Friday, December 09, 2016


Spider Bite

7am - Something is wrong with my right arm, at the elbow.

The symptoms are:
  • A lot of pain 
  • A lot of swelling.

These symptoms began after making yesterday's Nite Camp. I was first was aware of these symptoms at 10pm. Two hours later, at midnite, these symptoms affected me so much, that I phoned Kaiser in Walnut Creek for help.

An advice nurse at Kaiser instructed me to keep my arm elevated and ice the elbow.

A phone appointment with a Kaiser doctor was arranged for 8:30am this morning.

I had to get sleep, or I would not be able to function! In order to be able to sleep, I prescribed for myself 900mg aspirin for pain. Also, 50mg Trazodone, a sleeping medication. These two meds did the trick and I was able to sleep thru the nite. About six hours.

Additional treatment
Just a little while ago, I self-prescribed 50mg Diphenhydramine. This is an anti-histamine. Good for spider bite symptoms.

Also, 600mg aspirin for pain.

The pic above shows my swollen elbow. Near the pic's bottom, may be the location of the spider bite! It's about a 3/4 inch long thing, extending left to right.

8:15am - Feel much better
A little over 1-hour has passed since taking Diphenhydramine and aspirin. Before taking these two medications, pain on-a-scale of 1 to 10 [10-being
the highest], was an 8.

Swelling has not reduced yet.

The promised doctor from Kaiser phoned me. He advised replacing Diphenhydramine with Advil. Because, when driving and using Diphenhydramine, a side effect of sleepiness may occur.

2pm - Interstate 5 Stop
This stop had designated places for autos and trucks. A sign directed cars towing an RV to park with the big trucks. But, all the big truck places were taken. So, I went to the auto parking area with Scampy.

A state worker came on to me strong. "You cannot park here. You must park with the big trucks!"

I offered that,  "My trailer fits very well with the autos." She countered, "If your going to cop an attitude, you'll get a ticket."

So, we moved back to the big truck rest area. Even though there was no room. Scampy is very small, so he found room.

How rude to us was that state worker!

6pm - Supper
The pic below shows our main course prepared in Scampy's kitchen.

9pm - 3.5 lb Pork Roast
The meat for tonite's supper came from a 3-1/2 lb pork roast. It is extremely difficult for me to cut up this roast in Scampy's kitchen. Next time that I buy such piece of meat, I plan to ask the store's butcher to cut it up for me.

You likely know that an uncooked piece of meat goes bad quickly. I had to cut up and cook the meat in order to eat it over a week's period.

When this pork roast was raw, it was hard to cut. After cooking, it cuts easily!

10pm - Fresh Water Out
I must be using a lot more water than I believed. When I went wash supper stuff, there was NO water!

I'm adding check fresh water to daily chores.

Elevation: 151 feet


  1. Sounds like black/brown widow or brown recluse. These can be nasty. Good you are going to the doctors!

  2. Hi John,

    Black/brown widow or brown recluse! That, sounds bad! 😥



  3. Diphenhydramine is the generic name for Benadryl. It is a good thing to carry with you always, so now you need to tuck that and some other emergency medicine into your first-aid kit! It can make you sleepy, but you can take it at night, or even when camped during the day.

    I get strong reactions to mosquito bites, so my doctor told me to take one even after a small bite to prevent it from getting worse.

    Hope the swelling goes down for you soon.

    1. Hi Grandma,

      Thank you so very much for sharing.

      Tioga George


  4. Take care of it George, they can be dangerous.

  5. And spray Scampy right away for bugs & spiders but remember to take your parakeet out before you do.
    Keep us posted, I hope you're doing better after your Dr. visit.
    I look forward to your many daily postings.

    1. Hi Pat,

      Never thought of spraying?

      Tioga George


  6. And yesterday you thought you would have nothing to write about. Now all your readers will not sleep tonight.:)

    1. Hi Freebird,

      I do not recall writing here on my Blog, that I would have nothing to write about.

      Tioga George


  7. Advil is ibuprofen. Get the generic and save a bundle.

    1. Hi Ed, Carol,

      Actually, I use aspirin.

      Tioga George