Saturday, February 18, 2017

Missed rain

We Could Have Hit Big Storm

8am - We did not realize until this morning, that our drive back from Jojoba yesterday could have put us right in the middle of that huge storm!

We are sooooo lucky to have missed that storm by only a few hours!


  1. George, did you get to keep your electricity on during the high winds and rain? The national news last night said that so many people were in the dark around LA, and at least two cars were on top of each other after they dropped into a 20-foot sinkhole on one of the streets. No one was hurt; the people in the cars simply climbed out of and onto their cars and helped each other climb back to street level. The pictures of the tallest dam in the US, specifically California, were unbelievable with all that water gushing through and over it. Those pictures were simply beautiful, but I'm sure the people living below the dam didn't think so when they were asked to evacuate. Keep your weather alerts tuned in!

  2. George "luck" has followed you so very often -- may the blessings continue.

  3. I guess we can safely say the California drought is over.

    1. Unfortunately no it's not Croft. Remember the water situation includes how much water is in the water table underground and though we have full reservoirs again the water table is still at drought stage. It's certainly getting better and if the rain continues for the next month or so we could get out of it but we aren't yet.

  4. Sunday night...10:20 here in Naples Florida. Where is George?

  5. Hey George,
    You gonna blog? From the coment above and all that stuff about the storm, I'm getting worried. Do you have a little weather radio?

  6. Monday 11 a.m. in Naples, FL. Anyone close to George know if he is OK?