Friday, November 25, 2016


Golfing Again

7:30am - Last June, it became clear to me that my golfing days were over. I had difficulty controlling my right hand and arm. I had little stamina. Hard for me to complete an 18 hole round.

However, those days are behind me. At 9am this morning, John and I will join two others to play the course at Sycuan.

I'm a new me!

8am - Strange things
Yesterday, Scampy and The Team made a Nite Camp at John and Mimi's home. We are using our Wave3 Catalytic Heater to keep warm in Scampy.

At about 2am, Wave3 went cold! Looking at the propane gage, it read empty! That propane tank was filled just yesterday. What's going on?

Examining the fitting to the tank found that the connector had somehow loosened enough for propane to stop flowing. That fitting was tight last nite! How could it loosen?

After tightening that connector again, Wave3 lit up. That was when it was noticed that the tank gage read "half full"??

Figuring out what happened
  • Propane stopped flowing: During the nite, it got cold in the shower room where the propane tank is located. The resulting temperature reduction caused the brass fittings to become slightly smaller. Allowing the weight of the hose to rotate the fitting enough to stop the propane flow to Wave3.
  • 1/2 filled tank: Yesterday when the tank was filled, the guy doing the filling announced, "I saw propane spit out of the valve. The tank is full now." And he turned off the propane pump. But I did not see propane spit out. So, the tank was NOT filled.

2pm - My golf report
This is the first time that I ever kept my score in a round of golf !

Three of us played the Pine Glen Course at Sycuan Resort. John, Jere and myself. 54 is par on Pine Glen. My score is 88 over par. 142 for the round. This is a terribly high score! But it’s my score.

3pm - Scampy’s new battery
Do you recall that we figured out the reason for the fault being registered by our new inverter? It’s insufficient electric power coming from Scampy’s deep cycle battery.

We checked the specific gravity [SG] of the cells with a hydrometer. The result is a 1175 to 1200 SG reading. After charging for several hours, a good battery should read 1275 to 1300. This battery is a bad one!

We replaced the battery. The new one is:

Interstate Group 27, 12 volt, Deep Cycle Battery

MacBook Computer is charging as I type. So far, NO inverter faults!

4pm - Our Nite Camp
We have made our Nite Camp on a Dead End road very close to the Guava Gardens Apartments where I used to live.

This is a quiet street. Not much traffic. Next to a vacant lot. Below is a link showing our camp location:

Elevation: 528 feet



  1. I remember when I met you when you boondocking down at the beach. Later on I boondocked down at the harbor. Watched the cruise ships come in. That was a long time ago. I understand you can't do that anymore.
    Dave 04 Excel td

    1. Hi David,

      When I first began fulltiming in 2003, California was pretty much wide-open for RVers to camp.

      As the years passed, signs appeared restricting camping. That's part of the thing that government does best. Issue more and more rules, laws, etc. An easy target is the RVer.

      It's been my experience, that by the RVer developing skills at locating places where police do not expect RVing to occur, you may escape harassment.

      Have you read my web page titled:Nite Camping Information? 

      Tioga George


  2. Hi, George. I just had an idea. Wonder if you will visit anybody in Guava Gardens, since you are so close. Then, again, maybe you will be leaving so early that it wouldn't be possible.

    1. Hi Rose,

      Absolutely! That's why I am Nite Camping near Guava Gardens.

      My plans for continuing this trip with Scampy are open-ended.

      Who can tell when we shall return to Twayler at Lone Wolf RV Park?

      Tioga George


  3. Nothing to worry about with that score George. Very few people can do all that great.

    1. Hi Don,

      Sorry, Don. I cannot figure out by your comment what you are referring to.

      Tioga George


    2. Your 88 over par George. Most people can't get anywhere near a par score.

  4. Why not go back to using (2) 6 volt batteries George? Your batteries in Tiago lasted a long time.

    1. Hi Joe,

      I do not need more battery storage.