Sunday, January 08, 2017

My life

Fantastic Wonderful Life

12 midnite - My bedtime practice each nite is to lie down with the pillows propped up against the wall. In a half sitting-up position. Turn off the lites and think about my day.

I know fully well, what a fortunate person I am to be living this vagabonding RV life. But tonite, for some misty reason, looking in the darkness at Scampy made me sooooo happy. Because it is so perfect. So comfortable.

I prepare all my own food in Scampy's kitchen.

Breakfast options:
  • Eggs [Over easy, scrambled, omelette with cheese, onions, sausage]
  • Sausage
  • Toast or English muffin
  • Cereal [dry with milk and banana]
  • Oatmeal with brown sugar topping
  • French toast
Lunch options:
  • Left overs, sometimes made into a sandwich [today with fried chicken]
  • Peanut butter and jam
  • Grilled cheese
Supper options:
  • Steak - Grilled on our fancy Nordic Ware
  • Sautéed veggies [squash, snap peas,  white chopped onions]
  • Fried chicken
  • Pork chops
  • Pasta [From spaghetti to gnocchi]
  • Meatballs
I could go on and on about my joy at preparing my own foods! Cooking is such a fun thing for me!

Other Scampy perfect things:
  • Plenty of living space
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Nice fridge which so far get much too cold!
  • Great little gas range [I've made some changes to the range which makes it easy to clean - I have not forgotten my promise to make a video of how easy it is to keep the range clean]
12:30am - Got to go to sleep now. I am zonking out!

6:30am - I'm back!
Yesterday evening I was working on installing the latest prototype of the Stealth Curtain. This design uses a wood frame made from molding bought at Home Depot.

Installing Stealth Curtains is a fascinating project for me! It's fascinating because the best design only comes into view for me after doing several prototypes. Each prototype is made and put into service. Then defects are found. Followed by a better design and another prototype.

For the Stealth project so far, there have been several prototypes. The last was the one installed yesterday evening. And after waking up at 6:30am, I was looking at that installed prototype and came up with a better design! So, a new prototype is now planned.

Manufacturing on-the-road with Scampy
A bunch of tools have been accumulated since The MsScampy RV Team was formed. Tools and supplies are carried in Little Honda's storage area.

  • Battery operated  hand drill
  • Saber saw 120 volt AC [We have an inverter inside Scampy for 120 volt AC]
  • Screw driver assortment
  • Wrench assortment
  • Assorted sheet metal screws [My favorite screw]
  • Glue [Several kinds]
Baby Boid stuff
Boid is a wonderful traveling companion. His personality comes shining thru to me by the way he acts!

For example, Boid loves to go adventuring with me. His place in Little Honda is in the passenger seat. Boid's cage on a stool to get him riding at a height where he may view what's out there.

The stool is held in place by the seat belt. And Boid's cage is secured using bungee cords. Works VERY well!

When Boid is looking around while driving, he shows his excitement by moving on a perch, bobbing his head and chirping.

Boid is very comfortable riding in Little Honda. He eats his seeds. Drinks water. Does a lot of preening of his feathers.

When Boid is in his cage sleeping, his cage is covered with a black cloth so that it's dark in there. When the Sun goes down and the lites inside Scampy go off,
Boid just goes to sleep. He is very sensitive to lite. When I have all the lights inside Scampy on, Boid does not act sleepy. Turn all but one lite off, up he goes to his top perch, settles down on one leg and he is off to sleep land.

Boid just about to wake up this morning

From this point on, the day got kinda weird!

9:30am - 24 Hour Fitness

  • We found a nice 24 Hour Club that had a spa. A few of them don't.
  • I went to the locker room to dress for my workout.
  • I forgot my swim suit for the spa
  • Went back to Scampy and got the swim suit
  • Returned to the locker room and the key for the lock on my locker was missing!
  • Returned to Scampy to search for the key. Couldn't find the key.
  • Walked back to 24 Hour and asked for my lock to be cut off so that I could get my stuff from the locker.
  • Left that 24 Hour club because now I had no lock for the locker.

11am - Shopping
By the time that I left that 24 Hour Fitness, it was 11am. On my Things-To-Do list was grocery shopping. Decided to do that shopping at a nearby Smart & Final Store.

Nothing weird happened at Smart & Final. Bought a Time/Life fancy magazine titled:
The Roaring '20s

I bought this fancy magazine because it had a photo of Babe Babe Ruth shaking hands with President Warren Harding in 1924.

