Sunday, November 20, 2016

Field testing

Checking Systems in the Field

8am - We have spent the nite in a Dry Camp for Scampy in the Town of Apple Valley. The purpose of this camp is to check Scampy's systems out in the field. It is not fruitful to simply go on a trip and THEN, find out what does not work.

Here is what was found so far:
  • New inverter's electricity outlets are not accessible when Scampy's bed is setup.
  • After switching from AT&T to Cricket and buying a Mobile Hotspot, the hotspot does not work.
  • USB cable for charging portable batteries and the Coleman lantern, not onboard Scampy.
  • Cricket data usage not available by phoning 611 as it was when we had AT&T service.

2pm - Calling a plumber!
Tomorrow, I'm going to find a plumber to do this propane line job.

What stopped me, was the existing brass/copper propane lines. In order to install a Tee into that line, more access to the line is necessary. That would require removing a compression fitting on an existing Tee.

When I attempted to remove that compression fitting, it seemed to me that the fitting was secured with loctite or some other thread locker. I didn't know how to proceed after that.

That's the reason for me seeking a plumber to finish the job.

5pm - Baby Boid is a bright boid
He is also a very independent boid. I know these things are true about him, because I've had the pleasure of sharing my home with many budgies since I had 13 years.

Today I started using food as an incentive for him to become "hand trained." I am NOT withholding Boid's food. Just encouraging him to transition to the next stage in his relationship with me.

In the pic below, is Boid resisting coming to me for seeds. Instead of eating seeds from my hand, he searches for seeds on the floor.

Boid looking on the floor for seeds

6pm - Boid eating from me
It took only about one for Boid to figure out that it was a good idea for him to eat his seeds while being close to me.

Baby Boid is a smart boid!



  1. Great idea about field testing! It's amazing how, no matter how much planning is done, the little things that crop up.

    1. Hi John,

      You are sooooo right!

      Some of the things that came up last nite I never even considered checking. Or even thought about.



  2. I wish we had spent a night boondocking on our property this year before we headed out. That way we would have discovered the electrical problems we are still trying to cope with after a week on the road.

    1. Hi Croft,

      All experienced RVers learned that lesson the hard way! Me included. Now, I field test every thing.

      This afternoon I tested the new Camco Leveling Blocks. You might be thinking:,
      "What could go wrong with leveling blocks?

      But, you never really know for sure, until you use them the way that you intend to use them.

      Click HERE to view Camco Leveling Blocks.

      Tioga George