Sunday, January 15, 2017


The New Cabinets

8am - We have been moving stuff from inside Scampy to the new cabinets in Little Honda's storage area.

Everything that is only used once a week or less, goes from Scampy to Honda. This amounts to a lot of stuff!

When the idea of buying these cabinets was made in a comment 
by Reader W3JDR, I had not a clue how immensely valuable that idea would be to me!

Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much, Reader W3JDR!!

10am - Nite Camp
Pulled out of our Nite Camp in the City of Menifee and headed for our Lone Wolf home and MsTwayler. 

2pm - Arrived at Lone Wolf
When we went into the office at Lone Wolf, Office Manager, Sissy and Assistant Lone Wolf Manager Mary Ann were sooooo happy to see us. I got big hugs from them!

There was a ton of mail waiting for us. And so many packages! Sissy and Mary Ann helped me carry everything out to Little Scampy.

One of the packages is the very cool solar panel that we ordered during the trip. It's a folding panel with it's own suitcase! 😀

2:15pm - Scampy staying with Twayler
We Nite Camped Little Scampy out front of MsTwayler so that Scampy's deep cycle battery could be put onto the charger. We may have hurt the battery by not keeping it fully charged during the trip. We'll have to see what the specific gravity numbers are after charging.

We moved a bunch of stuff from Scampy into Twayler. It took several hours to open and read the accumulated mail and packages.

Inspection showed that MsTwayler did very well alone during our absence.

Elevation: 3,017 feet



  1. Hmmmmm, no more posting by Tioga George, and no comments....very unusual. Hmmmmm. Hope nothing happened. I am worried 😳

    1. Hi Vera,

      I replied to you below, with Rose's reply.



  2. I, too, think something is going on. I thought George was to be on his way back to Lone Wolf, Not a word about the trip........ I wondered
    where he was when he was filling drawers. I hope Boid did not escape. Too many possibilities!

    1. Hi Vera and Rose,

      Something BIG did happen! I got overwhelmed with being home again with MsTwayler at Lone Wolf. But it is a very good overwhelming! 😀

      Charging Scampy's battery is exciting for me. Weird, huh?

      Opening mail, packages. Also exciting.

      By the time that I finished with all to be done from returning to Lone Wolf, it was soooooo late at nite. I was too sleepy to Blog post.

      Please forgive me?



  3. You are forgiven 😊 I can understand that other things had priority. Enjoy Twayler for awhile 👍