Tuesday, January 31, 2017


They Are Making Up Fairytales

1am - There is a Fairytale going around. This fairytale makes up a story for us to believe, and swallo3w. Hook, line and sinker!

The story is a prediction about how robot automation will evolve. In the future!`

This fairytale is portrayed accurately by a video produced by "CNN Money" [There is a link to this video below]. Here's the thing. There has never been even one person, in the entire history of mankind, who could predict the future!
  • Guess about the future? Yes!
  • Pretend they know the future? Yes.
  • Lie to us about the future? Definitely YES!
Here is a [LINK] to that video.
Note: There are ads before the video.

Let's reason together
Although the distant future is unknowable, we may use our own brain to figure out what may occur sometime in the future. I am writing about how the
"Rise of the machines" may affect us.

The pace of change has been accelerating ever since man walked on Earth. We may deduce from this accelerating pace, that the velocity shall continue accelerating. Robot machines will take over more and more and more of our jobs.

What will things be like?
When nearly all jobs, even doctors, are taken over by machines, how will that affect you?

NOTE: I am breaking off here, to give you a chance to express your opinion about this in comments. Then, I will continue.

MsTwayler's Cabinet Shop

8pm - Scampy Warning Sign!
Do you recall the time in last December when I was backing up Little Honda? And forgot that Little Honda was towing Scampy!

That lapse of mine, caused Scampy to jack-knife!

A few days back, Scampy was being towed again. I pulled into the
Lone Wolf RV Park's office entrance. And when I got out of Little Honda, I saw Scampy in tow.

I was surprised at seeing Scampy back there! I forgot Scampy a SECOND time!! Wow! Wow! Wow!

9pm - NEVER forget Scampy again!
After that second time forgetting Scampy, I became determined to insure that this thing NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN!

And came up with a solution. It's a Scampy Warning Sign to be on Honda's dash, right in front of me anytime Little Honda is towing Scampy!

The sign is on a piece of 3/4" thick lumber.


Monday, January 30, 2017


My friend Boid

10:30am - In yesterday's Blog post, there was the story of Baby Boid deciding to jump on me and explore! Of course it's impossible to comprehend why on one single day, such a break thru would happen.

When I was 13-years old, I got my first parakeet. Over the years, I've fine tuned how to get a bird like Boid to be tame.
  • Move slowly around a new bird. Especially when reaching into the cage.
  • Let the bird decide on its own when it will jump on you. ie; Don't chase the bird around his cage trying to get it to be on your finger!
  • Let the bird have freedom by leaving the cage door open. Doing this presents some challenges [Restricting the bird to only one room. Bird proofing the room.]

Baby Boid #1
During my years RVing in Mexico [I lived in Mexico fulltime from 2007 to 2013], I bought a parakeet. His name was Baby Boid.

Here is a video of Baby Boid #1 talking:

1:30pm - Lunch
I'd been working on the cabinet drawers for a couple of hours when I began to feel hunger pangs. Time for lunch!

While eating, I read my email. One from a long time Reader asked me why it took me so long to finish the cabinet drawer project? Her husband had glanced at my Blog, and being a cabinet maker, he got interested.

Her husband told her, "I could have finished that whole thing in about 4-hours! He's been working on it for weeks!"

Wow! I love it when Readers talk about me! 😜

I replied explaining about my being slow. "I love this work, and don't want it to end," I explained. This is true. But only partially true.

The true "Slow cabinet maker" story
I had worked for Emminger, a cabinet shop in Martinez, California. I started there as an apprentice in 1995. By 2000, I was still an apprentice, which meant that I worked assisting journeymen. Never on my own.

I believed that I actually was a journeyman, but Emminger held me back to save money. That belief turned out to be false. I found out about that when I quit Emminger to work for another shop, and was hired on as a journeyman.

On my first assignment, I was given the job of rebuilding a bank's interior. All by myself! All the counters and cabinets. Wow! I was sooooo happy!

I struggled a bit building the cabinets and counters. Here I was, working all on my own for the first time because I had bluffed my way to being hired as a journeyman cabinet maker!

I completed all of the cabinets and counters. Now came the installation. And I was to do that alone as well. Oh Lord! I had only gone out on a few installations at Emminger's. Now here I was installing an entire bank's worth of counters and cabinets all by myself!

I had no idea how I was doing!? I knew something about cabinet quality. But had not a clue about how long a job like this installation should take!

I convinced myself that I was making good time on this install. The customer paid for the job. That was a good sign!

A couple of months later, I asked my shop's owner how I had done. He replied, "It could have been faster!" I'll never forget those words from him! Struck me low!

Soon after that, I was diagnosed with cancer. That ended my cabinet making career.

George - Journeyman cabinet maker


Sunday, January 29, 2017


Tioga George Destination Hint

9am- When planning your RV trip, do you want to know your destination? Do you research to know all about the place? Make reservations for a campsite?

Most times, the Tioga George RV Team doesn't do any of these things. We don't want to know anything about where we are going. When we will get there. What we will be doing there. Where we will camp.

If you are looking for an RV adventure, just head out.

You might be thinking, "Just head out?! Has Tioga George lost his mind?

