Saturday, January 07, 2017

Cousin Jacky

Hanukah Latke Party 

8am - Cousin Jacky is having a Latke [potato pancake] Party this afternoon. The party is a “late” Hanukkah party [Hanukkah ended about a week ago]. We love to go to Cousin Jacky’s parties because we get to hang out with many members of the family.

9am - The MsScampy RV Team pulled out of San Diego this morning. We thanked John for inviting Little Honda and MsScampy to Nite Camp in front of his lovely home.

Just before we pulled out, John drove off in his new Chevy Bolt all-electric car. John looked so happy at the wheel. The Chevy Bolt is gorgeous and has a distance spec of almost 300 miles for one battery charge. Inpressive!

11am - Snack Time
Little Honda and MsScampy have made a Snack Time Camp in the rear of a shopping center just off Interstate 5.

 Left-over fried chicken is used to prepare a fried chicken sandwich on Jewish Rye. Yummm!

We have plenty of time to arrive at Cousin Jacky’s home in The Town of Laguna Woods [A Senior retirement community]. The party time begins at 2pm! 

I'm sooooo excited about being at this party! 😀

First guests schmoozing


PS: Baby Boid was invited to the party and he had a great time because Boid loves to hear people talking!

4:30pm - Nite Camp
We left the party early because it's not a good idea for me to drive after sunset.

Since it is the weekend, there are tons of Nite Camping opportunities. We found our Nite Camp in a commercial area in the rear parking area behind offices and a warehouse.

Elevation: 290 feet


  1. I love latkes! I heap apple sauce and sour cream on top!

  2. Clean Disruption -

    An excellent documentary about the changing world because of solar, lithium batteries, and electric cars.

  3. I really like the Bolt. Almost wish I had waited but I love my 2 electric cars too. I got a Nissan Leaf and a Chevy Volt.