Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Phone Games

7am - This morning I read on the Cricket website that an unlimited data plan was available to me for $70/month.

This is an amazing amount of data! 9999gb/month!! Wow, I went for that plan hook, line and sinker!

7:30am - Unlimited Cricket plan
The unlimited plan is now up and running. But something is definitely wrong? Where is my Mobile HotSpot? It's not there anymore!

So, I phoned Cricket Support. Phoning this support is an interesting experience. Because Cricket has farmed out their support to another company. And that other company is located in another country. I do not know the name of that country.

The Cricket Support Experience
The Cricket support people do NOT have English as their primary language. That's why it is an interesting experience. Some support persons have an accent that for me, is not easy to understand.

Another thing that makes this an interesting experience, is that these support people use a script. A script that they MUST follow. Word-for-word! Some script sections go on for more than 15 seconds.

Sometimes, my support call gets dropped. And then I have to call support again. And go thru all those scripts again. What fun.

9am - Restoring my Mobile HotSpot
I have just finished getting my Mobile Hotspot restored. I was on the phone with Cricket Support from 7:40am to 8:55am.

During that time period, my call was dropped twice. That means that I spoke with 3 different Cricket support people, none of whom had English as a primary language.

What fun! As a comparison, yesterday I had occasion to phone Forest River support. Forest River is the manufacturer of Twayler my trailer.

My call was answered by a human being. This human being used English as a primary language. He was extremely polite. No script. After he learned what I was calling about, he took me to that support person. A phone transfer was required. But this person transferred himself, making sure that the transfer person was on the line. Then, he told me that person's name.

Excellent companies and all-the-rest
I would love to pick only excellent companies to do my business. Unfortunately, that is impossible. Because there are not enough excellent companies existing.

 So, I must put up with stuff like the Cricket crap.

11am - Food buying and prep
I've Blogged to you about what happened to me after I ceased taking all prescription medication. That was in August, 2016.

As early as January/February 2016, eating too much food began to make me feel nauseous. My Kaiser primary care doctor was puzzled about this development, as was I.

So, now I was eating perhaps only 25% of what I formerly ate. Not much change in my weight after this food reduction. Maybe 10-lbs to August. Then, after stopping all medication in August, I found that I was extremely sensitive to my hunger.

Hunger sensitivity was the catalyst that changed my entire life! 
The were other things as well:
  • Increased stamina. More energy than ever before.
  • Easily able to stop eating after hunger gone.
  • Mentally/emotionally high.
  • Slowly over several months, increased going to 24 Hour Fitness to workout to every other day.
  • Exercise increased strength. Even grip strength! I used to have trouble opening jar lids. Not anymore!
  • Sex desire returned! Love that!!
With this huge reduction in food, I needed to buy less food at the grocery. But how does a person buy only what is consumed? Such as Snap Peas, mushrooms, and zucchini squash. 

Example: I now eat 4-mushrooms in about two days. After two days, mushrooms begin to go bad. Going to check-out with only 4-mushrooms loaded into a plastic bag is ridiculous!

Food solution
I continued to buy perishable foods in qualities as before. I prepare [cook] foods in the same quantities as before also. A plate of one of my meals looks the same as before also.

The difference is, that when I am not hungry, that food get dumped. No more leftovers. Everything fresh.

Breakfast this morning with cup of hot chocolate and 
glass of Arnold Palmer Arizona Ice Tea
[Ate less than 1/2]



  1. I guess we get what we pay for. Want cheap? Be prepared to deal with cheap.
    That's why Apple products tend to be expensive. They provide top quality, American based help. That costs money.

    1. Apple is a niche market still under 6% of all users. Niche markets play to those with expendable incomes. Apple wreaks havoc in business and education markets because of compatibility or lack there of. It's a p---ing contest but Microsof still runs the show, it's economical and has provided the majority of the world access to internet and technology. I had a great conversation with a guy from New Delhi who enlightened me on life in India while he was helping me load my new Microsoft software. I made a friend in a foreign country. He has a life too not just us in the Americas. He has a nice condo, his wife works in technologies too and he has two kids in a private school. He works hard to make ends meet, pays his bills and enjoys his life and most of all, like the rest of us, loves his country. I enjoy off-shore call centers are exciting. I like George am a boondocker. Almost all of my free boondocking spots have been way better than any KOA, CW, or any other upscale rv park.

    2. Hey, LBM!

      This comment is to you, and all other commenters who have trouble with PARAGRAPHS!!

      Here is some info on that:

      a distinct section of a piece of writing, usually dealing with a single theme and indicated by a new line, indentation, or numbering.

      Paragraphs make my reading your comments much easier to understand. ๐Ÿ˜Ž



    3. I agree 100%! Can I also suggest the use of commas in appropriate places? And proofreading to make sure extra words have not snuck in and missing words have not left?

  2. Ed, Carol,

    Is that what your experience tells you?

    "I guess we get what we pay for. Want cheap? Be prepared to deal with cheap."

    That's not my experience. Often cheap stuff for me has good quality. And expensive products, bad quality.

    * AT&T. Similar to Cricket. AT&T is more expensive. Cricket is less expensive. Crocket & AT&T about the same in quality.

  3. Produce sections in supermarkets have small paper bags available for individually-purchased mushrooms. Mushrooms should be stored in a paper bag or in a damp cloth bag in the refrigerator. This allows them to breathe so they stay firm longer. Storing mushrooms in a plastic bag causes them to deteriorate quickly.

    1. Thank you for your comment about plastic bags!

      Good to know ๐Ÿ™„!


  4. George, do as they do in Europe and other places. Buy what you need fresh on a daily basis. Saves over-buying and wasting and also guarantees having the best and freshest.
    You might like going to the local markets like in Mexico.

    1. Suz,

      I am guessing that my Blog about food was not understandable?

      I enjoy buying as I always bought. In the quantities that allow me to prepare meals in the way I enjoy as well.

      I am not wasting one bit of food. Just not eating all the food that I prepare.



    2. George, I think what Suz was saying is (and me too) is that you said the 'food gets dumped'. I hate to waste food and I enjoy leftovers!

      I'm not sure why you would cook the same amount since you are eating only half. But, it's your decision, the food looks delicious.

      Mark in Palm Springs.

  5. Hi George, we bought a new RV from Forest River in December 2015 and in January 2016 we drove it to Mexico. The slide stopped working in February - thank goodness the slide was in the in position when it stopped working. We could get to everything so continued our trip. In the meantime Rex emailed Forest River and got a response asking if we could bring the RV to Elkhart, IN on our way home in March which we did. Not only did they fix the slide they also replaced a door that fell off and when it fell it punched a hole in the screen door - they fixed that too. It was without a doubt the best experience we have had with any company of any kind. They gave us a tour of the plant and we learned how they built the RVs. Forest River is a great company.

    an RV making about 23 a day

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Thank you for commenting about a wonderful company:
      Forest River!

      A tour! I'd love a tour of the factory that manufactured MsTwayler!

      Their Camping Trailers are manufactured in Centerville, Michigan, in manufacturing facilities occupying 90 acres.

      Maybe I'll someday [soon?] get to tour that place! ๐Ÿ˜Ž



  6. George, that last line should be deleted. Just want to add that all the repairs were done with no cost to us. Again, a great company.

    1. Sandy, I am able to edit my comments, by deleting and then re-commenting.

      I am unable to edit your comments [if that was what your were asking me to do?]



  7. You might look at Ting for cellular service. It was rated #2 by Consumer Reports and has excellent customer service based in Canada. "No hold, no phone trees and no transfers."

  8. Put your mushroom in a small brown paper bag and keep in the fridge. They last much much longer.