Friday, January 27, 2017

Wait List

Jojoba Hill SKP Resort

9am - An email just arrived! Sent by Sue at Jojoba Hills. The email contained this message:

Good Morning George,
You are #20 on the Wait List 😀 

Wow! Double Wow with sugar on it!

Why am I on the Wait List to be a member of Jojoba? What's special? What's so good that I want to join?
  • A big lot size! 50' x 70'. Includes a storage shed. A concrete pad. All sites have lovely views.
  • Cable TV, phone connection, electric power, internet connection.
  • Wood Shop and Metal Shop [with auto repair facilities].
  • Pool and spas
  • Library - 1000's of books and movie DVDs
  • Exercise Room with treadmills, exercise machines and weights.
  • Pool table and playing card rooms.
  • Sewing room.
  • Craft room.
  • Tennis and Pickle Ball court.
Best of all! 
Members have a Home Base free of rules and regulations all over our country that DO NOT permit living in your own RV on your own property.

Here at Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, you are REQUIRED to have your own RV and to live in it! Vive La Différence!

Man-O-Man! Can you believe it?

1:30pm - Little Honda's Cabinet Project
Wow! Honda's Project is going sooooo well!

We were going to put all the drawers together, and then assemble all those drawers into two cabinets. But! We could not wait!!

So, we broke off putting the drawers together and began assembly of one cabinet.

Each drawer is to have the same distance from the top of lower drawer to the bottom of the drawer above. We chose 7/8" clearance.

Here is a pic of the bottom drawer and 2nd drawer, shimmed into place.

Drawers shimmed into place.

9pm - Guardian Angel visit
During last nite, while I was in bed sleeping, my Guardian Angel paid me a visit. I call him My Guardian Angel. But he never identified himself. In fact, I don't know if it's a guy or not. I just believe that it's a guy because of his voice.

Angel: You were wondering about your ability to see things clearer.

Me: Yes. It's weird. I seem to be able to view stuff now. And understand too. Stuff that I never even knew existed.

Angel: Yes, that's because you are approaching your true path.

Me: True path?

Angel: Yes. You have a true path. However, all of your time in the past, before just a short time ago, you were traveling so far off that path, that you were completely unable to relate to what was actually happening.

Me: I don't understand?

Angel: People who have a destiny, people like you, have a true path. For all of your present life, you were unable to perceive that path. You were so far distant from it, that for all practical purposes, you were traveling perpendicular that path.

About a year ago, your path began curving from an almost perpendicular trajectory to one that is becoming more parallel to your true one. That is why you are seeing things clearer. Your view is broadening, because of that curving trajectory.

Woke up!
Suddenly, I woke up. I remembered the entire conversation. Almost word-for-word! That's how I was able to Blog what was said by my Guardian Angel and my words too.

I find that I am bewildered by what Guardian Angel told me about that true path stuff. I'm hoping that maybe with my ability to see things clearer now, that I will soon be able understand what true path means. Also, I am hoping that it will be clearer to me about what the Angel said concerning the path that I was on most of my life.

It would be neat if I could instant replay.

Note: The idea for the Guardian Angel story popped into my brain while I was on the treadmill at 24 Hour Fitness this evening. 

When I arrived back at Twayler's, I Blogged this Guardian Angel story. 



  1. Nice...I hope you move up the list quickly. What number were you at when you signed up...?

    1. Hi Kevin!

      I went on the list in mid-September at #34.

      By mid-October, I was #24 on the list! Up 10 in only one single month.

      Mid November, still #24.

      Mid-December, still #24!!

      Now in January I'm at #20. 😎



  2. Wow is right, George! I am trying to remember where you started out on that wait list...somewhere around 36, right? Great will be there in no time having the time of your life.

    1. Yes, Ray! Double Wow Wow!!

      #34 was my starting position.



  3. George,
    This is the best thing !!!!!!
    "Wood Shop and Metal Shop [with auto repair facilities]."
    It's gonna be great.

    1. Hi Jack,

      You comin' too? Hmmm? 😊



  4. Hi George... Got away from reading you for some time then just decided to check up on you. Caused me to go back and read from summer of 2015 up to Sept 7, 2016 so far. What a great time for you.
    You are still "the man". Actually the Elkhart, Indiana RV Hall of Fame and Museum ought to nominate you and by-pass their present process.
    You are an amazing guy.
    Just wanted to add to those people wishing for a Florida RV park somewhat similar to SKP Jojoban to check out "Silver Lakes Golf and RV Resort in Naples, FL. It is also owned by the members, and membership is acquired by buying your own lot. Golf course, 3 pools, 2 club houses, etc. Monthly fees after purchase about $212. plus real estate taxes yearly at about $1200. No wood shop or metal shop but otherwise close to Jojoban.
    I recall when you almost stopped blogging. So glad you did not do so. You have inspired so many of us to keep going. My Monaco is a 2001 with 111,000 miles on it. Still planning for next summer after we leave Florida in April.
    I wonder if anyone at that Hall of Fame knows about you? You have contributed so so much to Raving that they need to discover you and recognize your blog contribution.
    Do you still have a blog counter? How many millions of readers now?
    Best of health to you.
    Ernie from Mchigan

    1. Wow! Ernie,

      Your comment is such a HUGE compliment!
      I am overwhelmed!!

      Thank you! 😊

      Yes! My Blog counter is still counting.
      Now at 8,900,000+

      Best of health to you as well,


  5. George and Ernie, the RV Museum in Elkhart, Indiana is truly worth the visit - we did not know what to expect but we spent hours there and it seemed like minutes. Wonderful place to visit especially if you RV yourself - some of the stuff on exhibit goes way back to the 1920's.

    1. Sandy,

      Thank you sooooo much for your suggestion about seeing the
      RV Museum in Elkhart, Indiana. Until Ernie commented about the museum, I'd never heard of it.



  6. Right re RV Museum and Hall of Fame.... But they appear to honor and recognize "insiders" re the industry, wanting 25 years of "contributions."
    George has done so much more for the RV industry than anyone else that his blogging should be recognized as such a contribution.
    We all know George and Jorge, and the RV Museum and Hall of Fame would do itself a very positive thing by recognizing him too.
    The blog George has written is an encyclopedia of the RV lifestyle as well as a history book of Western USA, parts of Canada, and so much of Mexico and Central America, as well as a guide to personal development.
    His forthright writing of his life experiences and his positive outlook on life itself are an inspiration to me and I expect thousands of others. At my 78 years I admire his candor and accomplishments. He is "The man.".
    Looking forward to many more years with George leading the way.

  7. George, where is the like button - I like Ernie's post ❤️