Saturday, November 05, 2016

What's the buzz?

Tell Me What's Happening

10am - Scampy and George are waiting for our appointment with Kelly's RV before going on our next camping adventure. That's on November 9th.

Kelly's will do these things with Scampy:
  • Install quick disconnect propane line for Wave 3 heater
  • Provide a DC connection for our new inverter
  • Install a dual propane tank bracket on Scampy's tongue
PS: An inverter is an electric device that changes 12 volts DC to 120 volts AC.

11am - Polk Sound Bar

Spent about an hour learning how to setup the Polk DSB1 sound bar that was purchased from Dish on the installation day.

Couldn't figure it out. Might be that I'm missing some subtle detail. Polk support is open on Monday. Have to find out what's what then.

1pm -
 Slide out drawer
When Scampy arrived, I kinda got busy over there. The slice out drawer got put  on the back-burner. Now there's time to finish the slide out drawer install.

All that's left is completing the installation of the 2nd drawer. And then, correcting some install mistakes on the 1st drawer.

5pm - Camping
In our first Blog post today, we wrote that we would next camp on November 9th. I guess that we must have change our minds! And decided to camp today!

Scampy has made a camp in the large field next to Horseman's Park. That's on the eastern side of Apple Valley. However, we forgot to bring the Mac computer!

Not bringing the Mac is a very bad error. Mac acts as a charger/power strip for the USB devices we use. Without the Mac, we don't have an easy way to do this charging.

7pm - Return to Lone Wolf
After trying several things to make the Horseman's camp doable, we decided to return to nearby Lone Wolf, and make a Scampy Camp there. Right next to Twayler!

Makes much more sense making our Camp here. We have not fully tweaked Scampy for making camps. A mistake like leaving the Mac behind is easily corrected here with Twayler only a few feet away! 😀




  1. On my phone I have a checklist for what to load prior to leaving. A checklist of the food aboard. A checklist of the clothes that are in my class B. I also have a list of things that need to be done before the next trip. It makes it easier for me.

    1. Hi David,

      Interesting! On your phone? I'm going to check that out.

      Tioga George


  2. Yeah, I am using GTASKS but there are others.

  3. Hey George if your inverter doesn't have a USB port, then you can install one of these, just run a couple lines to your battery bank or tap into a 12 volt light or something. I installed one in about 20 minutes, it's easy. And it will save you power instead of using the inverter.

    1. Hi Joe,

      I've got two USB ports.

      Thank you for commenting,