Have you followed my Blog for awhile? Especially during the MsTioga days? Did you wonder how MsTioga and I found spectacular adventures? 

No plan RV adventures
Planning takes nearly all the wonder and excitement from an RV trip. Reservations = Being at a certain place, at a certain time.
Don't do that to yourself!

Begin traveling each RV day without knowing where you are going or when you will get there.

Right now, picture yourself taking the wheel of your RV at the beginning of your day. Maybe 10 miles or so down the road you come to a:
  • Gorgeous river
  • Museum
  • Nice looking restaurant
  • Interesting town
  • Whatever
After parking your RV, you explore a little. Then you think to yourself:
"Wow! This is nice!"
You have sooooo many options at this point. You may decide to camp there. For as long as you wish. Or explore for a bit, then head out again. The most important thing is, that you are not tied down to plans that you made.

Plans that were made WITHOUT knowing about this place that you just found this morning.

TempleOne05-31-2006A Copy
RVing by wandering around may get you here!
[Mormon Temple - Salt LakeCity, Utah]

12 noon - This morning
  • Just finished breakfast. 
  • Cabinet drawers are coming along. Figured out how full extension slides attach to the cabinet.
  • Off to 24 Hour Fitness. Now going every other day to 24 Hour.
Jewish Rye French toast, Hillshire Farm sausage

5pm - Baby Boid Jumps!
Something very important happened this afternoon!

Ever since Baby Boid became part of the family, I've been asking him:
"Jump-jump, Baby Boid." 

Baby Boid never jumped on me. He allowed me to pet him. And hold him with my thumb and index finger while he was in his cage. But he was skittish about going on my finger when I held my finger against his chest.

However, this afternoon when I returned from 24 Hour Fitness, I knew right away, something had changed. Without me asking Baby Boid to jump, he jumped on his own. On to the arm of the La-Z-Boy recliner where I was sitting.

I asked Boid, "What's up with you?" Boid didn't answer. He kept exploring. Up my pants leg. Then jumped on my shirt. Climbed right up to my face, and looked around!

I didn't want to mess this special moment up by reaching for iPhone to take a pic of Boid walking on me. I did capture one pic though!

Boid is sooooo courageous and friendly!


Saturday, January 28, 2017


Scampy RV Trip?

9am - We have been sooooo focussed on building Little Honda's storage cabinets, that we've not thought about what comes next. Gotta be a bunch of Scampy trips!

Maybe little ones?

2pm to 4pm - Home Depot
We are here to buy:

  • [14] Plywood bottoms for Honda's drawer cabinets.
  • Carpenter's square.
  • New blade for circular saw.
  • Lumber for trays for the tops of [2] cabinet.
Most men love to go to hardware stores. I'm one of them who loves hardware stores too! 😎

Home Depot saw guy cutting plywood bottoms

Meal pics
7pm - Readers who are interested in how I ate my way to a 40 lb weight loss, may like to view my meals. There is no diet in my eating. No food is forbidden.

The only thing that I did to get to a weight of 144 lbs that I did NOT do when I weighed 184 lbs, is be sensitive to if I am hungry or not hungry. And only eat when I sense hunger.

This morning's breakfast

Yesterday's supper


Friday, January 27, 2017

Wait List

Jojoba Hill SKP Resort

9am - An email just arrived! Sent by Sue at Jojoba Hills. The email contained this message:

Good Morning George,
You are #20 on the Wait List πŸ˜€ 

Wow! Double Wow with sugar on it!

Why am I on the Wait List to be a member of Jojoba? What's special? What's so good that I want to join?
  • A big lot size! 50' x 70'. Includes a storage shed. A concrete pad. All sites have lovely views.
  • Cable TV, phone connection, electric power, internet connection.
  • Wood Shop and Metal Shop [with auto repair facilities].
  • Pool and spas
  • Library - 1000's of books and movie DVDs
  • Exercise Room with treadmills, exercise machines and weights.
  • Pool table and playing card rooms.
  • Sewing room.
  • Craft room.
  • Tennis and Pickle Ball court.
Best of all! 
Members have a Home Base free of rules and regulations all over our country that DO NOT permit living in your own RV on your own property.

Here at Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, you are REQUIRED to have your own RV and to live in it! Vive La DiffΓ©rence!

Man-O-Man! Can you believe it?

1:30pm - Little Honda's Cabinet Project
Wow! Honda's Project is going sooooo well!

We were going to put all the drawers together, and then assemble all those drawers into two cabinets. But! We could not wait!!

So, we broke off putting the drawers together and began assembly of one cabinet.

Each drawer is to have the same distance from the top of lower drawer to the bottom of the drawer above. We chose 7/8" clearance.

Here is a pic of the bottom drawer and 2nd drawer, shimmed into place.

Drawers shimmed into place.

9pm - Guardian Angel visit
During last nite, while I was in bed sleeping, my Guardian Angel paid me a visit. I call him My Guardian Angel. But he never identified himself. In fact, I don't know if it's a guy or not. I just believe that it's a guy because of his voice.

Angel: You were wondering about your ability to see things clearer.

Me: Yes. It's weird. I seem to be able to view stuff now. And understand too. Stuff that I never even knew existed.

Angel: Yes, that's because you are approaching your true path.

