Tuesday, February 14, 2017


How It Was Back Then

7am - One afternoon, several weeks ago, I sat at a large round table in Friendship Hall. I was not aware on that afternoon, that I was sitting at the Founder's table.

Only three people sat there. Myself and two of Jojoba's founders. For no reason that I could understand at that time, a founder said to me:

"The first time that I arrived at Jojoba Hills and viewed what would become the entrance road, there was not even a trail going up the hill."

First Day
In fact, on that afternoon, I had absolutely no understanding of what it was like back on the very first day that the Founders met at Jojoba. Why was I blessed with the insight of how that first day was? I don't know the answer to that question. But I am sooooo thankful for that insight!

A tiny perspective
Yesterday evening I watched a video titled "The Jojoba Hills Story." As the video began, I realized that the founders volunteered themselves to do the actual work of creating this place. Digging holes. Mixing concrete. Pounding nails.

Building Jojoba for these founding persons was a labor of love and devotion. Their muscles ached with this work. 

Trying to grasp!
After the video, I realized that it would be pretty much impossible for me to comprehend building Jojoba in the personal way that each founder experienced. And, although I will never fully comprehend. I have some tiny bit of understanding. And for that I am truly grateful!

Jojoba Hills - At the beginning


  1. So glad you're enjoying yourself, George. Have you seen or heard anything from former blogger Judy of Travels With Emma? She closed her blog a few months ago and I surely do miss her. Fingers Xd you can move to Jojoba soon.

    Judy (Cat Lady)

  2. "And for that I am truly grateful!" Boy...you ain't the only one. Amazing what those Founders did, and we are sooo grateful to be the beneficiaries. It wasn't just the physical infrastructure, but the extraordinarily strong legal, fiscal, and self-governing foundations of this very unique and miraculous place.

    So sorry we are missing you on this trip, George - hope you're having fun!

    Pete & Frederika