Monday, January 23, 2017


Twayler Has A Roof Leak

10am - That leak is coming thru the bedroom vent. When preparing for sleep, I saw a wet place at the foot of the bed.

This is the 2nd occurrence for this same leak! That first leak happened only a few days after buying Twayler. I reported the leak to my salesman at Bobby Combs RV. However, he did not take any action. So the leak remained.

I'm in the process of contacting Forest River's Apex Division to get a warranty claim started. They're calling me back later today.

Jury rig to catch rain leaking in 
during the night

12 noon - Fun things!
There is some fun stuff today on my Things-To-Do list:
  • Home Depot to check out lumber for Little Honda's storage cabinets. I usually build drawers out of plywood. Want to use board lumber this time. [BTW, building those cabinets for is going to be a fantastic time for me!]
  • Clothes shopping [See note below]
  • Honda cabinet 'Material List' [It is sooooo exciting for me to do this material-take-off stuff. I get picture what the cabinet look like in my head. [I'm pretty good at that picturing!]

Note: [Continued from Clothes Shopping] - In December, 2015, my weight was about 185 lbs. I did not like the way I felt at that weight or the way I looked. I began paying attention as I was eating, to whether I was still hungry.

Did I Blog to you about this eating/weight thing before? Anyway, I found myself turning away from finishing a meal if I wasn't hungry. Eating while paying attention to my hunger feeling, got to be a habit with me.

I now weigh 144 lbs! 😇 That's why clothes shopping is on the
Things-To-Do-List. Pants don't fit anymore.

PS: Too many 'I" words!!

7:30pm - Snow!
On our return trip from Home Depot this afternoon, the mountains southeast of Lone Wolf came into view.

Wow! 'They are sooooo magnificent with the newly fallen snow. Especially with the late afternoon Sun casting shadows!



  1. Make sure you check the area of the ceiling where the two halves of the vent enclosure meet. I had a leak from a vent that was pooling IN the ceiling eventually destroying it.

    1. Thank you sooooo much for this "heads-up!

      Very good of you to reach out to me. 😎


  2. How much weight will you be putting in the back of little Honda Fit? You're sure asking a lot from that little guy.

    1. I agree with this concern.

    2. Hi Suz,

      Good question? I don't know.

      All of that stuff in Honda's storage area has been there for several weeks. I have not noticed that there is a significant lowering of the body to tire distance.

      So, I asked Little Honda that question! Here is what she told me:
      "Listen here Tioga! Why are Readers wondering that? Remember when Readers wondered if I could even tow Scampy!?"

      PS: Is Little Honda a boy car or a girl car? I forgot which? I am thinking....girl car!


  3. George- Consider that it may just be water condensation inside the vent. If so one of those vent insulator 'pillows' will take of that.

    1. Hi Tom,

      Good guess. Thank you for your comment.

      I believe that it is actually rain water. I am able to see the drops as they fall. During heavy rain, it really comes in!


  4. Now that is a wonderful weight loss I went from 195 to 145 and feel amazing as you will to. keep up the good work.
    Good luck with the leak.

    1. Hi OAT,

      Congratulations!! 😎

      How did you do it? Anything special?

      Tioga George


    2. Lots of walking try to keep calories under 1200 a day, eating small portions of lean meat or fish, lots of healthy leafy salad. Little or no bread. Pretty simple really.

  5. George, I'm concerned. Your last Doctor visit Nov 17, your weight was 158. 2 months later, 144.
    14 lbs in 2 months, and not trying.
    I don't know your height,.But a follow-up with Doctor may be in order.

    1. Hi David,

      My primary care doctor at Kaiser is well aware of my health and what is going on with my weight.

      The reason that my weight is descending is related directly to my stopping all medication in August, 2016.

      When I went off ALL medication, somehow I was able to control the amount of food that I eat.
      August, 2016: Weight - 176 lbs.
      Blood pressure: 126/78.

      September, 2016: Weight = 169 lbs
      Blood pressure: 135/84

      November, 2016: Weight = 156 lbs
      Blood pressure: 113/71

      Yesterday, January, 2016:
      Weight at 24 Hour Fitness [No clothes] 144 lbs

      If something is wrong with my health, then I pray to G-d that whatever that is NEVER stops. Because I feel sooooo much better than I have for years!

      * Energy is way up
      * Strength way up too because of 24 Hour Fitness every other day.
      * I not only feel good, but my brain is working better now than in my entire life!

      However, David. I appreciate your concern for me.

      What happened to me is a miracle. Apparently miracles are almost impossible to understand, let alone accept. You just gotta believe!



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  7. George,
    I believe the same regarding the US Embassy move and the reason for the opposition. I also believe that Mecca is the genuine capital but some folks just want more.

    1. Yes, they want more.

      The more that they want is:
      The Jews of Israel all dead. Every single Jew dead. And the State of Israel eliminated.


  8. Hi George, again I agree with your reply. The world needs to understand this as this is the truth. Ever read Exodus? Not much has changed.

    1. Yes! Read that Leon Uris book.

      I own a DVD of the Exodus movie version!