Me: True path?

Angel: Yes. You have a true path. However, all of your time in the past, before just a short time ago, you were traveling so far off that path, that you were completely unable to relate to what was actually happening.

Me: I don't understand?

Angel: People who have a destiny, people like you, have a true path. For all of your present life, you were unable to perceive that path. You were so far distant from it, that for all practical purposes, you were traveling perpendicular that path.

About a year ago, your path began curving from an almost perpendicular trajectory to one that is becoming more parallel to your true one. That is why you are seeing things clearer. Your view is broadening, because of that curving trajectory.

Woke up!
Suddenly, I woke up. I remembered the entire conversation. Almost word-for-word! That's how I was able to Blog what was said by my Guardian Angel and my words too.

I find that I am bewildered by what Guardian Angel told me about that true path stuff. I'm hoping that maybe with my ability to see things clearer now, that I will soon be able understand what true path means. Also, I am hoping that it will be clearer to me about what the Angel said concerning the path that I was on most of my life.

It would be neat if I could instant replay.

Note: The idea for the Guardian Angel story popped into my brain while I was on the treadmill at 24 Hour Fitness this evening. 

When I arrived back at Twayler's, I Blogged this Guardian Angel story. 


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Bottom Line

The Straight Dope

10am - Reader Sue directed a comment to me for clarification of my Blogging about stopping eating once you don't feel hungry. I understand Sue's not getting this thing. Because this eating thing is the result of something else. And that something else is: The Bottom Line!

What is The Bottom Line?
It is becoming sensitive to what is going on. It is becoming sensitive to what you do. And specifically, to Sue's question, "It is becoming sensitive to how you feel as you are eating. Sensitive to your hunger."

With each forkful of food, you must question of yourself: "Am I still hungry? Am I full now?"

Sue's question asks about food. But food is just one thing in a Universe of things that may bring success in everything taken on. But that level of success is completely dependent on each person's talents. Each persons level of ability. 

And especially, each person's level of discipline!

So? What is it?
I am addressing in this Blog post, a concept that is huge. Almost impossible to get under your belt. But here is the Bottom Line of this idea. The Bottom Line of this concept. 

Here is how to do it:
Slow up. You have got to be aware of everything that you do. You must go slow enough that you are aware of every single thing that you do. At every second.

Example of something that might happen when you are not aware, as I've described:
You reach into the fridge for something. Your wife says something to you. You lose your awareness. You are now no longer completely conscious of what you are doing. 

You get hold of the can of soda that you were reaching for. But then, you accidentally knock out of the fridge and on to the kitchen floor, a pot full of soup. All over the floor is the soup that your wife had prepared for supper.

You look skyward and say to whomever is listening, "G-d,dammit! Sh-t!"

In your mind, you are not responsible for the soup spilling from the fridge to the floor.

Q: What happens when you are going slow? When you are aware of what you do? Second by second? When you are conscious of your hand as as you reach into the fridge for the soda? 

A: The pot of soup, prepared by your wife for supper, will remain in the fridge.

What now?
Am I able to lead you by holding your hand. Guiding you. Cautioning. Advising. No.

Understanding the Bottom Line of this concept is a do-it-yourself learning experience.

But.....I am here for you if have a question and/or would like to make a comment.

1pm - Storage Cabinet Project
The drawer assembly part of this project is well underway. And all is going
well! 😎

We have assembled 5-drawers. Two 7-1/4" deep and the two 4-1/2"deep. Also one 3-1/2" drawer.

Little Honda will have two cabinets. Both identical. 7-drawers in each cabinet.
Each cabinet will consist of [1] 7-1/4" deep drawer. [1] 4-1/2" deep drawer.
[5] 3-1/2" deep drawers.

The cabinets shall be installed, back to back. Mounted behind the passenger and driver's seat. Secured in place on a 1/2" plywood floor.

Drawers completed so far


Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Materials For Honda's Cabinet

4pm - It's kinda late for me to be making a 1st Blog post. Sorry about that!

Yesterday evening, at Home Depot, most of the material for Honda's Storage Cabinet was obtained. Took about three hours to do it!

I had with me a material take-off list. But as it often is with such a list, there are always revisions. These revisions could be from errors. Or, in this case, revisions from design changes. 

But when I loaded up Little Honda with all the purchased stuff, we had almost everything to complete the entire project!

Home Depot saws to dimension!
I am not familiar with other hardware outfits. I like Home Depot because they have come up with a formula for customers that works. For me, that formula works great!
  • Home Depot saws to dimension lumber boards and plywood boards that customers purchase. For a project as my storage cabinets, it means that all I have to do is assemble the parts.
  • Home Depoat stocks small quantities. They did not always stock onesie quantities.  And they lost a lot of business to competitors such as Ace and Orchard Supply hardware stores. However, Home Depot recognized their error and now sells in these small quantities!
Sawing our drawer lumber to length

Little Honda loaded up with her cabinet materials

8:30pm - The MsTwayler Cabinet Shop
This is a cabinet shop located in the eastern end of the City of Apple Valley, California. The shop has a worldwide reputation for fine workmanship and innovation.

 Owner, manager and the driving force behind the immense success of the shop is the famous, MsTwayler.

