Wednesday, February 08, 2017


Finishing It Up!

7:30am - Late yesterday afternoon, I drove to the nearest Home Depot to my Cousin Jacky's home. I had, at long last, determined how Little Honda's storage drawers were going to be positioned.

Out in the Home Depot parking lot, the 2-sets of drawers were moved around to the best position.

The two sets of full extension drawers, are now back-to-back. The backs bolted together in order to be sturdy. The foot of the cabinets are bolted to a 1/2" thick 2 foot x 4 foot plywood board. This 1/2" board is placed just behind Honda's driver and passenger seats.

All in all, the drawer project came out well. Lucky it was to come out well too. Because my planning of these cabinets was pitiful!

Cabinet surprise
When I had completed the first of the two sets of 7-drawer high cabinets, I stacked them up to get a look at how they would be. Wow! The stack looked too damned tall!

Grabbing a tape, I took a rough reading of the height. Right away I know something was not at all right.

It was not even necessary for me to go out to Honda and measure the floor to ceiling dimension. I knew, that I had messed up! I went out and measured anyway.

What to do?
Honda has a fixed sized storage area. There is no way to put the planned
14-drawers in the Honda. But one set 5-drawers high and the second set
2-drawers high works great!

Goes to show! If a guy is lucky, things works out!

8:15pm - Arrived back in La Mesa
We've made a Camp in the upper parking lot of our old 24 Hour Fitness at Grossmont. It's quiet here. May extend this to a Nite Camp.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my Kaiser primary care doctor. I need a referral from him. More about that tomorrow.