Thursday, December 01, 2016

Late again

Late Blog Post

6:30pm - We are sooooo sorry for the lateness of our first Blog post for today! Today is Thursday. It was not insane today as was Wednesday! So, we cannot blame falling down from the 3-foot high front garden at John and Mimi’s home for our lateness today.

Everything we did just took a very, very, very long time!

And we do not blame doing a ton of things for taking up our time. Actually, Scampy and The Team only went to two places!

9am - RV Trailer Supply
We arrived at RV Trailer Supply a few minutes before our 9am appointment. Owner Bryn had his crew go immediately on to the job of installing a Dual Propane Rack on Scampy’s tongue .

However, it did not work out! Bryn demonstrated that when Scampy was sharply backed-up, the propane bottle would crunch Little Honda!

Nothing could be done about that. And we feel very fortunate that Owner Bryn had the understanding to warn us about crunching Little Honda.

10am - Sun problems
Our driving experience with Little Honda, showed that the Sun shining brightly thru the windshield and the driver side widow could easily lead to an accident.

What happens is, when the Sun visor is moved to block sunlight, monetarily George’s attention is off the road ahead. Very, very bad and dangerous thing!

We have been experimenting for about a week, with a temporary paper side window shade. This temp shade, works great! But being only temp shades, they only last a short while.

Plastic shades are the solution!

We shopped for a store that sold plastic sheets to fab up a driver side shade screen and a windshield visor. Hard to find such a store! Catering to customers who place small orders is NOT what vendors wish to do!

After a ton of online shopping which took us more than two hours, we found a place named, ePlastics in the Claremont Mesa neighborhood. Tomorrow, around noon, our shade screen and visor are promised to be ready for pickup.
We’ll take pics then so you may see what they are and how well they will do the job!

6pm - Evening Camp
It’s NOT a good idea to make a Nite Camp earlier than around 9 to 10pm. We wrote a story about that. Click [here] to read that story.

So, we made an Evening Camp in the parking area behind a Denny’s. It’s a Stealth Camp. Sshhhh, be very quiet. We don’t want somebody to come knocking on Scampy’s door.

9pm - Yuck!
We just learned that Scampy's black water tank is full. There is no gage onboard Scampy to know when fullness is approaching!

So, we found out about the fullness, when black water backed up very slightly into Scampy's toilet!!!!!

Yuck! Double Yuck with bad news written all over the Yuck!

We shall attempt to find a nearby dump station. Please wish Scampy and The Team luck in this endeavor.  😫

10pm - Clairemont Mesa Nite Camp
We reached our planned Nite Camp site at a perfect time! 10pm.

Late enough so that hardly anybody is up and around here. We likely shall make our Stealth Camp without arousing suspicion from local residents. Or civil authorities.

Nite Camp Location Link 
Elevation: 447 feet



  1. George, I am assuming you have a 20-lb. propane tank for Scampy. Could RV Trailer Supply replace that tank with a 30-lb. tank without causing problems with Honda Fit? At least the new tank would give you an additional 10 lbs. of propane. The configuration of the front facial area of Scampy may have to be considered to see if a 30 pounder tank will fit, and the tray may have to be changed out to fit the girth of a 30 pounder. I'm just brain storming here.


    1. Hi Dee,

      The Scampy RV Team has (2) 15-lb propane tanks. One of those is mounted on Scampy's tongue. The other propane tank is reserve and is stored in the back of Little Honda.

      Thank you sooooo much for this suggestion! Wow! We all love your brain storming! 😍

      Tioga George


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. What I was trying to post: This outfit makes accurate gauges that tape to the side of the tank (assuming that you can't just hold the flush valve open and look...)

    2. Hi Pete,

      From now on, I'm going to take your advice and "just hold the flush valve open and look...

      Thank you for the URL to the Garnet level gage!

      On my trip back to Apple Valley, I'm planning to stay at Jojoba RV Park's dry camp for a couple of days. See you and Fredericka then? 😎



  3. Setting up camp at 10 pm? Wow we never drive at night so really can't do that, besides I got to bed at 9 pm. enjoy your camping.

    1. Hi OAT,

      My Nite Camp routine is really not for hardly any RVers.

      My feeling is, that only a small fraction of RVers make camps within a city or town. Most RVers much, much prefer to go to RV Parks!

      Tioga George


  4. Yes, the civil authorities are always on the hunt trying to find people who may have parked a little too far from the curb or quietly parked there rv where it doesn't bother anyone. Hope you were left alone and got a great sleep.

    1. Hi Sheila,

      In my opinion, your comment highlights what a shame it is that citizens and government fail to take a proactive stance for attending to the welfare of:

      * RVers on the road
      * Persons who have had economic adversity
      * Especially Homeless

      The Scampy Team had a pleasant nite. Quiet. Peaceful. Undisturbed! Thank you sooooo for asking! 😀

      Tioga George