The shop is located in MsTwayler's living room/dining room/kitchen. Special equipment and material is being used on the Little Honda Storage cabinet project:
  • A pair of Sears plastic saw horses.
  • Three uncomplicated, simple to use clamps.
  • Craftsman battery powered special extremely heavy duty drill motor.
  • PrimeGuard exterior grade screws. 1-1/4" in length. Specially designed and produced for the Little Honda Storage project. With a strange grey colored coating.
The MsTwayler Cabinet Shop


Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Phone Games

7am - This morning I read on the Cricket website that an unlimited data plan was available to me for $70/month.

This is an amazing amount of data! 9999gb/month!! Wow, I went for that plan hook, line and sinker!

7:30am - Unlimited Cricket plan
The unlimited plan is now up and running. But something is definitely wrong? Where is my Mobile HotSpot? It's not there anymore!

So, I phoned Cricket Support. Phoning this support is an interesting experience. Because Cricket has farmed out their support to another company. And that other company is located in another country. I do not know the name of that country.

The Cricket Support Experience
The Cricket support people do NOT have English as their primary language. That's why it is an interesting experience. Some support persons have an accent that for me, is not easy to understand.

Another thing that makes this an interesting experience, is that these support people use a script. A script that they MUST follow. Word-for-word! Some script sections go on for more than 15 seconds.

Sometimes, my support call gets dropped. And then I have to call support again. And go thru all those scripts again. What fun.

9am - Restoring my Mobile HotSpot
I have just finished getting my Mobile Hotspot restored. I was on the phone with Cricket Support from 7:40am to 8:55am.

During that time period, my call was dropped twice. That means that I spoke with 3 different Cricket support people, none of whom had English as a primary language.

What fun! As a comparison, yesterday I had occasion to phone Forest River support. Forest River is the manufacturer of Twayler my trailer.

My call was answered by a human being. This human being used English as a primary language. He was extremely polite. No script. After he learned what I was calling about, he took me to that support person. A phone transfer was required. But this person transferred himself, making sure that the transfer person was on the line. Then, he told me that person's name.

Excellent companies and all-the-rest
I would love to pick only excellent companies to do my business. Unfortunately, that is impossible. Because there are not enough excellent companies existing.

 So, I must put up with stuff like the Cricket crap.

11am - Food buying and prep
I've Blogged to you about what happened to me after I ceased taking all prescription medication. That was in August, 2016.

As early as January/February 2016, eating too much food began to make me feel nauseous. My Kaiser primary care doctor was puzzled about this development, as was I.

So, now I was eating perhaps only 25% of what I formerly ate. Not much change in my weight after this food reduction. Maybe 10-lbs to August. Then, after stopping all medication in August, I found that I was extremely sensitive to my hunger.

Hunger sensitivity was the catalyst that changed my entire life! 
The were other things as well:
  • Increased stamina. More energy than ever before.
  • Easily able to stop eating after hunger gone.
  • Mentally/emotionally high.
  • Slowly over several months, increased going to 24 Hour Fitness to workout to every other day.
  • Exercise increased strength. Even grip strength! I used to have trouble opening jar lids. Not anymore!
  • Sex desire returned! Love that!!
With this huge reduction in food, I needed to buy less food at the grocery. But how does a person buy only what is consumed? Such as Snap Peas, mushrooms, and zucchini squash. 

Example: I now eat 4-mushrooms in about two days. After two days, mushrooms begin to go bad. Going to check-out with only 4-mushrooms loaded into a plastic bag is ridiculous!

Food solution
I continued to buy perishable foods in qualities as before. I prepare [cook] foods in the same quantities as before also. A plate of one of my meals looks the same as before also.

The difference is, that when I am not hungry, that food get dumped. No more leftovers. Everything fresh.

Breakfast this morning with cup of hot chocolate and 
glass of Arnold Palmer Arizona Ice Tea
[Ate less than 1/2]


Monday, January 23, 2017


Twayler Has A Roof Leak

10am - That leak is coming thru the bedroom vent. When preparing for sleep, I saw a wet place at the foot of the bed.

This is the 2nd occurrence for this same leak! That first leak happened only a few days after buying Twayler. I reported the leak to my salesman at Bobby Combs RV. However, he did not take any action. So the leak remained.

I'm in the process of contacting Forest River's Apex Division to get a warranty claim started. They're calling me back later today.

Jury rig to catch rain leaking in 
during the night

12 noon - Fun things!
There is some fun stuff today on my Things-To-Do list:
  • Home Depot to check out lumber for Little Honda's storage cabinets. I usually build drawers out of plywood. Want to use board lumber this time. [BTW, building those cabinets for is going to be a fantastic time for me!]
  • Clothes shopping [See note below]
  • Honda cabinet 'Material List' [It is sooooo exciting for me to do this material-take-off stuff. I get picture what the cabinet look like in my head. [I'm pretty good at that picturing!]

Note: [Continued from Clothes Shopping] - In December, 2015, my weight was about 185 lbs. I did not like the way I felt at that weight or the way I looked. I began paying attention as I was eating, to whether I was still hungry.

