Thursday, November 03, 2016


34" Waistline!

8:45am - Yesterday in a Blog post, I wondered what my weight would be this morning at my new Kaiser doctor's office?

And then, just a few minutes ago, using a tape measure and taking my waistline measurement, it came out at 34"! I have not had a 34" waistline since Basic Army Training at Fort Ord, California when I had 22 years! Wow!

10am - Missed  appointment
I thought my appointment was today, November 3rd.  But my appointment was actually on Tuesday, November 1st. Must be some kind of a senior moment thing!

Little Honda will have driven me to Victorville [5] times before actually completing the stuff that I need to do in this quaint town:
  • [3] times to the DMV
  • [2] times to Kaiser for my initial exam with Dr. Toma.
After leaving Kaiser and my missed appointment, my intention was to have breakfast. Very close to Kaiser medical Center, is Richies Old Fashion Diner. I went over there for breakfast. This blog post is being published from Richies using my iPhone and voice recognition. That's a Blogging first for me. Pretty neat, Huh!?

1:15pm - Electrical stuff with Scampy
We are over in the Lone Wolf Storage Yard. We're tweaking some of Scampy's electrical things:
  • Temporary hookup of our new Samlex inverter
  • Checking Scampy's 5 watt solar charger
 5 Watt Solar Charger

Samlex Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Adding jobs to Kelly's RV
We wrote to you about having work done on Scampy at nearby Kelly's RV. Today we added a few things to the first item on the list:

  • Install a permanent propane line connection for Scampy. A gas hose terminating in the cabinet under Scampy's sink.
  • Install a permanent electrical connection and physical mountng for Scampy's new Samlex inverter.
  • Install a second 15 Lb propane tank on Scampy's tongue including a cross-over valve.

. .


  1. Not enough 5 Guys Burgers !!

    1. Hi John,

      There's a Five Guys Burger joint about a 30 minute drive from Lone Wolf RV Park. Not real close. But at least its there for a Five Guys burger lover!

      Would you believe that there's a Hamburger Habit joint a couple of blocks from Five Guys! 😎



    2. Good to hear. At least with these great burger joints close, you aren't in danger of starving ! BTW, reading about your positive experience with towing: Don't forget that the most vulnerable part of the car is the Tranny! Be sure not to overstress it on grades. My Honda doesn't have a tranny filter, and I change tranny fluid as much as the motor oil. A separate tranny heat gauge may be very useful.

  2. "Post using iPhone and voice recognition"
    George you are not a senior if you can do that:)

    1. Hi Rick,

      That's a very nice compliment. Thank you!

      My kids got me into computer stuff in 1979! That's even before Microsoft released MS-DOS 1.0 in August, 1981.

      Tioga George


  3. You mean like i in VIC 20 and the C 64 and thay cost almost 2 months pay

    1. Hi Mister ed,

      The VIC 20 and C64 came after the Commodore PET 2001 that I funded for my kid.

      That Commodore 2001 and a 9-pin dot matrix printer cost $3,700 bucks in 1979 dollars.

      That would equal $12,913 in 2016 dollars.
      [Mister Ed: Were you earning $6K/month in 1979?]

      I wrote a program in BASIC for that computer that processed the payroll, printed the checks and paid the payables.

      Tioga George


  4. Yours may have cost 3,700$ but in 1982 my 64 keypad /floppy disc drive 600$ and monitor 300$
    I had a guy write a program to track my inventory maintenance and cost. For Two cases of beer
    However my Rolodex was faster so it never really got any use
    And God for bid if you made a mistake,, you were back to square one
    By today's standards you have more power in your digital watch did you get back then
    I had to do some research I know the 64 was not the first computer Vic 20 came out in 1979 and ended in 1982 for $300 but that was not counting the monitor mostly the software cost four times as much

    I'll add a timeline for the Commodore model