Saturday, January 21, 2017


My Budget

7am - I may have not mentioned here on my blog before, that I am on a budget. It's $2700 per month.

I don't have $2700 per month income. My income is $1200 per month. From Social Security. The balance of $1500 per month comes from drawing down my retirement.

After the decision to go to live in Jojoba Hills was made, I began to spend money with both fists.

Twayler The trailer purchase money came from my investment portfolio.

Scampy purchase money also came from my investment portfolio. Scampy cost a fortune to equip the way I wanted him to be. That money came from my personal savings account.

When I began to buy stuff for scampy on credit, I knew that I was heading for trouble! But I ignored my own warnings!

Today from Amazon I ordered hardware for the new wood cabinet that I Blogged to you about yesterday. That purchase ran into trouble. Credit trouble. That credit card declined the Amazon hardware purchase.

Because of that credit card decline, I put myself on a credit freeze! No more credit purchases until the entire amount of my credit bill is paid off.

The total card debt right now is $2,752. I never had any amount of credit balance carry over to the next month before. Because I paid all credit purchases off each month. 

Until there is no credit card balance, I'm only using debit cards!  This credit freeze might curtail some of my upcoming plans.

Such is life!

Vanguard advisers
My investment fund is managed by Vanguard advisers. My advisor wants me to have an investment balance that will allow me to be funded to the age of 100 years.

In the past, I figured that a funded 100 year budget was ridiculous! Because I never would live to that age. But now, I believe that my advisers budget advice makes a lot of sense.

Because of a huge improvement in my health, I may actually live to a 100 year age!!

[To be continued: I'll address my Vanguard shortfall and what I may do about that.]

1pm - Next Scampy trip
I have a plan for returning to Jojoba Hills RV Park.

I'll know for sure next week after I talk on the phone to Bob, the Park manager!



  1. Yup we do need to watch our funds. Don't to tun out of many before we diem hmmm then what? Good luck with restraining yourself.

  2. Well then let's all give George a boost by making sure we enter Amazon through his blog

    1. Hi Bob,

      I did have an Amazon link on my Blog. Removed it. No money in promoting Amazon. 😟

  3. Kudos to George for recognizing and paying attention to the credit card red flag ! Interesting idea, Bob. How much does going to Amazon through the blog help?

    1. Hi John,

      Over an entire year, I got credit for $40 bucks. Quit that thing!



  4. It is too easy to fall into that credit card hole. When I retired I decided to pay off any credit card balances at the end of each month. For 17 years I have done that every month although I have had to use invested money to do this a hand full of times. Life is too short to get bogged down in debt. If cash gets low we boondock and live off our stock of canned and frozen food.

    1. Hi Croft,

      Thank you for sharing your credit card story!

      Canned beans and frozen food? Wow! 😟

      I had to live off ONLY canned beans once myself. For over year! At the bottom of a lake! A frozen lake!!

      That was in the olden days. Things were tough back then!


  5. I admit I was concerned at your recent spending.

    1. Hi Any,

      It's very good of you to be concerned for my financial welfare! Thank you!

      You are likely addressing my $33K purchase of MsTwayler. And my $14K purchase of Little Scampy. Is that correct?

      Look what I got for $47K. Twayler is my home. Scampy is my home away from home.

      When my number comes up for me to live at Jojoba Hills RV Park, the monthly cost is about $250. Pretty inexpensive, don't you believe?


  6. George, thanks for blogging about budgeting and Vanguard advisor service. I'm interested in hearing more about both. Do you feel the financial advice provided by your Vanguard advisor is worth the cost? Thanks!

    1. Hi Truth,

      I recommend for every person with a retirement fund to send their fund to Vanguard Advisers and let them manage it. They do a great job!

      The cost Vanguard charges is extremely low. A $100,000 fund with Vanguard Advisers is $300.

      [$100,000 x .03% = $300/year cost]