Did I Blog to you about this eating/weight thing before? Anyway, I found myself turning away from finishing a meal if I wasn't hungry. Eating while paying attention to my hunger feeling, got to be a habit with me.

I now weigh 144 lbs! πŸ˜‡ That's why clothes shopping is on the
Things-To-Do-List. Pants don't fit anymore.

PS: Too many 'I" words!!

7:30pm - Snow!
On our return trip from Home Depot this afternoon, the mountains southeast of Lone Wolf came into view.

Wow! 'They are sooooo magnificent with the newly fallen snow. Especially with the late afternoon Sun casting shadows!


Sunday, January 22, 2017


Tiny Propane Backup Tank

1am - Little Scampy carries only one propane tank. We ran out of propane in that tank on New Year's eve. And had to go out late at nite for a propane fill-up!

We decided right then, that we needed to carry a backup propane tank. There is no room on Scampy's tongue for a 2nd 5-gallon 20-lb propane tank. Where would we put it?

We found an answer! Use one of those Coleman pre-filled 1-lb tanks! An adapter was found in Amazon [Link].

8am - Scampy needs no hook up
We had a Team Meeting this morning. The subject of this meeting was to determine Scampy's present condition.

We took a roll call. Everybody was in attendance! Of course, Little Scampy was there. MsTwayler, Mr. Dometic, Baby Boid, Little iPhone, MacAir, MrSunny, MrWave3, Jack and last but not least - Little Honda.

[Did we miss anybody? You may not recognize a Team Member or two. Let us know in comments if you want info on anybody.]

Well, after nearly everybody had their say, it was moved and seconded that Little Scampy is 100%! He is now able to go anywhere and stay as long as he wants to stay without any hookup!

2pm - Rainy Day Session
Today the weather is rainy and windy. So, we are declaring today
a "Rainy Day Session!"

This means that we are not going outside and will stay inside MsTwayler all day. 

We are doing a winter cleaning! Going through every nook and cranny. Throwing out unneeded stuff.  Putting things into order and the right place. In general, putting everything into apple pie condition!

Yesterday we went grocery shopping at Smart and Final. S&F has come to be our favorite grocery! Their meat department has Weekly Specials of which I take advantage. My favorite is the steak special which often goes on all week long. Yesterday, I brought home three 1" thick rib eye steaks. One steak makes 3-steaks for me! They are sooooo BIG!

We also bought an Anchor Hocking covered dish. Now we are able to prepare a brisket pot roast! Cousin Jacky gave me her secret brisket recipe. I can't wait!

6pm - Music
My father and mother both were amazing musicians! 

My father was successful at almost anything physical that he tried to do. For example when he was in high school the music teacher was trying out students for the school band. He gave my father a flute to try out on and he just played it.

A few years later, as an adult, my father played in the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra.

When my mother was three years old, she heard a neighbor playing the piano. Her father, my grandfather, saw my mother listening to the neighbor and pretending to play the piano on the porch railing. 

On a hunch, my grandfather took my mother to the next-door neighbor who had been the piano and asked if my mother could could try to play. She just played it. She just seemed to know where her fingers should go. 

All her life, my mother played songs for anybody who asked. She did not need music. She could play anything by ear.

My Dad-Daniel, My Mom-Anne
Me-George, My Sister-Seyma
1942-East Los Angeles

Saturday, January 21, 2017


My Budget

7am - I may have not mentioned here on my blog before, that I am on a budget. It's $2700 per month.

I don't have $2700 per month income. My income is $1200 per month. From Social Security. The balance of $1500 per month comes from drawing down my retirement.

After the decision to go to live in Jojoba Hills was made, I began to spend money with both fists.

Twayler The trailer purchase money came from my investment portfolio.

Scampy purchase money also came from my investment portfolio. Scampy cost a fortune to equip the way I wanted him to be. That money came from my personal savings account.

When I began to buy stuff for scampy on credit, I knew that I was heading for trouble! But I ignored my own warnings!

Today from Amazon I ordered hardware for the new wood cabinet that I Blogged to you about yesterday. That purchase ran into trouble. Credit trouble. That credit card declined the Amazon hardware purchase.

Because of that credit card decline, I put myself on a credit freeze! No more credit purchases until the entire amount of my credit bill is paid off.

The total card debt right now is $2,752. I never had any amount of credit balance carry over to the next month before. Because I paid all credit purchases off each month. 

Until there is no credit card balance, I'm only using debit cards!  This credit freeze might curtail some of my upcoming plans.

Such is life!

Vanguard advisers
My investment fund is managed by Vanguard advisers. My advisor wants me to have an investment balance that will allow me to be funded to the age of 100 years.

In the past, I figured that a funded 100 year budget was ridiculous! Because I never would live to that age. But now, I believe that my advisers budget advice makes a lot of sense.

Because of a huge improvement in my health, I may actually live to a 100 year age!!

[To be continued: I'll address my Vanguard shortfall and what I may do about that.]

1pm - Next Scampy trip
I have a plan for returning to Jojoba Hills RV Park.

I'll know for sure next week after I talk on the phone to Bob, the Park manager!


Friday, January 20, 2017

Baby Boid

Boid - A Conservative Guy

7:30am - Baby Boid is very conservative in his habits. He tends to do the same things over and over. And once he begins doing something, he continues doing that thing forever.

