Friday, February 03, 2017


Appointment At Kaiser

6:15am - Leaving Les Schwab
When making Stealth Nite Camps, it's a good idea to leave them early next morning. That way, you are gone before being noticed.  In this case, noticed by the employees who work at Les Schwab Tire Center.

Baby Boid is still asleep. It would be terrible to awaken Boid at this ungodly hour! So, we tucked in Boid's cage where it sat on the corner of the bed. The wall's corner boxed Boid in on two sides. My sleeping bag and two pillows would secure Boid's cage for the short trip to Kaiser Hospital. I have an appointment in radiology at 9:15am for a Dexa Scan.

The drive
Little Honda drove at a max speed of 25 mph in order not to disturb sleeping Baby Boid. We drove with our blinkers on in order to alert drivers. When traffic became heavy, we pulled over and stopped, waiting for traffic to clear.

When we arrived at Kaiser, we made a Morning Camp on a residential side street very close to the hospital.

9am - Boid's first moult!
The first thing done each morning, is wake up Baby Boid. Gently remove his black cage cover. And say, "Good morning, Baby Boid!"

Then, Boid's seeds are changed. And his water too. Then change the paper towel at the bottom of his cage.

This morning, that's when two of Boids feathers were discovered. At the bottom of his cage Wow! Boid must be in his first moult! [Link] Boid may be a bit over 4-months of age.

Is this proof of Boid's first moult?

11am - I got lost!
After my Kaiser appointment, I did not leave the same way I entered. I guess that I must have been on the other side of this Kaiser facility. And this place is HUGE!

Walking in the direction that I figured was correct, was definitely NOT correct. I was lost! Big time!

So, I got out Little iPhone and phoned Uber. When the Uber guy came, I explained to him what had happened. We drove to Kaiser, and turned right.


We drove back to Kaiser and turned left. Hey! This looks familiar!! A couple of blocks in this direction, and there they were! Little Honda and MsScampy!

When I went inside MsScampy, I explained to Baby Boid what had happened. But Boid did not seem to be interested!!

Boid just sat there on his cage perch and smiled at me!

3pm - Finding fresh water
A stealth Rver is usually one who does not stay in RV parks. Stealth RVers must develop resourcefulness in order to fill their fresh water tanks.

MsScampy's fresh water tank holds about 8-gallons. I check the tank regularly by opening the door to the dining table bench and viewing the water level. Checking this morning found about the level to be 2" from the bottom.

It's time for filling!

This afternoon, at a Mobil gas station, the clerk offered to let me use a water spigot to fill Scampy's tank.

MsTioga Magazine has a story that we wrote titled:
Finding Fresh Water for your RV

Here is a [Link] to that story!

Nite Camp Location Link
Elevation: 1,383 feet



  1. George, did you have a problem finding a decent street-side nite camp Thurs. night? Otherwise, I would think that would be the only reason you would knowingly night camp on private property without permission. I personally would not worry about those employees if you obtained permission.


    1. Sorry, Dee:

      My stealth camping does not please everybody. 😔

      Tioga George


  2. Speaking of lost keys...I just purchased a key finder called TraxxIt. What caught my eye was Bluetooth connectivity to my Smartphone. If I loose my keys within 75 feet of my smartphone I should be able to set off
    an alarm at my key chain. For only 8 bucks at Menard's. No Menard's where you live? Too bad.

    1. Hi Freebird,

      It's amazing the products that are out there now!

      Tioga George


  3. Where did you park?
    Two easy ways to find out using your phone.
    1) Drop a Pin on your parking spot using the mapping program you prefer like Maps or Google Maps.

    Both work.


    1. Hi Ed,

      I have an App on my iPhone named "Car Finder." It works great!

      I just have to remember to use it!!

      Tioga George