Friday, December 16, 2016

Elbow Sleeve

Fighting Bursitis

7:30am - Fortunately for seniors suffering with age related problems such as bursitis, the sports community has demands for physical protection products.

I've bought two of these products. One is a forearm skin guard which protects against bruising that is so prevalent on a senior's forearm.

The other product is an elbow sleeve with gel support. There is a pic below showing my right elbow, the one with bursitis. 

Shock Doctor Elbow Sleeve

4:30pm - Little Honda repair
We just returned from visiting two body shops. 

When I jack-knifed Scampy, Little Honda's rear bumper got messed up. There was also very light damage to the panel just behind the left-rear door. We are going to let that light damage go for now.

We received two repair quotes. One from Caliber Collision, which appears to be a no-nonsense first rate shop. Caliber quoted $1,003.

The other quote is from Doug's Auto Body, which appeared to me to be a "we will wing it" shop. Doug's price is $400.

I need more quotes to find out what's what?

Hitch Replacement
4:45pm - Mark at A&B Hitch in Hesperia has committed to replacing the busted hitch on Monday. We have waited sooooo long for Scampy to be on-the-road again!

Scampy Trips
We want to take a Scampy trip down to John & Mimi's to visit. Play golf. And pick up all the stuff we bought that was delivered to John's.

Also, Cousin Jacky has given me an invitation for a Latke Party. Latkes are potato pancakes. Latkes are a traditional food for Hanukah. I love to go to Cousin Jacky's parties because lots of the family are there.

Of course, going to Cousin Jacky's will be a Scampy Trip! 😀

5pm - Elbow Sleeve
The new elbow sleeve has been on my arm all day long. Except when I was soaking in the 24 Hour Fitness spa.

I'm surprised that this sleeve is as comfortable as it is!

Another sleeve is on the way. A slightly larger size sleeve. This 2nd sleeve is for comfort comparison.

9:30pm - Give it good hit!
The modem that Dish furnished with our internet system has not been working well for about three days. This morning Dish sent us a new modem via UPS. That new modem may arrive around next Wednesday.

But this evening, the old modem stopped completely. I guess that I got pissed off, because I pounded that old modem on the counter. Really hard!!! About four times.

Now that old modem is working its butt off! And we are back online. 😀



  1. George, I hope your elbow feels better soon and your repairs are completed quickly. It's not fun waiting to have fun. Enjoy your upcoming Scampy trips. I love hearing about your adventures.

    1. Hi Mizmozy,

      Your hope is my command!

      Should not be long now, and we will be off on
      another adventure. 😎

      Tioga George


  2. I hope that works on your elbow. I'm nursing a knee that my Aussie took out last week while paying with my son's German Shepherd.

    I can't say enough about Caliber Collision. My first experience was in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Two of my Son's had recently started driving and yes both had cars in their shop. They were very professional and the cars looked great when done. I found out later that Automobile Club was part owner in these facilities. If you have their insurance, no second quote is needed, just drop it off.


    1. Forgot to post the date for my Son's repairs: It was around 1998. I have work done there too, back in 2003