Thursday, November 10, 2016

Internet shopping

Always Shop On Internet

9:30am - Yesterday I wanted to shop for plumbing to go from Scampy's propane line [under the sink] to a quick-disconnect brass fitting. The quick-disconnect goes to our Wave 3 catalytic heater.

The best hardware store near to Lone Wolf, is Orchard Supply Hardware in the nearby Town of Hesperia. What I wanted was a brass tee that goes into Scampy's existing 3/8 propane line and tees off with 3/8 pipe.

[To be continued: Have a DMV appointment to register Scampy!]

11:15am - Maxwell's for breakfast
The DMV appointment system really was super fast this morning! My appointment was for 10:40am. And now it is 11:15am and I'm already sitting at Maxwell's to order breakfast! Amazing!

Always Shop On Internet [Continued]
OK, I was Blogging about shopping at Orchard Supply Hardware for a brass tee that goes into Scampy's existing 3/8 propane line and tees off with 3/8 pipe.

Here's the thing. I am not familiar with the names of all the plumbing fittings. So, I do not know what to ask for while shopping at Orchard. Quickly I learned that a propane hose was not sold here. So, that left me with the option of teeing off from Scampy's existing propane line with copper tube.

That's not good, because copper tube is NOT meant to be flexed at all. Copper tube must be attached to something that will prevent flexing. A cabinet wall, for example.

Anyway, I bought from Orchard what was available. This morning I was looking at all the plumbing stuff from Orchard. And, I was NOT happy with this stuff.

Shopping on the net
Going to Google, I stumbled around looking for what I truly wanted for Scampy's plumbing. In a couple of minutes, I found EXACTLY what I was looking for, and ordered it too!
  • Everything for sale is sold on the internet.
  • Everything! No exceptions!
  • With pics to show what is being shopped for.
  • And specs clearly spelled out so that there is no question about what will be bought. 

12:45pm - Does Google Wallet suck?
I've just spent over a fruitless hour attempting to add money from my checking account [which is verified] to my Google Wallet.

I just learned, that there apparently is NO METHOD to do this?? Wow!

As I understand it, there was a method to add cash from a bank account to Google Wallet. But Google ended that method some time ago!?

What good is an empty wallet? Can you help?

4:30pm - Pissed off with this shit!
I'm home, and wanted to make an iPhone call. No iPhone. Could not find that damned iPhone anywhere!

So, I phoned the iPhone with Skype. Nothing. No sound of a ringing iPhone.

I know that I brought the iPhone home, because I was playing Johnny Cash on it while driving.

I am really getting damned tired of this shit. Whatever in the Universe is screwing with me, get the fu*k out of my life!!

PS: I found the iPhone next to my driver's seat. It had fallen down between the seat and the door!

4:45pm - Here is what happened!
I went to Mailbox Express on Highway 18 this afternoon to ship using UPS. A lady named Laurie was there. All alone. Her employee/helper has not been coming to work for a few days.

Laurie has an injured foot. She is using a wheelchair to get around the store's tiny aisles. Laurie was having a hard time with the two things that I wanted packaged and shipped.  So, I jumped in and packaged them up myself. Laurie instructed me how to use the packing material [foam stuff] and which cartons to use.

As I was getting ready to leave the store, I offered to come in next morning to help her. Wrote my name and phone number on a paper for her.

But when I came home, I wanted to phone Laurie so that she would understand that my offer of help was real! That was when my iPhone disappeared. Then, after my iPhone re-appeared, Laurie's phone number wouldn't ring.

Got an error stating: "This number is not in service."

So....what is happening here?
Could it be, that I have some kind of Guardian Angel that watches over me?
  • Preventing me from getting into trouble?
  • Putting obstacles in my way to stop me from getting in trouble?
I understand that this kind of "Guardian Angel" thing sounds really crazy. Makes me seem delusional to others.

Could not be something random, could it? Something that just occurs ONLY to me?

This stuff happens to me a lot?!

