Monday, February 06, 2017


Heading Out

9am - Tomorrow is Cousin Jacky's birthday. Little Honda, MsScampy and George are heading out her way to celebrate! Likely leave Lone Wolf around 11am this morning.

12 Noon - Afternoon Camp
We were traveling along State #138 and came to I-15. Since there was a ton of stop-and-go traffic on I-15 and George was a bit sleepy, we took this opportunity to make an Afternoon Camp!

MsScampy is sooooo happy for Baby Boid and George to be in comfort because of her!

We setup Scampy's bed and then turned on our Olympian Wave3 Catalytic Heater because it is a little chilly. Then cranked up the Mac in order to make this 12 Noon post to you. 😎

There is no hurry to arrive at Cousin Jacky's. We are not expected until mañana. We headed out from Lone Wolf especially so that we would be able to camp just as we are doing right now!

Isn't this Camp the greatest thing?

1pm - 24 Hour Fitness Club
During my nap, I was kinda dreaming about 24 Hour Fitness.

You may have noticed how often on Scampy Trips that I visit a 24 Club! In fact, there hardly is any separation at all between a Scampy Trip and a 24 Club visit!

Is there any wonder?:
  • An exercise place!
  • A shower place!
  • A spa/Jacuzzi place!
  • A socializing place!
  • A camping place in the parking lot!

7:21pm - Wow! 90% of Honda's storage mess 
is now in the new cabinet! 
Double Wow With Sugar On It!

Here's what happened:
After 24 Hour Fitness, we had to go grocery shopping for supper at a nearby Stater Bros Market. That's because Scampy's cupboard is bare!

Here is our reasoning. We intentionally transfer hardly anything from Twayler to Scampy anymore, because we want to be totally self-sufficient at the very beginning of a MsScampy trip!

With a minimal transfer like this in place:
  • Nothing is left behind.
  • Not one single thing needs to be remembered to transfer.
  • We are able to be On-The-Road and Heading-Out in minutes!!

Why did we sort the storage mess 
into the new cabinet?
Because we could not find things! For example, our Nordic Ware Reversible Grill Griddle [Link]. We bought for supper a nice thick Rib Eye Steak because we had the Nordic Ware Griddle.

So.....we sorted out the whole mess for that!

But we did not ACTUALLY sort anything! All we had to do, is get individual items from the jumbled mass of stuff on Little Honda's rear floor into ANY drawer where it would fit!

That "limited" sort did the trick! I already ate a nice bowl of:
Campbell's Chunky New England Clam Chowder

Right after finishing this Blog post, comes preparing the Rib eye steak and veggies!!

Nite Camp Location Link

Elevation: 1,585 feet



  1. I've always said, you mix a 24 hour fitness club with a yearly New Mexico State Park pass and you've got it made for life as a boondocker. The best of everything.

    1. Well, LBM!

      Whatever that "Yearly New Mexico State Park Pass does... it must be a whole lot!

      Thank you sooooo much for your words,
      Tioga George


    2. New Mexico State Park pass allows you access to all state parks in NM for $225 per year. It includes a site with water. Electric is $4 per day. Let's say you have the non-resident pass for $225 and you pay $4 a day for electric. That's a total of $138 per month if you use it year round. What a deal. We, like you, have solar so we don't need the electric. So per month, it is less than $20 per month.