Friday, December 02, 2016


Dumping and Tweaking

6:15am - Yesterday evening, we Blogged to you about our being surprised about Scampy’s black water tank being full!

A few minutes ago, we checked our “Scamp Owner’s Manual” to learn the capacity of the black water tank. 9-gallons! Wow! Not much.

How did a person with Tioga George’s RVing experience fail to read Scampy’s Manual. Huh George? How?

Tioga George replies: 
“Everybody on the Scampy RV Team is looking at me like I’m a newbie! I’m sooooo sorry, everyone!" 

"I just read the manual cover-to-cover. So, we won’t have any more surprises."

7:00 - South Shore’s Dump Station
We are leaving our Nite Camp and heading over to South Shore. There is a free RV dump station there.

South Shore is adjacent to the famous, Sea World. Also, there are some really neat places near South Shore to make Day Camps. We plan to visit one of them this morning that is really gorgeous.

Little iPhone is anxious to take a pic of this gorgeous Day Camp and show you why it’s so neat!

[Pic below NOT the gorgeous Day Camp. That pic is coming.]

South Shore dump station [$free]

2pm - Lovely Shelter Island
This is the really gorgeous Day Camp that we Blogged you about at 7am.

In the pic below is George looking out beyond the Scampy RV Team, across the bay, to view the magnificent San Diego City skyline! Man-O-Man!

George, Little Honda and Scampy
Viewing San Diego City skyline

A couple of projects that we call tweaks are in-the-works:

Changing Scampy’s 120 volt AC shore power cable to a 2-foot stub cable.

The shore power cable now is about 20 feet long. When stowed, this cable is simply pushed or pulled into the bench seat storage cabinet adjacent to Scampy’s kitchen sink.

This electric cable is a mess! When only about 2-feet of this cable is stowed in the storage space, there may be room for something else in there.

This is how the shore power cable appears 
when inside the bench seat storage cabinet

Wave3 Catalytic Heater stand. Presently, Wave3 hangs from a cabinet opening when heating Scampy’s interior. We wish to construct a stand for Wave3 so that the heater may be located anywhere on Scampy’s floor.

Note: Readers Ed & Carol in a comment suggested buying a catalytic heater leg from Amazon. And, we did!



  1. I guess, small trailer, small tanks, now ya know.

    1. Hi OAT,

      You are sooooo right! 😀

      However, with all of my years RVing, I might have looked down thru the toilet and know [as my friend Pete Olson commented yesterday!]

      Tioga George


    2. George, the question you should ask yourself is, "Would I have purchased Scampy if I knew he only had a nine-gallon black water tank?" I think you would have still purchased Scampy for a large number of reasons you have mentioned periodically over your past postings. One of those reasons you mentioned is to use Scampy for three or four-night trips and subsequently returning to Twayler, your home base. For one person, three or four nights are just right for a nine-gallon black water tank.


  2. You probably know it, but you can buy Wave stands from Amazon for $13.

    1. Hi Ed and Carol,

      Actually, buying a Wave stand never crossed my mind! I'll go to Amazon and take a look-see!

      Thank you sooooo much! 😀

    2. Thanks to you two, a pair of Wave stands are on their way to me from Amazon!



  3. George - I have legs on my Wave 3 - I guess you could call it a stand? Unless that's something different. But the legs work perfectly and I can move the heater around. Don't let it get too close to anything, I warmed up the bottom of my couch one day, and luckily noticed before I had any issues. :)

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Acting on a suggestion from Readers Ed & Carol written in a comment, I bought the legs [stand] that you describe in your comment, today!

      Thank you so much for writing! 😎

      Tioga George


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