Saturday, December 10, 2016


Perfect Cash Storm

5:15am - About four days ago, while Scampy, Little Honda and I were traveling around, we did not have our attention on money. Then, out of the blue, Amazon sent an email stating that something that we bought was kicked back by a credit card! 

That kind of email, get a person's attention back on money fast!

What happened to us turned out to be a perfect cash storm:
  • Mistake on a mail box number. The number should have been [475]. We began writing [425] in our billing address.
  • We have three credit cards. First one, then the second, and a few days later the 3rd card received fraudulent charges. Those cards were cancelled. New cards were mailed. We are NOT at home to receive the new cards.
  • We have two debit cards. But when our Billing Address was updated recently, the mail box number mistake killed charges made on both debit cards.
  • A big chunk of change, equal to the Jojoba Hills membership, was moved from our bank to an offshore location. For safety. [You never really know what goes on with those banks!] A 60-day hold was placed on that chunk of change.
All of these seemingly unrelated items, came crashing down when we went to an ARCO gas station to fill Little Honda's tank on the same day as the email from Amazon was received. Our debit card was declined!

Not to worry. We have another debit from another bank. That debit was declined too!! What the hell! So, we used $cash to fill Little Honda's tank.

Then we began to phone to learn what was going on. We soon learned, that when a seemingly tiny error is made in a billing address nowadays, [475 becomes 425], credit card companies and banks become paranoid!

When a person is out-on-the-road and suddenly finds that they are without money, that person is royally screwed! Thank God for Discover Card! Only Discover has human beings in customer service who listen, understand and have authority to move money.

Discover moved $1,000 to a bank account IN ONE DAY! That is how we are now able to pay for stuff [gas, food, etc] with a debit/Visa card. 

All of the other customer service people [at banks, credit cards, the chunk of change place] had excuses. But were useless to help us thru our 
Perfect Cash Storm!

1pm - MsTioga's Death Site
Click [here] to read our Blog on the day that MsTioga died on March 15, 2014.

We do not know for sure, that location. But we think that we are coming on to it very soon. We all have our eyes pealed!

3pm - Little Honda & Scampy
Drove for over two hours heading south on I-5. Tioga George kept his eyes pealed! As only he can! Nothing! No hide nor hare of MsTioga death site!

Now we are [Here]. Inside an In-N-Out scarfing on french fries.

Rest easy, MsTioga. We will be loving you for ever and ever! ♥️

8:30pm - Back home with Miss Twayler!
No doubt that Little Scampy is a real kick of a camping trailer. However, Miss Twayler is pure luxury! Wow! We just LOVE being home again with Twayler!

Hard trip home!
We had two incidents occur during the trip home. First, the minor incident.

I made a big error in judgement attempting to locate the place where MsTioga passed away! That location attempt took us more than two-hours out of our way going back home! That meant that we had to back-track two-hours to get back to our right path.

We did not arrive back at Lone Wolf until 8:30pm, four hours past Sunset! Stupid, stupid, stupid George who is a terrible driver after it is dark!

Google's kept giving out correct directions. But George missed turn-offs. And he missed sooooo many turn-offs that even Google got confused!

Poor Baby Boid had to suffer bouncing in his cage in the dark while groggy with sleep.

Well, that's the minor incident!

There are signs in many farmer fields telling about the political strength of opponents of agriculture. I like one sign very much and finally found that sign. But I went passed the sign. Went to back up Honda to capture that pic.

Only thing, I completely forgot about Scampy back there! Scampy jack-knifed AND his trailer hitch got completely messed up.

As a result of the messed up hitch, we had to drive under 40 mph. That slow speed added over an hour to our return to Twayler. Little Honda's rear bumper is messed up too. And poor Baby Boid [well you already know about that!]

Is the pic below worth all of that?



  1. Hmm thats sucks, good l;luck with straightening things out.

  2. I once was traveling in England alone and had my debit card de-magnetized, which presented a similar challenge. Luckily, I had taken some old-fashioned American Express Travelers checks. Now, because I worry about that happening again on the road, I keep a couple of hundred in cash, which is hidden very well, for emergencies. It is also good to have emergency cash in case of things like hurricanes or power outages, so you might want to do the same thing.

    Hope you get things straightened out soon.

  3. I had a similar situation a few years ago happen to one of my bank debit cards but the bank was who notified me, repaid the account that afternoon and even told me the city the fraudulent user was located. Two days before I had used the same debit card at Costo's gas station.

    That is interesting about making a mistake on the street address. Thanks for all of that information, very helpful although very stressful to you. Hope everything gets fixed.

  4. I think its great the bank watches out for people even if that person himself made a mistake. Ages ago, I changed banking at regular banks to credit unions. When I call they are always there.

  5. A few months ago I got a big surprise in the mail, too. It seems somebody somehow was able to get my private info. They opened an account in my name and charged a $1500 camera. Of course this was scary business. Who knew how deeply I could get mired in a mess with this development. When I was online with the fraud department, there were only two items of my info wrong. My birth year was off by one year. And ---- I don't know how this was, but my phone service provider was wrong. Frightening to know that strangers had my social security number! Of course I had to alert the whole credit system. Had to file a police report, etc. A real pain!
    Things like this are what makes the banks have all those red flag alerts. I have dealt with Bank of America and with Discover with total cooperation. So sorry you had to deal with all of that.

  6. Credit fraud is a real pain. You can alert the credit companies that you are a fraud victim, and they will "lock down" your credit - and only you have the code to unlock it if you want to open a new account somewhere.

  7. we are getting a in and out bugger place in my town sometime next year I am so excited about that ....I love their food ...MsTioga will be missed by us all....When we see Tioga's my family always say's maybe thats Tioga George ...well I will tell them we look for Scampy now :-)

  8. OMG George up do get yourself in a pickle don't you? Seems every day its something else messed up or forgotten...will we ever learn? I doubt it but it sure makes me laugh (sorry but it does).

  9. Oops should read 'You do get yourself.....'

  10. George, I'm getting worried about you. I hope everything is OK in your life.

  11. I sure hope you don't forget about scampi after you pass a car and pull back in the right lane..... for that cars sake!!!