Friday, October 28, 2016

Over Nite Camping

Before We Go Camping

12 Midnite - First off, we have ordered everything on Scampy's want list. Nothing has been received yet. We want to go sooooo badly! However, there is one thing that we must have, before we go on an over nite. And that is our: 

Olympian Wave 3 Catalytic Heater 

Because we are not going to be cold when it is time to sleep! 😫

4:20am - Notice from FedEX
About Scampy's Wave 3 heater.

On vehicle for delivery!

11am - Stubborn Dude!
Sometimes, I am very stubborn! Google has a routine named "AutoFill." Using AutoFill allows the filling in of stuff like:
  • Credit card information
  • Address information
However, there may be a bug for users. Old information, that is no longer used by AutoFill, remains on the list. Cannot be deleted.

I stayed on my MacAir for three hours, attempting to find how to delete this stuff. It does not even affect my using AutoFill. I wanted to "Clean Up" AutoFill's listing of these addresses and credit cards. Stubborn George! 😡

11:30am - Eating better
About the time of our arrival in Apple Valley, I began a diet change. Before, I hardly ate fruits or vegetables. Still don't like/eat fruits. But vegetables, I like!

Not fresh. Sautéed lightly. Garlic added! Love that.

Breakfast this morning!

1pm - Afternoon Camped
We have made a Camp in Apple Valley's "Horsemen's Center Park." We drove out here, southwest of Lone Wolf, because it is such a joy to be doing this.

Outside, the wind is gusting. But inside Scampy, things are sooooo comfortable. The wind barely moves Scampy at all! And Scampy does NOT have the stabilizer jacks down.

Elevation: 3,020 feet

4pm - Wave 3 heater delivered
We figured that when the Wave 3 got here, we would be off on our first Nite Camp. Nope!

The Wave 3 needs to be provided with a flexible propane hose connector, which did not come with the heater. When we bought our Weber Grill, it came with a connector for a propane bottle.

The Wave 3 did not arrive with legs. So, we are thinking that the Wave 3 should be attached to Scampy's interior wall, in such a way that Scampy's wall is not messed up.

PS: 8:30pm- Now we are thinking that the Wave 3 should be hanging from a bracket hooked over a cabinet door. No wall damage this way.

10pm - Baking cookies
I bought a Food Network Magazine publication, titled,
"Chocolate Lover's Cookbook" 

I love to bake! My first batch will be, "Oatmeal-Chocolate Chip Cookies" with drizzled chocolate!



  1. Nice to be camping again I just know you will have more fun, enjoy....

    1. Hi OAT,

      Yes! VERY nice to be camping again

      I bet that you are right about "more fun."

      Tioga George


  2. Hi George....Didn't you have a Wave 6 previously? I have 6 but maybe 3 is enough for Scampy. I know I had to have a quick release attachment connected to propane line. Does Scampy already have that? In my old (73) Lazy Daze I installed a Wave 3 on a cabinet door so I could sort of aim it. Of course there was a gas line behind the door. At any rate have a great time

    1. Hi Bill,

      Yes about the Wave 6. After about 10-years, I replaced it with a Wave 3, which was enough for MsTioga.

      In MsTioga there was a quick disconnect propane fitting. Worked great.

      Good time? Absolutely! 😎

      Tioga George


  3. When I had my Wave3 installed in The Palms, I didn't have a good place to attach it a wall, so it has legs and a quick disconnect hose that connects to the wall under the fridge, near the floor. That turned out to be a good idea, because I can disconnect it from the wall and store it in a closet when the season is warm, then when things cool off for a while, I bring it back out. AND, I can move it around, too. They are the best heaters! I bought mine when I read about them in your posts, lots of years ago! :)

  4. Great to see you are "on the road" again. Like that we can see where you have camped but how do you do that link?

  5. George - Is your auto fill controlled by your browser? Mine is set up that way.