President Warren Harding and Babe Ruth

12:30pm - Phoned Jojoba Hills RV Park
Phoned Jojoba Hills office to get the OK for Scampy and The Team to camp in their Dry Camp lot. We'll be driving there soon.

Apparently, the Jojoba Hills office is closed on Sunday. I'll phone tomorrow.

12:45pm - Emailed Pete Olson
Pete is a very good friend of mine who lives at Jojoba. I emailed to let Pete know that I'll be arriving soon.

Here is my email:
"Somebody mentioned to me that somebody (we don't know who?) is getting closer to Jojoba Hills."

PS: Just a bit of humor!

1pm - Looked for a lock and key shop
The lost pad lock key for the locker kind of jarred me! On my To-Do list has been to get a duplicate set of keys. I have duplicates back at Lone Wolf. Lot of good that will do me if I lose those keys now!

I have let buying duplicate keys slide. I shouldn't do that!

No key shop was open around here. It's Sunday!

2pm - Container Store
I made up a list of stuff to buy at Container Store. Took about 1/2 hour to make that list.

Then using Google directions, I asked, "Directions to Container Store near me."

That nearest store was 30 miles in the wrong direction. I'll find another Container Store maybe in The City of Temecula [Close to Jojoba].

All of the stuff that is not being used every day is stored in Little Honda's rear storage area. That storage area has got to be straightened out. It's a horrid mess!!

3pm - Hardware store
We searched for a nearby hardware store to buy:
  • New padlock for 24 Hour
  • Necklace key thing so that I don't lose the locker key again
  • Set of rubber bowls scrapers for cooking
  • Sponge with green abrasive
On leaving the hardware store, I saw something hanging down below under Scampy's front section. It appeared to be the stuff that pumps water from the shower basin to the grey water tank!

It seems as though Scamp Trailer did not protect this equipment by mounting inside the trailer's frame. As a result, somewhere along our path today, that equipment got screwed up bad!

Something hanging down

Looking up from the pavement at the broken part 
that got shoved thru Scampy's floor

Poor Scampy's floor!!

5pm - Returned to the same 24 Hour Fitness
I usually want to make Nite Camp before sundown. It is a bad idea to wander around in the dark seeking a Stealthy Nite Camp.

But here we all were. Me, Little Honda and MsScampy in the 24 Hour parking lot.

Then it dawned on me!

Hey....we are parked at 24 Hour Fitness. Open 24 hours 7-days a week. Why can't we just make our Nite Camp right here in the 24 Hour lot. Who's gonna check?

If somebody knocks on Scampy's door, we'll just tell whoever that is that we are 24 Hour members. Come to workout.

I doubt that ANYBODY checks that 24 lot. Ever!

PS: Had a great workout! The usual 30 minutes on the treadmill. Then all the usual machines. Then, shower. Shampoo. Spa for about 20 minutes.

In the City of Laguna Niguel

Elevation: 371 feet


  1. Perfect end to a good day, being thankful for what we have. Hope you slept well.

  2. It's good to hear that Scampy is working out for you. I've always wondered if what that smaller trailer was like. Thanks for the info.

  3. That is quite a trick Boid does, sleeping while standing on one leg! He is very talented!

  4. You're living the life! I love reading about it. We just returned from a trip here in Mexico (Cuatro Cienegas, Mexico's desert white sands). Carry on.

  5. I forgot to add, the title of this post reminds me of a song by Shelley Bassey, "It's My Life"

  6. Seems like you could be completely content with Scampy alone. Please don't tell Miss Twayler.

    1. Many people live full time in smaller rvs. I agree George could be happy with Scampy alone but it is good to have a larger trailer when health issues arise and more creature comforts are required I think Miss Twaylor is safe.

  7. Always something, huh...? See you soon, George!

  8. I like the way you make even the little things interesting or funny.

  9. You should secure your Boid's cage with a seat belt to prevent it from becoming a deadly projectile in the case of a sudden stop or crash. ==
    Don't put your bird's cage in the front seat, unless you can disable the passenger air bags. A sudden blow to the cage could have enough impact to be fatal to your litte feathered friend. ==
    Place the cage so the perch goes front to back, if the perch runs across the vehicle Boid will have to fight spinning on the perch as you accelerate and stop.