Sunday, February 12, 2017

Nice country

Northwest of San Diego

8:30am - Yesterday's Nite Camp was along the road to the Town of Ramona. We are still at that Nite Camp location now.  We may wander around this lovely area for a few days. Just meandering around.

Looking out from MsScampy's rear window, shows green pastures and rocky, dark green hills. Gorgeous!

Doctor appointment
I am scheduled, this coming Wednesday, to have a non-malignant growth removed from my forehead. They tell me that this growth is from a hair follicle that grew incorrectly.

That's the main reason that I will remain somewhat close to San Diego for awhile.

9:30am - D'Carlos Restaurant in Ramona
My shopping quality as of late must be terrible! There seems to be nothing for breakfast in MsScampy's cupboard! Looks like eating breakfast out this morning?

I was searching for one of those old fashioned small town restaurant places for breakfast. Drove by a Denny's. Kept going.

Found D'Carlos Restaurant. Maybe "this" is the place? I ordered "Cinnamon Maple French Toast, 2-eggs over easy and bacon.

PS: Won't be returning to D'Carlos! Strange French Toast recipe.

5:30pm - Camped near Jojoba Hills
We were trying to arrive at Jojoba while the office was still open. Our arrival was too late!

Instead, we are attempting to Nite Camp in the Stage Coach Inn parking lot. This plan is sort of iffy!

For supper, a bowl of Progresso Beef Barley Vegetable Soup and half toasted bagel.

Nite Camp Location Link

Elevation: 1,878 feet


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