Recently, Boid began staying inside his cage, never leaving. Boid's cage door is left open. He is free to fly around Twayler's living room/kitchen.

We became concerned! This habit is not a good habit for him to have. He seemed kinda depressed because he just sat there, all day long.

Bird seed
A good tool to use for training is bird seed. Boid got to be unafraid of hands by holding his seed dish in my hand. Quickly, Boid figured out that it was OK to eat his seeds near my hands. 

From there, came my being able to reach inside Boid's cage and pet him.

Leaving his cage
We wanted to encourage Boid to exit his cage. He should be happier and more happy when he flies around. Getting exercise. Looking out the window at the goings-on outside.

We moved his seed and water dishes outside his cage!

Baby Boid - Outside his cage again!

9am - Why?
Yesterday, here in my blog I came out politically. Why did I do that? I knew from the get-go, that Blogging about politics would not be taken well by some Readers.

Blogging as I did yesterday, was an emotional reaction of mine to what has been going on badly here in our country. And going on for many, many years. I was kinda ashamed of myself for not doing one-single-thing about all of that bad stuff!

Now is the time for all citizens, like myself, to stand up and be counted. To express themselves politically. To debate with other citizens what the course of our country should be.

That is what I have done by coming out politically in my blog. I do not intend to do a lot of this political stuff here in my RV adventure blog. But I will do enough to present myself as a thinking and concerned citizen.

I hope that you as a reader will do the same. Engage by making comments. It's a beginning.

Note: When President Trump moves the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem tomorrow, that one thing will change everything!

From that point, our entire world will change direction and move toward a better tomorrow. Not just for Jews and Israel. But for every single person on our planet.

10:30am - New storage cabinet
The design for Little Honda's new storage has just been completed! And that design is a great surprise!

The current WalMart plastic cabinets, occupy about 75% of the 48" x 48" space of Little Honda's storage area [1,728 square inches].

The new cabinets, which we will construct ourselves out of plywood, will occupy a 12" x 36" space. Only 432 square inches!

Man-O-Man! That is fantastically fabulous!


Thursday, January 19, 2017


Blogging My Politics

1am - Pussyfooting
For many years [20+], I strongly believed that I should NOT argue politically with my friends. Also, I only rarely wrote politically here on my Blog.

Bill Moyers, an American journalist and political commentator [A democrat] wrote in his blog [in part]:

"Citizens of a free society do not preserve their freedom by pussyfooting around their fellow citizens’ opinions, even their most cherished beliefs."

I have come full circle from not talking about political stuff at all to agreeing with Bill Moyers completely!

Political independent
I define myself as a politically independent person. For example: I support the American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU] with donations because of ACLU's defense of persons oppressed by our government, the legal system and the prison system et al. Also, I agree with some of ACLU's politics such as their criticism of both Obama and Trump.

However, I am often against the ACLU. This happened when the ACLU came out against the curtailment of free speech at university protests. The ACLU supported freedom of speech of a group of protesters while the goal of that same group of protesters was to stop persons from speaking.

ACLU support of anti-Israel persons who disrupt speakers invited by universities to address the student body.

Support of and then against Obama
On the day after Obama announced for the presidency, right here on my Blog I endorsed him. Click [here] to view that Blog post.

However, my position changed during Obama's first world trip, when he presented a speech in Cairo which he titled: "A New Beginning" on 04 June 2009.

At Cairo, Obama's call for peace between Israel and Palestinians showed me that he speaks authoritatively about subjects of which he has no personal knowledge. The same thing applies with Obama being against Israel in occupying what the world calls "settlements" which are in fact cities within the borders of Israel. Obama has no personal knowledge about this either. He simply believes what he is told instead of finding out the truth himself.

Palestinians describe the place where they live inside Israel as a city or town. But those same Palestinians describe the place where some Israelis live as settlements [Illegally occupied settlements].

This re-definition stuff is a big part of the Palestinian propaganda scheme. And the World has believed that propaganda because these lies repeated over and over become changed into truth.

Coming out
These are some of my reasons for coming out here in my Blog with my political stance. I am neither a conservative or liberal. I am not a Democrat or

I am a free-thinker who will not allow himself to adopt a position of being politically dug-in and entrenched so that my views do not change regardless what happens.

10am - Little Honda's storage cabinets
I am planning to replace the cabinets in Little Honda's rear storage area. Those plastic cabinets purchased at WalMart are not sized for best use of the space.

I will design and build these cabinets myself. They will be made of plywood and use full-extension slide drawers.

1:30pm - 24 Hour Fitness
I have felt sooooo good lately, that I now go to workout at 24 Hour Fitness every other day!

Which comes first:
  • Does feeling good lead to going to 24 Hour Fitness every other day? 
  • Does going to 24 Hour fitness lead to feeling good which then leads to going every other day?
I don't which it is? But I will write this: 
  • My lower back has stopped hurting
  • I no longer struggle opening a sealed bottle of jam
  • I'm sooooo relaxed
My 24 Hour Fitness routine consists of:
  • 30 minutes treadmill to reach a heart rate of 105 beats/minute
  • 30 minutes training on machines to exercise every muscle group
  • 20 minutes [more or less] shower and soak in spa


Wednesday, January 18, 2017



3am - I have been wanting to have John Philip Sousa's marches on my iPhone. I woke up and went to iTunes with my iPhone and bought my favorite marches.

