Monday, December 05, 2016


Readers Support

6:30am - Yesterday's help
Our 12/04 Blog post asked if any Readers had help to answer questions about the upcoming huge changes in my life.

There was an outpouring of answers in comments. And I wish to thank you for reaching out to me.

I needed those comments like blood! Your comments gave me a perspective that I did NOT have before!

And now with that perspective, came direction for my course.

Thank you sooooo much!

Note: A few days down the line, that course direction shall be spelled out.

7am - Scampy Cookin' is easy
Eating-in is going to be "our way" pretty much from now on. For quite awhile, we've been eating restaurant food. But that's gotta change!

The $dough$ for buying Twayler and Scampy came from our retirement fund. And upcoming is the $dough$ for the Jojoba RV Park buy-in.

With this reduction in our retirement fund, comes the reality that if spending kept level, we might have quite a bit of life left after we run out of $dough$!

Our budget has been $2,250/month. It would be neat if that amount would reduce to $1,750/month. And that might be doable because of lowering of our rent from $750/month at Guava Gardens, to $250/month at Jojoba RV Park.

Morning breakfast

8am - Something's came loose
Yesterday, we were at a coin laundry. After loading everything into the dryer, we were walking back to Scampy. Something underneath caught our attention.

Plastic tube came loose
Tube carries grey water to tank.

Note: We are replacing the loose (1) screw clamp shown with a (2) screw U-Clamp.

11am - Suburban Stove Top
In Scampy's kitchen is a Suburban 2-burner stove top. I've used the stove twice. It worked good. But the stove needed cleaning, as all stoves do!

Come to find, that the fastener that holds the top down to the bottom, is a screw going "down" thru the top. Easy to "take-out" that screw. BUT, putting the screw back is a horse of a different color.

The screw "SHOULD BE" a bolt which goes up thru the top. A user would then just move the top around a bit until the bolt comes up, then move the other side of the top, until that bolt comes thru. Then, (2) nuts would secure the bolt/stove top.

But the way it is now, a user must search blindly, trying to locate the nut down below. Which the user CANNOT see because the nut is BELOW the stove's top!

Some bean counter figured, if we can save 15 cents/unit, and sell 100,000  of them, we'll add $15 grand to the bottom line. And management went for it.

Stove inside is nice Stainless Steel. Easy to clean.

3:30pm - Camping
We have made an Afternoon Camp alongside Max Berg Plaza Park in the City of San Clemente. My daughter Johana asked for some help. So, Scampy, Little Honda and Tioga George are heading up to Santa Cruz.

On first arriving in San Clemente, we went on a scouting drive in the beach front area. We gazed at the beach. Watched the surfers making the waves.

The signs in the area, are kinda protected by the locals. Not too protected though!
The signs read: NO PARKING 12AM TO 4AM

To most persons, these No Parking signs state: "No Parking 12am to 4am." But to us Tiogans, these signs mean: "OK Parking before 12AM and after 4AM."

Viva la difference!

In a couple of hours, during the late afternoon, we will head back to that lovely place alongside the Pacific Ocean. We wish to view the Sun setting into the Ocean!

Elevation: 146 feet

4:35pm - A few minutes before Sunset

9pm - Our place for the nite
I believe that it was 10-months into MsTioga's and my adventure, in 2004, that we stopped being concerned about finding our Nite Camp. Before that, we worried about "where we would sleep that nite!"

But then, when it became apparent that no matter what, we always found our Nite Camp, it seemed needless to worry about it. So, we didn't.

After a few years went by, it seemed that our skill for locating a Nite Camp where it was difficult to find one, got real good.

Just wander around
Like tonite, for example. This afternoon we scouted around and located a street below I-5, that looked pretty decent. So, after watching a movie [Driving Miss Daisy], we went up there again and sure enough, we found it!

Elevation: 273 feet


  1. Hi George, Had to think on this one for a while, so that gives you an indication as to how quick I am to jump in feet first. Not! Weren't you close to John and Mimi when you were in the apartment? Are there no parks in the San Diego area you could move your trailer to until you can get in the other park? Think you have a close friend there, too. Your trailer is up there all by herself in the cold with your plants. Scampy has a nine gallon tank. Doesn't sound like he is really intended for full time living. Those are just some thoughts. You must do what is best for you, but it may need some serious thinking, as has been mentioned, of the pros and cons before making a well thought out decision. You have your inheritance/retirement fund. You don't have to rush and that could save you money. And, remember, just my 2 cents worth.


    1. Hi ND,

      Yes! For John and Mimi. Both in location and as friends.

      You mean, RV Parks? Yes, there are a zillion RV parks located in San Diego County.

      You are judging Little Scampy by the size of his black water holding tank? I get the feeling that you would be best served not to let on to Scampy about that!

      And yes, I am now thinking about your 2 cents worth. But, I have hunch that your intensions were good! 😀

      Tioga George

      .PS: Twayler is alone. But not lonely. She told me just last nite [texting], that Dave, her next door neighbor, is watering her plants.


  2. Cooking at home sure does save a lot of money and you can eat better and healthier. And you have the cooking to keep you busy as well.

    1. Hi OAT,

      All very good points, in my book!

      Tioga George


  3. We have a 15 gallon black tank and we can go two or more weeks. We follow the boondocker's rule. If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown, flush it down. I pee outside whenever possible.

    1. Hi LBM,

      Hmmmmm? I guess that this is "good to know?" [Maybe?]

      Tioga George


  4. ....I have a suggestion for you my very good friend!
    you can come to Mazatlan and see your friends that miss you lots and lots (us) and go to Torres Mazatlan for breakfast, El Kelite for lunch and Plaza Machado for dinner and dancing with the music of Rafael, etc,etc,etc,. and anywhere you want to go on Willy the Jeep.....please,please?, Bill

    1. Bill and Carol, you are such great friends to George...and I love reading about Mazatlan and surrounds through your eyes... (for those who have not had the pleasure of following your blog:

    2. Hi Bill,

      When you are back home in Las Vegas, would be a much better time for me to pay you a visit.

      Let's make that our plan?

      Your very good friend,


  5. Carol and Bill. That sounds great. Can I come to Mazatlan? I would be a nice friend!

  6. So glad to hear of your seeing Johana. Family always comes first, even with the difficulties it involves!

    1. Hi Bill,

      Yes! It's been a very long absence for Johana and myself!



  7. Perhaps I do not understand your description, I wonder if a convenient thumb screw would hold the stovetop down and make removal and replacement of it a breeze? Happy trails to you George.