Saturday, January 28, 2017


Scampy RV Trip?

9am - We have been sooooo focussed on building Little Honda's storage cabinets, that we've not thought about what comes next. Gotta be a bunch of Scampy trips!

Maybe little ones?

2pm to 4pm - Home Depot
We are here to buy:

  • [14] Plywood bottoms for Honda's drawer cabinets.
  • Carpenter's square.
  • New blade for circular saw.
  • Lumber for trays for the tops of [2] cabinet.
Most men love to go to hardware stores. I'm one of them who loves hardware stores too! 😎

Home Depot saw guy cutting plywood bottoms

Meal pics
7pm - Readers who are interested in how I ate my way to a 40 lb weight loss, may like to view my meals. There is no diet in my eating. No food is forbidden.

The only thing that I did to get to a weight of 144 lbs that I did NOT do when I weighed 184 lbs, is be sensitive to if I am hungry or not hungry. And only eat when I sense hunger.

This morning's breakfast

Yesterday's supper



  1. Any trip is better than non, have fun.

    1. Hi OAT,

      Your comment finds you and I on the same page about
      RV trips!

      Can't wait for my next trip to begin.



  2. Every trip will bring motor memores and extend your life.

  3. Supper looks delicious, George. I'm trying to cut back, too. I quit smoking in 2005 thanks to a heart thing that could have happened to me. It certainly got my attention. I quit cold turkey. The bad thing: food suddenly tasted good. I live in south Louisiana and there's some mighty good cooks here...even the food at our gas stations is good. I've gone from 118# to 145# in 11 years. I laughingly say I'm trying to fill out the wrinkles. So far it's not working. At least they don't hurt.

    I'll be glad when you get to Jojoba. Every once in a while you can let us know how Emma and Judy are doing.

    Take care, George.