The first March that I got was "Stars and Stripes Forever" composed
by John Philips Sousa. Toward the end of the march I heard it!
The piccolo solo!

Suddenly I was no longer in the year 2017 in Apple Valley. I had moved through time and space to 1947 in Los Angeles.

I am 10 years old in the home where I was conceived. My dad is playing the piccolo solo from Stars & Stripes Forever.

This flashback was so powerful that I could see and hear everything that happened so very many years ago. Somehow, at that moment, I was actually there! In my home with my Dad!

My Dad said to me, "Be quiet,  Georgie. I'm practicing."

And this is what I heard.....

10:30am - Music
Did Baby Boid and I ever Blog to you about our music? We didn't? Well, let's do that now, OK?

We have several albums. George and Baby Boid love every song on every album. Because if we don't like a particular song, we just send it down to trash. Good riddance!
  • Ania Movie [Our favorite song in this album: "Suicide Is Painless]
  • The Beach Boys "Greatest Hits"
  • The Beatles 1962-1966 [The Red Album]
  • Visions of Messiah [Our favorite song: "Ha Tikvah" - National anthem of Israel]
  • The Eagles "Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975"
  • Midnight Express Original Motion Picture soundtrack-Giorgio Moroder [Our favorite song: Chase]
  • Hank Williams "40 Greatest Hits" [Our favorite songs: "Your Cheatin' Heart" " & "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry"]
  • John Philip Sousa "The Very Best" [Our favorite march: "The Stars and Stripes Forever"]
  • "The Essential Johnny Cash" [Our favorite: "Folsom Prison Blues"
  • Luciano Pavarotti's Greatest Hits" [Favorite: "Turandot- Nessun Dorma! Composed by Giacomo Puccini]
  • Rodgers and Hammerstein's South Pacific - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [All Time Favorite: "This Nearly Was Mine"] Note: My tears come close listening to this one.
  • "Greatest Hits of the Bee Gees [Favorite: "Stayin Alive"]
  • "Crazy Heart" - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Favorite: "I Don't Know"]
  • "Boyhood" - Music from the Motion Picture [Favorite: "Hero"]

5pm - Mountain view

Gorgeous snow covers mountain tops 
Northeast of Lone Wolf RV Park

Note about images:
We use Google's "Chrome browser" to format our images. [Example: The mountain pic above.] We notice that our pics do NOT increase in size properly when clicked when we view them using the "Safari browser."

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Scampy A Fulltime RV

8am - During the last leg of my last Scampy trip, I made a decision to fulltime in Scampy. Really! This is not a joke.

My plan was to put MsTwayler into the storage yard here at Lone Wolf. Then, go off on my merry-way fulltiming in Little Scampy.

However, that plan never even got off the ground. Never could. Because after messing around in MsTwayler for only an hour, it became obvious to me that Twayler is sooooo much more comfortable than Scampy. 

That fulltiming in Scampy idea has, I believe, occurred to me before. Several times! When I am off on a Scampy trip, it's such a good time, that idea pops up in my brain again.

Best RVing Life
It's clear, as I am Blogging to you right now, that the best RVing life for me is MsTwayler for my home base and Little Scampy for my running-around-and-camping life.

That'll never change! Why do I get double minded about this over and over again?

2pm - Tons of stuff
I've been working steadily since before dawn this morning, doing tons of accumulated stuff. Expense accounting [bank, credit cards, bills, etc].

Over many years of doing this kind of work, I have found that I must do one-thing-after-another. Without prioritizing. Because when I prioritize, I seem to put the things that I don't mind doing at the top. And the things that I hate doing, at the bottom.

And then I never get to doing the things that I hate to do!

Toll Road Violation
One of the things I had to take care of, is a Tow Road Violation notice that arrived in my mail. I get a kick out of [meaning despise] this kind law or regulation.

Google directions took me on to a toll road. And then the toll road directed me to drive around the toll booth!! I realize that the toll people likely are simply trying to save drivers their time. And, save the toll workers from having to collect tolls from every vehicle using the toll road.

A sign told drivers about paying tolls online. I pulled over immediately and attempted to go online and pay the toll. At that point, I was only about 100 yards from the toll collection booth. But that booth was located on the other side of a tall fence. So I couldn't just walk over there and pay the toll.

I found their website, and also found a routine that was set up to pay tolls. But this routine had a bug! And would not work!! After about a half hour of struggling with this toll routine, I gave up and drove on.

The toll people have a camera set up to capture photos of the licenses of all vehicles using the toll road. And these photos are matched with payments. If there is no match, a violation notice is mailed. A 30-day no penalty period is in place. If payment is not received within 30-days, the $13 dollar toll gets added to a $100 dollar violation penalty!

I arrived back home and received that violation notice in my mail.
32-days after using that toll road!  Two days late! Wow!

Thru no fault of mine, I am now hit with a $100 violation penalty!

