Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Heavens

Blaming The Heavens!

10:30am - This morning at breakfast, I was watching "Fiddler On The Roof", the stage play turned movie. "Tevye" the milkman had his milk cart horse go lame just before the Sabbath and was blaming God for the deed.

You know something? I do the same thing! I'm not sure that its God that I'm blaming? But, in my mind, whatever it is, controls me and my destiny.

Maybe I'm not so crazy after all? Or, better said, "Maybe I'm not the only one who is so nutty to believe in such things?" Tevye believes!

When I stub my toe, I blame! If I lose my balance, I blame. In fact, if things don't go perfectly right for me, I blame. Apparently, in my mind, the natural state of things in my life is to go exactly the way that is best for me.

Yes! That's what I truly believe!

11am - Inverter installation
Last nite, when I went to bed, how the inverter wiring should go was buzzing in my brain.

Here's the plan. Tap into the wire run that goes from Scampy's deep cycle battery, to the converter. I will cut each of the two wires and connect a wire that will go to the inverter. Then reconnect the severed converter wire. Likely, each connection will be soldered and protected with a heat shrink sleeve.

These wires are located in the storage beneath one of Scampy's bench seats. Access to the wiring is a little tight. But doable.

I have not figured out the best place to mount the inverter yet. Working on that!

11:30am - Forearm skin protection
Just a few moments ago, I ordered a pair of guards for my forearm skin.
Here is a [link] to the guards that I've ordered.

5pm - Back from Scampy
Most days, there really is not much time for me and Scampy together. In the morning, there is:
  • Breakfast
  • Doing dishes
  • Email
  • Blogging
  • Messing with Boid
  • Sweeping and mopping the floor
  • Straightening up
  • Making the bed
  • Getting dressed and leaving
All this stuff should be done everyday for there to be order in my life. It's usually after 12 noon when I am finished with these things.

Before going to Scampy today, and doing the inverter install, it was Home Depot to buy material for that install. When I actually was looking at the inverter's installation area, I saw a much easier way to do the install than the way I planned.

The inverter will be mounted on the front of the bench seat [see pic]. The DC connection wires will run thru a hole drilled thru the bench wall. To use 120v AC, we'll just plug into the inverter's electric outlets.

Proposed Inverter Location

What does a Lone Wolf look like?
Something like this!

7pm - The new Mesh Screen Door
That screen door that I Blogged to about before, does NOT pass what I require for Boid's safety! For the present time, the mesh door may work to prevent Boid's escaping and flying away. That's because Boid is not sufficiently acclimated to life me. He is not yet comfortable to be extremely friendly with me. But that time is coming.

Then, Boid will become very playful with me. Want to fly on to me to mess around. To play with me. If that happens while I am going thru the mesh door, Boid could easily escape!

So, I am contemplating an engineering change for the mesh door installation. I've ordered a replacement mesh door. A different manufacturer. Much higher quality and much larger width.

The existing mesh door will be removed. The new mesh door will be mounted about 20" inside the trailer. This mounting will form a small room between Twayler's outside screen door and the new inside mesh door. With this small room in place, I will be able to enter and look around before opening the outside screen door to exit.

Entering will be safe for Boid as well. The small room will be visible to the outside, and I will be able to check if Boid has managed to enter that small room, before opening the outside screen door.

I have not yet adopted a plan for mounting the new mesh door. But I am very much looking forward to the challenge of this project!



  1. It is so easy to blame "God" for our misfortunes and "praise" or thank him when things go well. It is not so easy for an Atheist like myself who believes in no "God". I have only myself to blame or thank and only myself and my friends to ask for help. I think it is better my way as it forces more personal responsibility. Others opinions may vary. LOL

    1. Hi Croft,

      For me, when something happens bad [ie; Scraping the thin skin of my arm so that it bleeds], impulsively I curse whatever did it!

      Certainly that could NOT be me! 😇

      Tioga George


  2. Lookalike a good choice for the arm protectors.

    1. Hi OAT,

      Yes! And I am able to continue to wear short sleeve shirts!

      Tioga George


  3. Hey George, long time no hear from me. I'm back in Antigua after ten weeks in Sacramento where I had my second total knee replacement. I'm recovering beautifully and actually walked more than 3 miles today - without pain!!! Yippee! Check m blog for (finally) a new post.

    1. Hi Mary-Pat,

      Wow! Like out-of-the-past! Here you are! So happy to read your comment.

      And, so delighted to read how your knee is doing so well! 😎

      Tioga George


    2. Hi Mary-Pat! We are also very happy to hear about your new knee! Nothing like being able to walk comfortably.

    3. Croft,

      This is the URL for Mary-Pat's Blog:



    4. Thanks George, we met Mary-Pat at Betty's RV Park in Louisiana.

  4. Why would you blame somebody else for something that you did
    why not blame yourself you did it
    The little elf sitting on your shoulder is only your moral guardian not your scapegoat

    1. Hi Mister Ed,

      Well, I guess that's just little old me! Won't take responsibility for the bad stuff.

      I do, however, take complete credit for ALL the good stuff.

      Tioga George
      Chief Brat-1st Class


  5. Hello George
    I have a Samlex inverter like yours.
    None my business but The owners manual specifically cautions to not install the unit vertically as shown in your photo.

    1. Hi Ed,

      Thanks for this caution comment. Good to know!

      I looked it up in my manual. Vertical is OK as long as the fan axis is to the right or left. Not up and down.

      Tioga George


    2. I sure do hope you are able to prevent Boid's escape. I WELL remember what happened with Boid #1 and Boid #2.
      You were so hurt and frustrated that you left the cage by the side of the road, You don't need that experience again.

  6. I have the same inverter. I also recall the manual stating to avoid mounting vertically. This is to prevent molten components or sparks from oozing out during an unlikely catastrophic failure, which could then catch something on fire. With that said, I've been extremely happy with this inverter over the last two years.