Tuesday, January 03, 2017


Shore Power

8:30am - We have come to a decision concerning Scampy's Shore Power. We've decided on solar and an electric generator:
  • Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline                                           Foldable Solar Suitcase [link]
  • Honda EU1000i 1000 watt electric generator [link]
However, we are not buying right now. It's first necessary to go out Boondock Camping and experience our electrical needs.

2:30pm - Chevy Bolt
Another total electric car is in John & Mimi's future! They have owned a Mitsubishi Miev for several years.

Today John & Mimi bought a Chevy Bolt. I went along for a test drive. And I will tell you this; "The Chevy Bolt" hauls out! John could have burned rubber.

The Bolt has power up the Ying Yang!

Chevy Bolt is all electric
Gets 250 miles on single charge

7:45pm - Blackout fabric
Awhile back, after I'd already begun sewing up Stealth Curtains for Scampy, Mimi clued me in about blackout fabric.

I've been struggling with the black bed sheet fabric that presently does only a
so-so job as a Stealth Curtain.

This evening at JoAnne Fabric Store, I bought a yard of blackout fabric. White on the outside and beige on the inside. A few minutes ago I installed this blackout fabric on the window in Scampy's door.

Came out great. No lite shows thru! 😎

7:30pm - Supper tonite!
Yesterday we shopped at Smart and Final for the very first time.
A beautiful 1" thick Rib Eye Steak was in a case labeled: "Weekly Special."

This steak at the regular price: 1.04 lbs @ $10.49/lb  Total: $10.91
The special price:  $5.99/lb  Total: $6.93

Wow! Man-O-Man! This steak was wonderful!

PS: The griddle in the pic above was at Smart and Final too. It's made by
Nordic Ware. And named:  Reversible Grill Griddle.

The finish of this Nordic Ware product is exceptional. Sooooo easy to clean!

8:45pm - Heading to 24 Hour Fitness
All the things that were used to prepare supper were cleaned up and put away. Scampy doesn't like it when we make messes and don't square things away quickly!

Baby Boid went to sleep early. The thick clouds made it look like nite around 4pm. Boid zonks out when it gets dark. No matter the time. When he stands on one leg and tucks his head in to his wing.....it's time for him to go to bed.

Then we headed up to 24 Hour Fitness.

Hard and Easy Things at 24 Hour
For me, the hardest thing for me to do at 24, is the treadmill. 30 minutes on that machine gets to me a little. I get a lot of benefits from doing the treadmill [Lungs and heart].

The easiest thing is soaking in the spa!



  1. Hi George, that little electric is impressive at 250 miles per charge. Along those lines, checked out your suitcase solar panel selection. Looks like a good one. I paid about the same for a 60 watt system that did not have the suite case feature and is a pain to put up and take down. The only good part was I had a storage compartment that easily fits them.. You might start thinking about a convienient place to store that solar set up when not in use.

  2. The suitcase is incredible. You can move it, angle it to get the best of both without being on the roof.

    My nephew and his wife have both had a Leaf for a few years and love them. Many options and prices available now for electrics.

  3. That is a great del n that steak, looks so tasty/

  4. I have a similar electrical setup, 1000 watt honda gen, 110 watt solar panel on the roof, with two golf cart batteries for storage. Haven't used the honda gen in about 4 years since getting the solar panels. I would recommend buying the solar panel with a high capacity good storage battery setup first and see if that will not serve your needs. Also just switched over to led lighting which should help.

  5. there's a Trader Joe's down the street from 24 Hour Fitness