Then, I thought to myself, "If I just make out a check for $13 dollars, date that check within the 30-days, and mail it in......how will those toll people know that I was late?"

That's what I did. On the way to 24 Hour Fitness, I deposited that toll payment letter into a US Mail box πŸ˜‡.

Who is this cool and foxy guy?


Monday, January 16, 2017

Where to be?

Torn Between My Two Worlds

9am - Now that I've returned to Lone Wolf and MsTwayler, I have come to realize that my joy living in MsTwayler at Lone Wolf and my joy seeking adventure
on-the-road with Little Scampy is about equal! Wow!

I believe that I must give this thing a whole lot of thought in order to understand what this means and how it will affect me.

Baby Boid free and flying!
One of the first things done when we arrived at Lone Wolf, is to bring Baby Boid in his cage to his place inside Twayler.

As you may know, Boid's cage door is always open while Boid is inside Twayler. Boid is a very contemplate creature. When his cage door was opened, he did not immediately go out the door and fly around.

Boid watched closely as I opened his cage door. Then he went down and stood close to the open door. Looking out but now going out. Then he returned to a higher perch and stayed there for about 10-minutes. We believe that this contemplating business is part of Baby Boid's curious and cautious nature.

I was sitting in the La-Z-Boy next to Boid's cage opening mail. Suddenly Boid took off, flying very fast, up and down the length of our living room several times. Then he landed on his cage and tweeted up a storm!

After a bit of this tweeting, Boid flew over to the window with the ledge. One of his favorite places. And looked outside.

Baby Boid is a wonderful traveling companion. In his own way, he talks to me. He looks at the things outside as we go. And often gets very excited, bobbing his head up and down while tweeting.

Boid is fascinated by traffic. When we are in heavy, bumper to bumper traffic, Boid makes a different kind of low toned tweet sound while looking at the cars. As much to say, "Why are all of those cars so close together?"

I love him sooooo much! 😍

11am - Our new solar panel
While on our Scampy Trip, a solar panel was ordered from Renogy.

Here is Renogy's description:
The Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Eclipse Solar Suitcase is an entire solar power system incorporated into one small package. 

Made with the most efficient monocrystalline solar cells Renogy has to offer, this unit weighs a mere 19.40 lbs. This lightweight suitcase includes two 50 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels, one 30 Amp Adventurer Charge Controller with an LCD Screen for power regulation, one 10ft tray cable with alligator clips for easy connection to the battery, one temperature sensor, one battery voltage sensor, and a protective casing for safe portability. 

Renogy "suitcase"

Showing how nicely Solar Panel fits into case.
Easy to load and remove from case.

Rear of solar panel showing built-in cable 
connections, tilting legs and battery charge controller.

Solar panel showing the attached stand which allows 
tilting and rotating for best position to the Sun.

5pm - Honda's Storage
Just a few minutes ago, we completed the first stage of Honda's storage straightening.

Every thing that is going into the cabinet's drawers is now in there. I don't believe that we Blogged about buying a pair of saw horses at Sears the other day. Those two saw horses are in there too! Neatly stored between the cabinets.

With those saw horses, we are able to do wood working out on the road! In the pics below, you may view the saw horses in the hatch door pic.

Look at the mostly clear floor area in the hatch view! Pretty neat, huh?

Hatch view
Do you see the saw horses between 
the right and left cabinets?

Right side door view

Left side door view
Do you see our beach chair?

Second stage straightening
Tomorrow we intend to go thru all the storage drawers to sort out the proper location of stored items.

For example, all the electric tools together. All the hand tools together.

However, the way stuff is in the drawers now, mostly unsorted, I've noticed how much easier it is to find things.

I am sooooo happy how this project turned out!

A Giant Thank You to Reader W3 without whom this project would not have turned out sooooo grand!


Sunday, January 15, 2017


The New Cabinets

8am - We have been moving stuff from inside Scampy to the new cabinets in Little Honda's storage area.

Everything that is only used once a week or less, goes from Scampy to Honda. This amounts to a lot of stuff!

When the idea of buying these cabinets was made in a comment 
by Reader W3JDR, I had not a clue how immensely valuable that idea would be to me!

Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much, Reader W3JDR!!

10am - Nite Camp
Pulled out of our Nite Camp in the City of Menifee and headed for our Lone Wolf home and MsTwayler. 

2pm - Arrived at Lone Wolf
When we went into the office at Lone Wolf, Office Manager, Sissy and Assistant Lone Wolf Manager Mary Ann were sooooo happy to see us. I got big hugs from them!

There was a ton of mail waiting for us. And so many packages! Sissy and Mary Ann helped me carry everything out to Little Scampy.

One of the packages is the very cool solar panel that we ordered during the trip. It's a folding panel with it's own suitcase! πŸ˜€

2:15pm - Scampy staying with Twayler
We Nite Camped Little Scampy out front of MsTwayler so that Scampy's deep cycle battery could be put onto the charger. We may have hurt the battery by not keeping it fully charged during the trip. We'll have to see what the specific gravity numbers are after charging.

We moved a bunch of stuff from Scampy into Twayler. It took several hours to open and read the accumulated mail and packages.

Inspection showed that MsTwayler did very well alone during our absence.

Elevation: 3,017 feet