Saturday, November 26, 2016


When Are We Going Back Home?

12 Midnite - Some Readers have asked, "How long are staying here? When are you going home?"

The answer: "We are fulltiming RVers. Everywhere we are, is our home. And.....we may be out here for a long time!"

Things have not changed!
When MsTioga and I made our very first Nite Camp on February 25, 2003, it dawned on both of us that our home was everywhere! That's why we felt comfortable everywhere we went. That has not changed.

It's a great feeling. 😎

10:30am - We are Busy Bees!

  • Picked up our replacement eyeglass frames from Newport Avenue Optometry
  • Bought at Ocean Beach Hardware: Stuff to install a hangar bar in Scampy's shower, Dust Pan and brush to sweep Scampy's floor
  • Bought at Target [before the crowds arrived]: Hangers for the new hangar bar, Hanes Boxer Briefs, Hanes Sweat Shirt, Wrangler Cargo Long Pants, Merona Short Sleeve Shirt

12 noon - Cleaning Scampy's floor
Now that things have settled down with Scampy, we have time to do ordinary stuff. Like cleaning Scampy's linoleum floor.

The floor is sooooo small. A dust pan and whisk brush are used for sweeping. And a dish brush and a bowl of soapy water for mopping.

After mopping, paper towels are used to take up the mop water.

1pm - Mission Beach Day Camp
From where we shopped at Target, to Mission Beach is only a 10-minute drive. So, that's where we are Day Camped!

Elevation: 25.5 feet

3:30pm - Tiny rain storm
I was online at RV.NET publishing a New Topic. Just as I was finishing that story, the weather turned dark. A drizzle began. Boid and I moved into Little Honda and drove off for the fresh water station at South Shores Park.

When MsTioga and I made camps around here, the dump stations all had fresh water for filling up RV tanks. Somehow, the dump stations remain. But the fresh water went bye-bye.

It's like that around California. As the years went by [2003 to 2010], communities were disturbed by RVs camping on the street. Signs began to appear warning:
No Parking 10pm to 4am

Self Realization Fellowship Camping
During 2003, my first year as an RVer, Reader and now close friend Pete Olson turned me on to the Self Realization Fellowship in the City of Encinitas. MsTioga and I went to visit this gorgeous place.

We were able to Nite Camp on the street right next to SRF. The same during our 2004 trip. We made a Nite Camp in the same place for both of these years. Right next to SRF.

Then in 2005, signs went up:
No Parking 10pm to 4am. 

Why did those signs go up? The street had few houses. There was no parking problem in the entire City of Encinitas. Yet, there those signs were.

Note: I shall refrain from giving a reason for those signs. You may be able to figure that out for yourself.

6pm - Clairemont Mesa Nite Camp

Elevation: 335 feet



  1. It sure is an amazing feeling, in our 11th year full-time keep moving around the country without leaving home.

  2. Hi OAT.

    You and I are "Bird's Of A Feather."
    We like to do the same things! 😎

    Tioga George


  3. Love your set up. It looks really familiar. I pull a 13' Scamp with a white Toyota Sienna. Wish I could have posted a picture for you. Enjoy your blog very much.

  4. Happy Birthday, George! And many more!