8:30pm - New and Old Screen Door
We just finished replacing our Old Screen Door with our New Screen Door. Below is a pic of both screen doors.

What do you think? Hmmmmm?

Note: The two pics below are part of an experiment that I'm doing with HTML code and images. These pics are from MsTioga and my trip to Northern Canyonlands National Park on May 17th, 2006.

CanyonlandsEntranceSign05-17-2006 Copy WillowFlatCampgroundView05-17-2006 Copy
Canyonlands view from Island in the Sky, a few feet from our Camp

Note 2: I didn't have any reason for bringing the Green River Overlook pic here. Other than it's a fantastic shot of this immense place!

You know something? When I go back in my archives and see some of the places MsTioga and I visited, it blows my mind!

PS: I wonder if Scampy and I could make this trip to Utah in May, 2017?

Date: May 17, 2006
1PM - Green River Overlook.
Down below our Camp a bit, is one of the most fabulous view points. An overlook of the Green River. Wow!

GreenRiverOverlook05-17-2006 Copy
Green River Overlook
[Click pic to enlarge]



  1. The internet does absolutely nothing to help your local families. It produces no local jobs. Feeds no local people.
    Cheap is nice but so is helping the community.

    1. That's a very interesting and good point Ed. The internet is where most people I know know shop. A friend of mine bought his new 36ft fifth wheel off the internet sight unseen and waited for it to be delivered $35000. To often products offered on the internet sell for a fraction of the price of your local store. He explained to that he wanted to buy locally and went to an RV dealership saying just match this price and I will buy from you guys -- they said they couldn't come close. I went to my local RV store (parts dept) and wanted to buy some LED lights for my trailer and the cost for one light was the same as I could buy 10 online for the exact same light.

    2. Sorry, Ed,

      But you are far from understanding what exactly is an
      "Internet Store."

      In order to compete, retail stores operating in local cities and towns get a webpage up on the net. These stores advertise, just like Amazon. If the person behind these webpages understands what to do, their store is able to compete very effectively!

      And, that store uses LOCAL EMPLOYEES. Thus benefitting the local area.

      Tioga George


  2. Replies
    1. Hi TBdL,

      I use PayPal. Have used PayPal for years. Don't like the fee for using a PayPal debit card.

      I want to get some $cash into my Google Wallet to find out for myself how Google Wallet works?

      Tioga George


  3. Wouldn't an RV store or dealer have the parts?

    1. Hi Ed,

      No! An RV store is much more limited in what they sell for plumbing, than Orchard Supply Hardware.

      The internet beats every single retail BRICK AND MORTER store, hands down. Not one iota of a question about that in my experience.



  4. Replies
    1. Hey Barney,

      Google Wallet has been around for awhile. A few years.

      I want to keep up with financial products [ie: Google Wallet] in order to learn if they can do a better job for me than:

      * Credit cards
      * Debit cards
      * PayPal
      * Etc...

      Tioga George



    According to that you don't "add money", you just attach it to your debit card.

    1. Hi Don,

      That's interesting. I'll have to look more into the relationship between Google Wallet and my Debit Card.

      I understood that, if the cash from my bank went thru the Debit Card, Google Wallet would charge a fee. If that's so, I would NOT be interested in Google Wallet.

      Tioga George


  6. Or maybe you should be using Apple Pay instead of Google Wallet as GW seems to want to move to Android Pay.

    1. Hi again, Don,

      That's a good comment/suggestion!

      I've not yet put even one toe into Apple Pay. But I will now!

      Thank you,
      Tioga George


    2. Hi Don,

      I found out that my iPhone 5s does not support Apple Pay.

      As Forest Gump would say, "One less thing!" 😀

      Tioga George


  7. Nice. Is that the new hat or the old hat hanging there?

    1. Hi Bill,

      Wow! You noticed my Old Indiana Jones hat.

      The New Indiana Jones Hat, is in the cabinet that the hat is hanging from.

      How about if I wear the New Indiana Jones Hat tomorrow, and maybe we can talk Little iPhone into capturing a pic with me and the New Hat? 😀