Monday, November 14, 2016


Boid and George

5am - Boid and I are pals. At this point however, Boid is a very cautious pal. Because I've been with Budgies off and on since I had 13 years, I see in Boid's mannerisms, where he is on his path to becoming really close with me.

The clues are clear in where Boid flies when he is free outside his cage. If he lands close to me, that's a clue. If he makes certain sounds while looking at me, that's a clue.

Boid is a type of bird that is naturally very curious. And his kind craves relationships. When no other Budgie bird is around, he will crave a relationship with me and will be very curious about what I do. One day, when the time is right, Boid will land on me and explore.

After that day, Boid will know that he no longer has to be cautious with me. I have to be very patient with Boid until that day arrives.

Boid flirting around with George

7pm - Camped next to Horsemen’s Park
Scampy and George decided late this afternoon to return to the big vacant piece of land next to Horsemen’s Park for an overnite camp.

You may recall that the first time we tried to camp here went not so good. Because some essential stuff was not taken with us. Like, MacAir! Would you believe!?

Anyway, we are here. And we like how this camp feels. 

It is dark now. Baby Boid appears to be pretty sleepy. So we will put his cage cover on.

Boid likes to have his cover on when he goes to sleep. Boid's cage rests on the stove top. Boid like it there. Gives him a view of Scampy's interior. [As if anyplace inside Scampy would not be a good view of the interior!]

Honda and Scampy near Horsemen's Park

8pm - Perfect Scampy blanket
Do you recall our tent camping disaster near the mountain town of Wrightwood, California? One of the things bought for tent camping, was a 5℉ sleeping bag. Since there was NO tent camping in my future, I had nearly thrown away that bag.

I’m really happy that I kept that sleeping bag. Because it turned out to be perfect for sleeping inside Scampy.

8:30pm - Good time camping
This time, we have everything needed for a good over nite camping experience with Scampy. Several false starts. But this time we did it right!

We use our iPhone’s Personal Hot Spot from AT&T to upload this Blog post. But the text is prepared offline using Apple Notes. All that is necessary, is to copy/paste this text into Blogger, then format the text with the colors and text fonts that I like.

9pm - Changing from AT&T to Cricket
Just this afternoon, we hooked up with Cricket Wireless to do a change-over from AT&T. There is a substantial cost saving with this change-over. I’ll let you know about my savings when all this Cricket stuff goes down!



  1. have fun with Boid as the relationship grows.

    1. Hi OAT,

      Boid is a good time even now.

      For example, when we go traveling somewhere in the Honda. Boid goes as high as he is able in the cage. He loves to look around. Boid is sooooo curious!

      Tioga George


  2. your other boid use to sit on top of your head as you blogged and ate at the same table with you.

    1. Hi Rita,

      That was Boid #1. He loved to land on my head when Tioga travelled down the road. He understood that I did not want him on my head when we were driving.

      That's why he landed there. I believe that Boid thought that landing on my head was funny.

      Tioga George


  3. I have great memories from my "budgie". When I was a kid, he used to sit on my shoulder and pick the crumbs from my mouth while eating and watching Howdy Dooty. Pretty cool !

    1. Hi John,

      I didn't know that you once had a budgie.



    2. John, I'm glad someone else in this world remembers Howdy Doody Time, the peanut gallery with Buffalo Bob and Clara Bell the Clown. As a child, I always dreamed of becoming a member of the peanut gallery on television. I get teased by my younger family members by their asking if television had been invented when I was a kid!


  4. Birds make wonderful companions. Your very smart to let Boid guide your friendship

  5. Good morning, George
    I'm very interested in your change from AT&T to Cricket. I have had AT&T for years because my hubby worked for them for years and he wanted to be loyal to, not so much. I wanted service at a reasonable price. I have had to resort to having Verizon 20G for an extra $100/month for dependable service. I got the Verizon 20G when it was under Millencom. So I'm very interested in why you decided to leave AT&T for Cricket. What kind of data plan will you get, etc.

    Glad you're enjoying Scampy, George. BTW, I use my sleeping bag in my Moho, then roll it up and store during the day and don't have to make the bed every day or change the sheets...what a pain.

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