down or typing into a note on your device helps. Kind of like taking notes for the future.

    1. Hi Monica and Kent,

      Interesting solution to the "Lost Car" thing!

      I just received a TrackR Bravo device. This locates by GPS. All that I do, is leave a TrackR in my car. Then find my car with an iPhone TrackR app.

      Click [here] to go to TrackR website.

      Tioga George


  3. Forgetting where your car keys are is normal, especially with age. Forgetting you have a car that's kinda bad, ha.

    1. Hi David,

      I now have two ways to locate Little Honda in a parking lot.

      1. Car Finder an App by:

      2. The tracking device that I wrote above by TrackR.

      Tioga George


  4. Looks from your final photo that your bird cage is set on something smaller than the base of the cage. Probably not a good idea.

    1. Hi UK,

      It's actually about the same size. HOWEVER, you make an excellent point!

      Thank you,
      Tioga George


  5. You need to figure out a way to hang your parakeet in the tree. That way he'll feel more like he's a free bird and is really flying.

    1. Hi Nancy,

      Yes! That would be sooooo easy for me to do! 😀

      BTW, Little Boid had his 2nd session with me out of his cage. Little Boid likes to land on the hair of my head. Also, he does not show any fear of my hand. Very unusual!

      Tioga George