Friday, October 14, 2016

New User

Takes Time To Learn

A new user will find that it takes time to understand how to use a purchased electronic device. Doesn't matter how many years you have under your belt with electronic stuff. A new user must just go at learning until how to use, is figured out.

With the Dish Network that was installed yesterday, came a MODEM and router. The router could inform who is on the network, but not authorized. 

In order to find out that "who" the router must be registered. The directions were, go online and complete a registration. This is the simplest of things. No learning curve here, right?

Wrong! Gonna need help from Doug The Cable Guy.

Download router app 
The reason for doing that registration was, the downloaded router app would would not work. 

  • Wanted to find out who may be using the new network
  • Downloaded router app which tells who
  • Unable to register the app. Sign in button would not work.
  • Use Mac Air to go online to Router Manufacturer's site to get info
  • Router manufacturer's website requires registration first, to get info
  • Registration requires a purchase invoice to be uploaded
  • We have no purchase invoice yet
That's how our learning curve went for finding out if an unauthorized person is using our new network. Stopped by not having a purchase invoice.

Gotta love it!

8am - Phoned Jojoba office
We went on the waiting list for membership at the Jojoba Hills Escapee Park on September 15th. Our list number on that day was: #34.

We just phoned to find out our present number. We are now, #31. In one month, we moved from #34 to #31!


11:30am - Sharing a lifetime of learning

Dear Reader:
The things listed below, are NOT rules that MUST be followed.

For a pleasant, easy and calm life:
  • There are very few things that must be done immediately.
  • Most things, do not have to be done immediately, or at all.
  • There are no appointments that must be kept.
  • Don't rush to avoid being late. Just reschedule.
  • A promise does not have to be kept. Just say, "I changed my mind!"
  • If something that you are doing is difficult, harassing, or a pain in the ass, stop doing it.
  • If you feel tired, stop whatever you are doing and rest.
  • If somebody is difficult to deal with, stop dealing with that person.
  • If you drop something, it is not necessary to pick it up immediately.
There are a lot more of these things. You DO NOT need us to know them. Just make them up for yourself.

All you need, is to be extremely sensitive to what is good for you. What is NOT good for you. We Tiogans always ask ourselves before we do something: 

"Is this something that I really want do? Want to do right now?"

1:30pm - Slide Drawer Adjustments
The front of the drawer was too close to the outside storage compartment door. A drawer handle would not fit. The drawer is being moved backward about 1".

George doing a little woodworking

15:45pm - Boid loves Pandora's Johnny Cash
Everyday, Boid asks to go outside. He goes nutsy Boid'll out there. Boid flirts with the Lady Hummers when they fly by to sip our sweet nectar.

Boid often requests us to play the Johnny Cash station on Pandora Radio. Boid is a lover of country music. He goes crazy for Jerry Reed's, "East Bound and Down."

Baby Boid loves music!

ds .


  1. This old lady is not tech savvy so, so she always have them 'test' the equipment to make sure it's connected correctly and working. Most places a telephone is all is needed to register the product. Notice no 'I' :-)

    1. Hi Rita,

      No "I" is very, very good!

      There are a huge amount of good companies trying to be excellent to their customers.

      Some BIG companies have forgotten what customer service means.

      Try calling Verizon Customer Support: 1 (800) 837-4966

      Tioga George


    2. Weirdly enough, (sorry about the I) I have awesome good luck with Verizon's customer service phone support. They've been wonderful. Going into a store is a totally different story. Most of their staff seem to always be having a bad hair day.

  2. George, there must be a place in the setup menu to put in a password requirement before someone can sign on. Write the password on a sticker and stick it on the router so it can't be lost. Once your computer has signed on for the first time, it will remember the password and will never ask for it again.

    1. Hi Croft,

      LastPass is what I use to store UserNames, passwords and anything else connected with a company that I use.

      Very user friendly. And, you can begin free with LastPass!

      Tioga George


  3. Good luck with getting things up and running, soon you will be moving again !

    1. Hi OAT,

      The plan is, to go out often on camping trips. Maybe even Yosemite Park, Kings Canyon. But at first, nearby forest camping trips.

      Tioga George


  4. I you haven't already moved your drawers, you could use a scroll saw and cut out an oval hole to use to pull out the drawers.

    1. Hi Hotel,

      Thank you!

      That's what I did with the 3/4 extension drawer in MsTioga. But this time, I don't know why? But I wanted a drawer handle.

      Tioga George


  5. "A promise does not have to be kept. Just say, "I changed my mind!""

    Sorry; can't agree here. A persons word is good or it is not.
    If you strike a deal and shake on it, nothing else should be required. No written contract, no lawyer. Just your word.

    1. Hi Ed, Carol and Gopher,

      I believe that I understand your taking exception to this promise thing.

      How about this promise:
      "I take you for my lawful spouse, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part."

      Tioga George


    2. 53 years married. My word is good!!!

  6. Nothing else on your list bothered me except 'the promise' thing. I agree with Ed and Carol.
    Better to change it to - Learn not to make promises unless I will keep them. Otherwise I'll say that I plan to do _____.

    1. Hi David,

      Whatta you feel about my example promise that I presented to Ed and Carol.

      Ed, it has been my personal and observational experience, that persons who are flexible are best served.

      What that means is, that a promise is often made under certain conditions. The passing of time, the actions of those to whom a promisee was made, are often changing to those conditions.

      To remain inflexible, when stuff like these changes occur? What kind of person would do that?

      Another, much lighter example:
      "Let's meet for lunch at the Brown Derby at 1pm." "OK, I'll be there!"

      But the night before that lunch date, you cannot get to sleep. You are sooooo sleepy for the drive to Brown Derby.

      Tioga George

    2. So George. If you lend me $10 with the understanding that I pay you back next payday, then payday comes and goes and I say "Tough, George. I changed my mind. I'm not paying you back because I needed more beer".
      You have no problem with that?

    3. First I don't consider lunch plans a promise unless you've stated, I promise I will meet you for lunch. It is just a plan.

      To me a promise is in effect a contract. In your marriage example that too is a contract, as with all contracts if the other party breaches then you are no longer bound by the contract.

      I struggle with the marriage contract, I think it is unfair to ask this those that haven't been raked over the coals of an unfair contract to understand what they are signing up for. Especially between the ages of say 17 to 25.

      I suppose that is why society has come to treat it as a plan and not a contract where either party can walk away at will.

      In my case I not only made a promise to my wife but also to God. It would be simple to be married and living apart, I too wish to live the vagabond lifestyle. My wife is okay with that as long as we can plug in each night. To complicate things my wife had a stroke ~10 years ago and needs help with daily activities (toilet, dressing, getting in and out of our motor home, etc). And after the death of her father she wants to be available to her mother, so we've been in the same town for almost all of our 5+ years of full-timing.

      At the beginning of this month it is 45 years and counting. We've raised 5 children (2 natural), in almost 18 years we were foster parents to over 100 children, worked in our church, volunteered and were a foster home for animal rescue, I served 10 years (7 while married) in the military, and other things. Our desired paths have been diverting but we aren't free to choose another plan because of the her needs.

      I am here and dealing with it, sometimes successfully.

    4. You are a good husband David H!

  7. You can tell the character of a man that doesn't keep his promises.

  8. Hi All,

    Did I hit a raw nerve here? Sorry! Really. Didn't intend to offend you.

    Please understand. That what I wrote in my 11:30am Blog post was my opinion.

    Tioga George